The Best Places to Buy Removable Wallpaper Online

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We're spending more time at home than ever, which may mean you're itching for some change. While full renovations might be ill-advised at the moment, there are still safe ways to entirely transform a space. Yes, you can invest in new throw pillows or a funky rug, but we're thinking about a more dramatic, but still simple, improvement: Removable wallpaper.


It's not only easy to install, but it's also only semi-permanent, so it's suitable for both owners and renters. Wallpaper offers the opportunity for a complete style overhaul, but the removable variety allows you to change your mind and avoid angering your landlord. Since we have a feeling this is just the level of change you need, we rounded up eight spots to find cute removable wallpaper.

1. Chasing Paper

Started in New York City by a Midwesterner who grew up in the printing industry, Chasing Paper creates stylish, design-focused removable wallpapers that stick to almost any surface — not just walls. With a handful of artist collaborations, as well as a beautiful selection of in-house patterns, the options feel endless. Plus, the product is equally easy to hang and remove.

Our pick: This abstract, geometric pattern named Stacked by Jen Peters is inspired by the California sunshine and we're here for it.

2. Tempaper

Environmentally conscious and produced in the United States, Tempaper products are made with water-based inks and adhesives. When the company launched in 2008, the peel-and-stick wallpapers were the first of their kind. Now, collections by designers like Bobby Berk and Cynthia Rowley are signatures for the brand.


Our pick: Rainforest, which is accordingly filled with palm leaves in vibrant green hues, brings serious jungle vibes.

3. Hygge & West

The Danish concept that is the essence of coziness is the foundation of wallpaper brand Hygge & West. While the company makes the permanent stuff, its removable wallpaper tiles are why we're here. With intricate patterns from designers like Oh Joy! and Julia Rothman, it's truly difficult to choose just one.

Our pick: A freeform, artistic take on the polka dot, Raindrops is full of soft texture and cool tones.

4. WallsNeedLove

Custom wallpaper is the specialty at WallsNeedLove, a brand that makes each wallpaper to order. Many of the company's colorful designs are offered in the peel-and-stick material, which is brilliantly both waterproof and washable. They're made with a smooth linen and printed with child-safe inks, so they're good for the planet and you.

Our pick: Both floral and fruity, Lovely Lemons has all the joyful yellow a room could need.

5. Graham & Brown

Founded in England in 1946, Graham & Brown has been in the wallpaper business for quite some time. The company's paste-the-wall wallpaper line is made with a non-woven technology, which means you paste the wall and not the paper. This method makes the refined, neutral wallpapers both easy to hang and peel off.


Our pick: Tuck Gray is a chic, herringbone paper that resembles wood paneling.

6. West Elm

West Elm is reliable in pretty much every home category, but we're officially adding removable wallpaper to the list. The company carries familiar brands like Chasing Paper and Tempaper, as well as Drop It Modern, Wallshoppe, and more. Patterns range from muted and subtle to loud and fun.

Our pick: This marble print in ocean colors was born for an accent wall.

7. Urban Outfitters

Bold patterns abound in Urban Outfitters' selection of removable wallpapers. Here you can find everything from cow print to constellations to midcentury geometrics. If you usually connect with Urban's style, you won't be disappointed.

Our pick: We love terrazzo in all its forms and wallpaper is no exception. With flecks of green, teal, and pale pink, this pattern is a winner.

8. Sociey6

If you want to go bold, while supporting artists from all over, Society6 is the spot. It features every print, pattern, color, and design you could ever dream of at a budget-friendly price. (Plus, if you fall in love with a specific pattern, you can get it printed on pretty much anything, including a throw pillow, phone case, or shower curtain.)

Our pick: It's time to channel your inner Jungalow with this banana palm print by artist Wheimay.


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