12 Colors That Go Remarkably Well With Red and Green

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When the time comes to select the perfect palette for your room, you can't go wrong with complementary color pairings like blue and orange, yellow and purple, or red and green. Now you might be thinking that the latter combination will make your space look a little too much like Santa's workshop; however, red and green are easier to work with than you might think. "They're not difficult [to decorate with] as long as you don't make it look like a holiday room," says Andi Morse, founder of Morse Design. "Do red and green go well together? Yes, they do, but I would integrate other colors and lots of texture to keep your space from looking too seasonal."


When color mixing, Morse recommends using materials with texture, such as velvet, bouclé, and linen, or using subway tile in either shade for a pop of color and fun. "For kitchens, the Wolf appliances with red knobs, or red appliances, are a great way to infuse [the color into] your design," she says. If you are still unsure about using the color scheme in your home year-round, start off small with pieces of decor that can quickly and easily be swapped in and out, such as accent pillows, throws, area rugs, and artwork.


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Need a little more convincing? We've got you covered. Scroll on for inspiring ways to rock a red and green palette.

12 Green and Red Color Combinations

1. Red, Green, and Black

Dark, neutral colors are a great way to ground a red and green room and avoid that Christmassy feel. This dining nook from Maestri Studio pairs a swirling green wallpaper design with a bright red dining bench with a black base. Black and white tiled floors, a white table, and a gold chandelier add an air of glamour to the swanky breakfast nook.


2. Red, Green, and White

You don't have to use bright, saturated shades in order to nail a red and green color palette. For example, in this light green nursery designed by Chango & Co., white furniture and muted tones keep the sweet space feeling light and airy. The red-spotted area rug and dark green nightstand add visual weight without overpowering the subdued scheme.


3. Red, Green, and Natural Wood

We love the dark, moody shades used in this bedroom by the team over at Hudson and Mercer. The earthy tones of the rust-colored walls and the hunter-green accents pair beautifully with the rich burl wood features. A pair of bouclé stools and stylish mirrors complete the handsome vanity setup.



4. Red, Green, and Blue

Follow the lead of interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard and pair red and green with another cool color, like blue. In this coastal-inspired guest room, chambray-colored wallpaper provides an almost neutral backdrop for the green curtains and headboards. The white and navy linens allow the red blankets at the foot of the bed to take center stage. Neutral accents like the rattan hanging chair, beige area rug, and white desk anchor the vibrant scheme.


5. Red, Hunter Green, and Mustard Yellow

Dark green wallsand​ cabinets are a bold choice, but pairing dark green with red and yellow is even more daring. Well, that's exactly what Dabito from Old Brand New managed to pull off in this vibrant kitchen makeover. While the verdant hue is clearly the dominant color, the red, yellow, and brown area rug packs quite a punch. The perfect finishing touches are colorful artwork, rustic wood cutting boards, and a bowl of fruit.


6. Red, Green, and Greige

Amp up the drama in your powder room with a bold wallpaper pattern à la this setup by Black Lacquer Design. The oversize mural — showcasing shades of green, red, and greige — does all the work for you. Complete the scene with a crimson faucet, towel ring, and stool.



7. Red, Green, Canary Yellow, Blue, and Pink

This lively office-meets-guest-room from Studio DIY does a masterful job of weaving together multiple colors. The trick is to use pieces of decor that combine all of the hues in your palette, instead of trying to use individual pieces in each color. Here, an oversize work of art and an area rug flaunting a vibrant combination of red, green, yellow, blue, ​andpink get the job done. The crisp white walls and ceiling, plus loads of natural light help balance the electrifying scheme.


8. Red, Green, and Tan

Cozy up your bedroom with dark shades of red and green. The moody color pairing looks positively radiant in this dreamy setup by Hudson & Mercer. Add an earthy neutral such as tan to the mix, which will lighten up the scheme while simultaneously adding warmth. Complete the luxurious setup with lustrous brass accents and striking wood furniture.


9. Red, Forest Green, and Terra Cotta

If you want to go all-in on a moody color scheme, this red and green bedroom by Reath Design is a study in how to do it right. The trick is to add a secondary color — in this case, orange. The dark green walls and ruby red curtains set the dramatic tone, while the crisp white linens topped with emerald green pillows and a terra cotta-colored coverlet lighten things up a bit. The patchwork quilt-covered headboard is an unexpected touch that ties all of the colors together effortlessly.


10. Red, Green, and Light Blue

When we think of the colors red, green, and blue we tend to imagine the bright shades that are present in every kid's classroom. However, there is no rule that says you can't experiment with warmer or cooler variations. For example, in this open living space by Black Lacquer Design the emerald green dining chairs and red sofa are in line with tradition, but the light blue cabinet color is an unexpected twist. In addition to being fun to look at, each vibrant color distinguishes a different area — green for the dining space, blue for the kitchen, and red for the living room.

11. Red, Teal, and Mustard Yellow

Green and yellow are analogous colors on the color wheel, so naturally, they pair well together as seen in this living room by Dabito from Old Brand New. While the blue-green accent wall and mustard yellow couch are the main attractions, pops of red are brought in with the help of home decor, like pillows, a throw, artwork, and a colorful rug. A black coffee table mirrors the chandelier above, while a vase filled with lush greenery adds an organic note to the eclectic scheme.

12. Red, Mint Green, and Pink

This whimsical bedroom belonging to Kate Pearce's daughter is so much fun for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest is the playful use of color. The pink trim that runs around the ceiling, floor, and doorways frames the walls covered in a floral wallpaper pattern. A red-colored area rug and neon light in the shape of a barking dog warm up the space while the mint green bed fort and blue accents — like the bedding, pendant light, and Bold chair — have a cooling effect.


The Best Colors to Pair With Red and Green

With a warm color like red and a cooler hue such as green, you may be stumped on how to add a third shade that will complement the contrasting color combo. However, it's actually not as hard as it seems to find the perfect match, especially if you keep a few key things in mind. Remember to have fun and don't be afraid to experiment with different shades and varying proportions of each color. Think about your space and how it's used, plus the overall vibe or mood that you want to evoke. And don't forget to consider the furniture and decor you already have and want to incorporate into your space.

Keep in mind that you don't need red and green to dominate your space. Something as simple as a green backsplash or red bedding can be enough. Additionally, neutral colors are a great way to tone down the dramatic duo. "Because red is such a vibrant and bold color, I would pair it with more neutral and toned down colors," says Cristina Lehman of C.Lehman Home. "Colors in the beige, tan, and white family or colors in the light to dark gray family would go well and help balance out the boldness of the red."

Before you finalize your palette, here is a quick recap of the best colors to pair with red and green:

  • Black
  • White
  • Natural wood
  • Blue
  • Mustard yellow
  • Greige
  • Canary yellow
  • Tan
  • Terra cotta
  • Light blue
  • Pink



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