Top 15 Cabinet Color Ideas for Your Everyday Kitchen

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Regardless of whether you have a big or small kitchen, it tends to be where people connect over conversation and, yes, lots of food. So, it only makes sense that you might be thinking about giving your central hub the makeover it deserves. Adding swanky cabinet hardware and open shelving are easy ways to improve the look of your cook space, but if you want to go the extra mile, consider painting your kitchen cabinets.


Not only will this DIY-friendly project add color to your kitchenand​ give it a well-appointed edge, but it will also change the mood almost instantaneously. Problem is, there are simply too many hues — add to that a laundry list of nuanced shades within each color family — to choose from. To help, we're narrowing down the search to 15 chic kitchen cabinet color ideas. Whether you want to keep your kitchen remodel classic with an au courant greige or you'd rather dare to be bold with a bright red, there's bound to be something here for you.

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1. Green

When it comes to your kitchen cabinets, it turns out that it's ​very​ easy being green. The hunter green set in this design by Jaclyn Peters is an easy way to bring the great outdoors inside. For a modern edge, consider mixing colors between the upper and lower cabinets — green and white is a winning combo.


2. White

As Monika Hibbs proves in her kitchen, white can be anything but boring. Even if you already have white cabinets, as many homeowners do, you'd be surprised by how much a fresh coat of paint can transform your space. Add some depth to your ivory color scheme, like Hibbs did, with metallic pendants and marble countertops. And don't forget to let in lots of natural light.


3. Light Blue

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Let's be honest: Creating a multi-course meal for your annual dinner party is stressful enough, which is why it's so important for your kitchen palette to inspire calm. The sky blue paint color used in this bright space acts as a serene backdrop for all of the chaos that occurs when whipping up a culinary masterpiece.



4. Gray

If you like a black-and-white kitchen, you're going to love gray and black. Gray cabinets — like the soft and subtle ones in this tranquil design by Nordiska Kök — will anchor the two shades and look indisputably chic. Complete the look with black countertops and black stainless steel appliances.


5. Greige

Not quite gray, but not quite beige, greige is an easy, versatile hue that can be paired with virtually anything. This trending warm shade can act as a neutral when paired with a bright color or stand out on its own next to a crisp white or other light color. Let designer Amber Lewis show you how it's done.


6. Yellow

Let the sunshine in with some yellow cabinets like Alys Design bravely accomplished in this cook space. Among vibrant kitchen paint colors, yellow is the most cheerful of them all. It packs a punch without feeling ​too​ bright — especially when paired with white walls and countertops.



7. Black

Just because the color black often exudes a moody vibe that doesn't mean your kitchen has to look ​and​ feel dreary. Brooklyn-based design studio Chango & Co. brightened up this space with wood pendant lights and a woven rug. The result? California cool with a hint of industrial chic thanks to black cabinets and stainless steel accents throughout.


8. Red

Love to experiment with new, mouthwatering recipes? Convey your fiery passion with a bold cabinet color. Enter the color red, which is also used in the food industry because it's known to kickstart the appetite. However, the bold hue can also run the risk of overwhelming a small space. So, follow the lead of Catriona Burns Architects and strike a balance between subtle and statement by pairing the bold shade with warm wood and simple fixtures.


9. Pink

Not ready for something as dramatic as red, yet still want a playful punch of color? Pink might be the perfect choice for you. We love the muted shade used in this rosy kitchen by Studio Surface. This particular paint color would work beautifully in both modern and traditional kitchens.


10. Navy

ICYMI, navy blue paint color ideas are currently trending and looking at this modern farmhouse kitchen, it's easy to see why. The dark shade, while dramatic, still feels neutral and won't distract from the overall design.

11. Cream

Jennifer Wallenstein of L.A.-based September Workshop gravitated toward white for this kitchen, but this specific cream shade has a distinctive patina that bumps up the visual interest. While white kitchens are timeless, off-white can bring the subtlest bit of depth to your cook space.

12. Mint Green

While mint green may not immediately spring to your mind as the perfect cabinet hue, we assure you that this pastel shade will look amazing. And bonus: It will pretty much go with anything, from a bold backsplash to stainless steel appliances, all of which are seen in this setup belonging to Addison's Wonderland.


13. Charcoal

A dark shade of gray is the quickest way to take a cabinet door from average to dramatic. For instance, in this kitchen makeover by Ashley of Bigger Than the Three of Us, the charcoal built-ins are the perfect accompaniment to the subway tile backsplash. Plus, the rich color acts as an anchor, grounding the entire design.

14. Peach

Yup, we said it — peach for your kitchen cabinets. It's sweet yet sophisticated, as confirmed through this Fleur Maison kitchen — we'd even take it to the island, too.

15. Teal

If you just can't decide between blue or green for your kitchen cabinets, split the difference and go with teal, a color that's so tranquil you might feel as if you're surrounded by the ocean. Pair the rich hue with a white subway tile backsplash, and you're golden, as proven by this kitchen design from Jen of The Effortless Chic.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Guide

As you can see, even after we've narrowed things down, there are still ​a lot​ of cabinet colors to consider for your culinary space. But here are few quick tips that might just prevent you from feeling overwhelmed:

  • Consider the size of your kitchen. Will black cabinets make your culinary space feel closed-in if it's on the small side? If you have a lot of cabinets in a large space, will yellow overpower the visuals?
  • How much natural light are you getting in your kitchen? If you don't have windows or if your windows are small, shades like white or off-white will help make things look a lot airier.
  • Think about trends. While peach might be fun right now, will you still love it in another 10 years? If the answer is no, then you may want to go with something more timeless, like gray or navy blue.
  • What's the style of your kitchen? Farmhouse kitchens tend to shine in white, while modern spaces can handle black. Bold colors may be reserved for contemporary, boho, or maximalist spaces.
  • What kind of cabinetry do you have? If you have super-traditional cabinets, like shaker, pinks, yellows, or reds might be a little too bold for these classic aesthetics.



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