Prediction: These All-White Bathroom Ideas Will Stop Minimalists in Their Tracks

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There's something about a set of all-white plush towels that instantly luxes up any bathroom — perhaps it reminds us of the chic design aesthetic seen in some of our favorite hotels. But when the bright, neutral shade takes over the entire washroom, its minimalist vibes have the ability to transport us to Copenhagen, Stockholm, and beyond. That's why we've been on the hunt for all-white bathroom ideas to copy, that are just plain dreamy and will transport us wherever we want to go — no passport required.


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Keep scrolling for eight white bathroom ideas that embrace the bleached-out trend we're all currently coveting.

1. Focus on fabrication.

Bringing in one key material like marble and using it throughout the space adds an understated elegance to the bathroom. Marble in particular enables you to play with the concentration of the veining on floor, tub surround, and countertop, which designer Jaclyn Peters does beautifully in this Canadian home. How's that for tying things together?


2. Shape shift.

In this white bathroom idea, the team over at the Brooklyn-based design firm Chango & Co. played with various takes on a rectilinear silhouette, as evidenced by the vertical tongue and groove wall paneling, square floor tile, windowpanes, vanity cabinet, and woven storage baskets. Switching up the size and orientation keeps things dynamic and interesting in a large space.


3. Let the light in.

California-based designer Amber Lewis knows how to play with light, especially when it comes to an all-white palette. For this project, they landed on stark wood wall paneling and hints of marble in the bathroom, all enhanced by the natural light streaming in near the freestanding tub. Minimalist touches like a wooden stool, a Roman shade, and a picturesque landscape round out the look.


4. See double.

This symmetrical bathroom layout styled by Emily Henderson Design boasts mirrors above the double vanity that make the space feel more expansive than it really is. And since more is always better, we're also loving the way that the shimmering gold fixtures seemingly multiply in this stunning room's reflection.


5. Draw the eye up.

A gilded light fixture takes eyes up, up and — not away. It's easy to create a focal point when the rest of the bathroom is in the same hue, as evidenced by this project designed by Shea from Studio McGee. An open pendant light like this works perfectly because the white wall still has the ability to peek through.


6. Try splashes of neutral.

If this white bathroom idea had one rule, it would be that neutrals should stick together. The team over at Studio McGee made sure this space wasn't matchy-matchy, instead that it blended together in perfect harmony. Thanks in part to a smattering of rattan and wood accents that add rustic flair to an otherwise stark space.


7. Play up tradition.

It's true that all-white bathrooms have a connotation that they should be sleek and modern. And while many are, it doesn't mean that antique pieces can't also mesh. Take for example, a gorgeous 100-year-old pedestal sink that designer Anne Hepfer kept in this powder room. Thanks to the small mosaic floor tile pattern and built-in cabinets on either side, the sink is able to take center stage. (Right where it should be.)


8. Have a little fun.

You know the notion that white bathroom ideas are boring? Throw it out of the window this instant. A sleek backdrop made up of white, vertical tongue and groove wainscoting and white wall tile, allows whimsical pale-blue patterned wallpaper to pop in this Emily Henderson-designed abode. Pro tip: Choose a print that includes white as an accent color, so it fits in with the overall aesthetic just right.