15 Colors That Go With Hunter Green

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With its reference to nature, the color green evokes a sense of renewal and new beginnings, and introduces welcome feelings of calm and relaxation to interiors. So, it's no wonder that the fresh hue continues to be a popular choice in home decor. With so many shades of green to choose from, though, it can be difficult to narrow it down to just one.


However, hunter green should definitely be a top contender. The dark color is a classic hue that makes an impact without being visually overwhelming, and it looks appropriate in broad swaths on walls or peppered in as an accent. As the name suggests, hunter green is a rich shade once worn by hunters, with yellow undertones that give it an appealing warmth. Other dark shades of green tend to have a blue tint that feels cool. Although hunter green is enjoying newfound admiration, it was quite popular in the 1990s when it was often used in home offices, libraries, and studies.

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"Working with hunter green in your home can be an amazing opportunity to create drama! ... However, you may run the risk of making your space feel smaller," says Emma Kemper, principal of Emma Beryl Interiors. "In order to combat this, you can try the following: Hang mirrors throughout your space to increase the reflection of light and optimize lighting by including a variety of fixtures and lightweight window treatments. Both [of] these tactics will provide more light and create the illusion that your space is larger than it actually is."


There are seemingly endless ways of incorporating the bold color into your space, and it doesn't take much to create drama and allure. It can actually be as simple as adding a few plants or incorporating decorative details such as pillows, throws, rugs, or lighting. For a more visible (and permanent) statement, paint the walls or cabinetry, employ tile, or opt for hunter green furniture.

"I personally love to pair [hunter green] with rich woods like walnut or oak, and layer in textures like oatmeal, heather, or flax. If you want to do a deeper dive into color composition, it pairs beautifully with richer jewel tones like cognac, camel, or burgundy, which can be done in either leathers or mohairs," says Becky Shea, founder and creative director of BS/D. "I've worked with hunter green in just about every medium and it never ceases to amaze me how much subtle, inviting drama it can add to a space — from millwork [to] paint, furniture, pillows, and lighting."


Despite its traditional roots, hunter green looks very au courant when combined with neutrals or unexpected shades of purple, yellow, and blue. Read on for 15 of the best colors to pair with the verdant shade.

15 Hunter Green Color Combinations

1. Hunter Green and Hunter Green

There's nothing wrong with doubling down on a hunter green moment by pairing it with more hunter green for an eye-catching monochrome look. In fact, tonal palettes are often the most pleasing since the eyes don't have to focus on multiple hues. The key to nailing a tone-on-tone scheme is to amp up interest by varying saturation, materials, and textures, as Jean Stoffer did in this dry bar nook. Here, the hunter green Shaker-style cabinets mingle seamlessly with a tile backsplash in a slightly different shade. Floral wallpaper lines the archway without taking anything away from the intense color scheme.



2. Hunter Green and Pink

Bring out the playful side of hunter green by pairing it with shades of pink. For example, this living room features tropical-inspired, palm frond-print drapes alongside a pale pink accent wall, which together create a distinct Palm Beach look. Midcentury modern lighting and furniture with clean lines enhance the retro design.


3. Hunter Green and Ochre

Sitting next to one another on the color wheel, green and yellow are analogous hues — meaning they share some foundational similarities and are therefore a harmonious pairing. Interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel used the winning combination to create an elevated room for her son by framing a set of cozy bunkbeds with green walls and a matching archway. Floor-length ochre curtains add contrast and a bit of privacy. To maintain a childlike sense of whimsy, she painted graphic concentric squares on the ceiling and opted for an animal-shaped rug on the floor.


4. Hunter Green and Black

Sure, black seems to bring out the best in virtually any shade, but hunter green, in particular, takes on a hard-to-resist elegance when showcased next to the ebony hue. This color idea is chock-full of drama that can be played up with equally sophisticated gold finishes or toned down by introducing traditional elements like the wall paneling, checkerboard flooring, and oil paintings in this stunning dining room.



5. Hunter Green and White

Hunter green and bright white are an enduring duo that looks fresh and clean, which is a welcome feeling in any room, particularly in a living room. The no-fail combo looks oh-so-sophisticated in this setup, thanks to a dark green leather loveseat. The midcentury modern chandelier hanging above completes the effortlessly cool scene.


6. Hunter Green and Pale Blue

Midtone shades of blue are a soothing, cool option that will beautifully balance the warmth of hunter green, and you can bump up the contrast by including neutral elements, too. This cozy family room by Reath Design features a lounge-worthy hunter-green sectional sofa that sits against pale seafoam blue walls, while the beige ceiling tempers the color scheme, resulting in a serene atmosphere.


7. Hunter Green and Brown

Although you can't go wrong with a hunter-green living room, we are equally fond of using the dark color in the bedroom. Pair the verdant shade with rich wood finishes and brown accents à la this dreamy sanctuary. The wallpapered accent wall behind the bed sets the tone for the rest of the room, while the vintage pieces of green and brown furniture spotted throughout are the perfect complements.


8. Hunter Green and Beige

If you love the look of white with dark green but don't want your space to seem overly stark or cold, consider a warmer alternative such as beige. In this rustic bedroom design, hunter green and beige walls pair beautifully with weathered wood features. Make use of a variety of materials and textures to add an extra dose of visual interest and character.

9. Hunter Green and Mint Green

Use varying shades of the same hue together to add interest and depth to spaces without being visually jarring. For example, pair hunter green with mint for a tonal look with slight contrast. Raili Clasen opted to use the verdant color combo in this cabin-inspired cook space, relegating the darker shade to the lower cabinets, shelving, and window trim. The light green wall paneling acts as the perfect backdrop.

10. Hunter Green and Burgundy

Eliminate some color pairing guesswork by referencing the color wheel — a helpful tool in visualizing what colors will work well together. As complementary hues, burgundy and hunter green make a dynamic combination that most people might shy away from. But don't be so hasty. The jewel-toned duo looks positively swoon-worthy in this luxurious setup at the Hunker House. The patterned wallpaper accent is a nice touch.


11. Hunter Green and Rust

Just like outdoors, hunter green looks stunning next to other earth tones such as rust. Try incorporating some neutral hues with the help of low-commitment accessories — rugs, pillows, blankets — that can easily be swapped out down the road, if desired. That's exactly what Jean Stoffer did with the vintage runner in this well-appointed green kitchen. The simple addition injects warmth and pleasing autumnal notes while also visually connecting the natural wood and hunter-green cabinets.

"If [used] in a kitchen, [hunter green is] a great cabinet color with white and gray veined stone countertops and gold or black hardware ... It's really a great dark neutral and is more versatile than people think," says Hema Persad, founder of Hema Persad Interiors.

12. Hunter Green, Blue, and Turquoise

Opt for a cool and refreshing palette made up of saturated shades of blue and green. We love the turquoise, royal blue, and hunter green combination used in this eclectic room. The verdant wall paint acts as the perfect backdrop for the more vibrant cabinet and tchotchke collection.

13. Hunter Green, Mint Green, and Peach

The color peach is an orangeish-pink pastel shade that's equal parts sophisticated and youthful. And, it also happens to be a complementary color to hunter green, making it a fail-safe counterpoint. We love the way this bathroom design employs the combo using mint green tile as a transition between the darker green vanity cabinet and the sorbet-colored wall paint.

14. Hunter Green and Navy Blue

If you like the idea of a blue-meets-green color palette, but turquoise is not your cup of tea, no need to worry — we have the perfect solution. Enter the color navy blue. The dark hue flaunts the same decadent saturation as hunter green, which will only enhance the moodiness of your space, but also adds just enough color variation to keep things interesting. Follow the lead of this charming setup and opt for a rich navy blue paint color on the walls and a forest green dining table. Complete the scene with mismatched chairs.

15. Hunter Green and Cream

Neutral color palettes are popular for a reason, and this dark green and cream situation is a prime example. Here, color blocking adds a modern twist to an otherwise understated dining room. The verdant lower half of the walls adds a pop of color without feeling out of place or jarring. The vintage artwork and mismatched chairs add a classic touch and a bit of personality.

The Best Colors to Pair With Hunter Green

Although green has been used in interiors for years, the dark hue is seeing a resurgence thanks in part to its soothing and timeless characteristics. Hunter green, in particular, is a versatile tone that works with a wide range of colors from neutrals like gray, white, and black to bolder shades such as burgundy, pink, and blue. The fact that the color can be found in nature also makes it an ideal companion to earth tones like ochre, rust, and other verdant shades. You really can't go wrong pairing hunter green with any of the following hues:

  • Hunter green
  • Pink
  • Ochre
  • Sage green
  • Black
  • White
  • Light blue
  • Brown
  • Beige
  • Mint green
  • Burgundy
  • Rust
  • Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Peach
  • Navy blue
  • Cream



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