Seeking Red Kitchen Ideas? These 7 Are Totally Hot

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When it comes to adding color to your kitchen, nothing makes a statement like going red. Trust us, it's not only a bold choice, it's a tone that's on trend for all the right reasons. Adding warmth, energy, and a pop of fun, red comes in so many shades, you really have endless choices on which direction to take. Plus, it breaks up what usually is neutral space and can turn it into a special place.


From cabinets and walls to appliances and backsplashes, there's no need to paint the whole town red when it comes to your kitchen. But we've got some ideas to bring you a spark to the heart of your home just where you need it.

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1. Just a Sprinkle

You're not ready for the full-on commitment but love the color red. Adding only a few red cabinet doors to your neutral vibe, like this look from Burn Architects, is just the right amount of wow while still maintaining your cool.

Get the look: Mod Cabinetry Specializes in Midcentury Design

2. Paint the Walls

Another way to bring the bright tone into your kitchen space is painting an accent wall or walls a deep red. You can live with it as long as you want, or switch out the shade when you're ready to cool things down.


Get the look: Benjamin Torch Red MQ4-35

3. All About the Accessories

Wanting to try something super unexpected? Instead of sticking with the same old stainless steel range, go red like with this look from Ham Interiors. You can even find a fridge or other appliances in the tone to really bring the heat.



Get the look: Home Depot ZLine Red Range

4. All Rosy

Red comes in so many shades; we tend to think of the fire engine and orange tones but forget the roses. This look from Inside Our Home has us thinking how great a rose-toned stain on lower cabinets can make a small kitchen feel super special.


Get the look: Little Greene Paint in Leather 191

5. Go Bold and Go Home

You love the color, so why not just go for it? IKEA makes it easy with cabinets painted a glossy red with a minimal modern flair that pop even more in this otherwise white space. We love how the red backsplash elevates the whole look.


Get the look: Behr High Gloss Interior Paint in Flirt Alert P150-7

6. Run with Primaries

So you're thinking of red cabinets, but what else? This kitchen look from Little Greene has us rethinking how great primary colors look together. It's a charming yet slick look that makes us want to start prepping our next meal.



Get the look: Little Greene Paint in Drummond 16

7. Make it Red and Practical

You want red cabinets, but you want a kitchen that functions well above all else. This look from Liat Evron proves you can make a bold move with your color choice, but still have a kitchen space that is the perfect place to connect with your inner chef.

Get the look: Farrow-Ball Paint in Rectory Red 217



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