Colors That Go Well With Red & Green for the Wall

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Red and green are complementary colors (meaning these colors are found opposite of each other on the color wheel). Complementary colors make dramatic, high contrast color pairs. When used in interior design, these colors are often matched with earthy, neutral colors to create a balance and to prevent the color scheme from becoming too polarized. Finding a neutral color for the walls is perhaps extra important for a room that has been furnished with red and green furniture and accessories, given the affiliation of these colors with the Christmas holiday. Draw attention away from the red and green colors enough so that the room does not seem to be in holiday mode all year-round.



This neutral color is a mixture of gray, brown and a lot of white. Choose a shade of dark beige to create a warm and intimate atmosphere in the room, and use cream for the trim. These two colors will create a neutral base and allow you to develop a four-toned color scheme (beige, cream, red and green). Incorporate more beige elsewhere in the room to reinforce the color scheme and to dilute the effects of red and green, which can be dramatic and jarring in concentrated quantities.


A deep maroon with overtones of brown will create a warm and cozy atmosphere in many large, high-ceiling rooms, which is especially appropriate in rooms that already have a prevalence of red decor and less green. In this color scheme, green becomes an accent color. Avoid using this wall paint color in small rooms as it is too dark and will make the atmosphere of the room seem heavy and oppressive.


Gray Brown

A sophisticated dark color appropriate for larger rooms with tall ceilings is gray brown, which is a darker alternative to beige, more similar to colors like coco and doe. Use colors like beige or khaki for the trim, and disperse these colors elsewhere throughout the room to create a well rounded color scheme.

Sage Green

Sage green is a green that has been neutralized with overtones of gray. Sage is a good color for a small room because it's relatively light and airy. Use this color in a room that already has a prevalence of green and less red. Use red as an accent color, dispersed throughout the room in little bits.


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