Sayonara Neutrals, These Red Room Ideas Will Spice up Your Space

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The color red has an interesting history. Before its current, welcome presence in visual culture, some people considered it too harsh. Thankfully, though, plenty of designers now regard the bold hue as an absolute statement-maker. Plus, it has the unique ability to give homes an immediate sense of warmth and edge at the same time. To get a feel for the decorative potency of this alluring color, let's explore these red room ideas.

The color red, specifically Caliente, is one of Benjamin Moore's most popular shades. And it's described as an invigorating hue that's "strong, radiant, and full of energy." If you want to bring the trendy pop into your own space, feel free to go all out like this sleek red-on-red workspace. It successfully executes single-tone decorating, and the yellow pops work so well.


Incorporating the Shade

Because it's so bold, you might question this tone's versatility. Fortunately, the bright shade can work in various settings. In rooms with multiple uses, red furniture can help to easily define specific areas — by creating a visual division between an open kitchen and a dining area or a corner work space and a living area. In larger spaces, scarlet pieces can be combined with neutral accents to create a more intimate vibe.

Also, your red room doesn't necessarily have to be saturated in the color for its magnetism and warmth to shine through. Consider using other tones that go well with red like green (which helps to tone things down) or black (which creates more drama and depth).

Red Wall Ideas

Listen, it takes a daring individual to commit to red walls (hello, maximal style enthusiasts). If you're not quite ready to commit to such a bold choice, warm up your cold feet by hiking to the nearest store to browse wallpaper samples. There are always temporary options, but if your design turns out anything like this beautiful vermillion bedroom, you probably won't have any regrets.

We love how the lamp shade matches the patterned wallpaper, while the wood headboard and white bedding introduce elements of contrast. The blue door serves a similar purpose as the headboard, and the decorative pillows create cohesion with the other dark accents throughout the space.

Must-Have Red Furniture

It's practically impossible to not feel at least a tinge of excitement when you walk into a room where the color red is present. The attention-grabbing shade remains a bold and stylish option for home decor, particularly when it comes to furniture. For instance, this sophisticated space has many jewel-toned pieces, but the pair of red chairs creates an obvious focal point and provides strong contrast against the wood tones, the dark blue sofa, and the light gray floors. The chairs also make the metallic gold coffee table seem even more luxe.


Red Accents

We imagine this modern, industrial living room would be decidedly less unique if not for the inclusion of red. Here, a crisp white sofa is beautifully accentuated with a cherry-colored throw. Because of that accessory, along with an accent chair and a striped rug with fringe, the space feels incredibly lively and fresh.

Red Flooring

Is it us or does this bright orange and red room make you want to do a cartwheel (or make carpet angels, at least)? It's certainly not for the color averse, but here's proof that two powerful shades can coexist in a space without competing for attention. We love the use of white baseboards to create a division between the orange walls and the rich carpeting. The sunken seating area adds depth, while the vibrant pillows provide texture.

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