11 Appliance Colors That Go With White Cabinets

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If you want to create a timeless, clean finish when redesigning your kitchen, consider selecting white cabinets. Not only do they make any space feel brighter and bigger (which is especially useful for small kitchens), but they also match most other colors you might introduce into your interior design.


Alongside cabinets and countertops, another important element you'll have to consider are the kitchen appliances. With so many colors to choose from, it may be tricky to decide which way to go. You might want to opt for classic, readily available black or silver stainless steel stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators. But brighter, bolder appliances are becoming increasingly popular, and they will instantly make a statement, especially against the backdrop of white cabinets. If you're an adventurous DIY-er, you can even paint appliances yourself, making your options practically unlimited.

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As you put together your kitchen color palette, consider the mood you're hoping to set. Shades on the warm side of the color wheel, such as red or yellow, will create an energizing atmosphere. Cool-colored appliances, like green or blue, will make your space feel serene.

The shade you opt for also depends on the undertone of your cabinets. For example, warm-toned colors will blend harmoniously with warm whites, whereas with cooler whites, they will create greater contrast. The reverse is true with cool-toned hues.


Rebekah Moore Murphy is the founder and lead designer at Stone Hall Cabinetry. She advises, "When approaching picking out appliance colors to go with white cabinets, one of the first things to think about is the home['s] architecture and how the kitchen design colors will fit with the overall big picture. For instance, is the home modern or traditional?"

"A common color range that I have been selecting with clients lately is black and brass, which is a more historic and timeless look," she adds. "For something more playful, we might look at using a blue or green range to pair with white cabinets."


Don't forget to also consider the appliance finish. A matte black stove, for example, is less likely to show smudges and stains that are inevitable in a busy household. However, appliances with a glossy finish are easier to clean and reflect light better, so they're often preferable in small kitchens.

These kitchen appliance color ideas will offer inspiration for your dream kitchen makeover.


11 Appliance Colors for White Cabinets

1. Silver

Always on trend, stainless steel appliances add a high-end feel to your kitchen, and pairing them with white cabinets creates a clean, contemporary finish — as you can see from this space designed by Pure Salt Interiors. Plus, stainless appliances are widely available, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. However, they are usually more expensive than similar appliance models in black or white, and, just like with white cabinets, smudges on the surface can be pretty visible (unless you opt for a pricier fingerprint-resistant coating).



Get the look:Samsung Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator, $1,999

2. Black

Using black appliances alongside white cabinets is perfect for dramatic contrast and works well in modern homes. This classic combo means you don't have to worry about the dark shade making a compact kitchen look smaller. It also provides a versatile foundation on which to add pops of color and layers of texture through other kitchen design elements — like the brown wood flooring and area rug in the space above. Plus, black appliances are widely available, so you'll have many designs and finishes to choose from, no matter your budget.


Get the look​: Hallman Black Double Oven Italian Range, $9,379

3. Light Blue

Pairing blue appliances with white cabinets ensures that they will be the focus of your kitchen. The light blue stove in this kitchen from Cortney Bishop Design adds a bright and playful element to the space. The only downside to appliances in more unusual colors like this one is that they are difficult to find and tend to be pricey.



Get the look​: Big Chill Retro Gas Stove, $5,995

4. Brown

Customized oak panelling over the integrated refrigerator gives this kitchen designed by Bethany Nauert a chic, sophisticated vibe. The wood paneling, along with the bronze pendant lights and camel-colored barstools, adds warmth to the airy space. The blue Moroccan tile backsplash adds extra personality to the neutral color palette. This is an elegant look that won't go out of style any time soon.


Get the look:Fisher & Paykel French Door Refrigerator, $4,799

5. Charcoal Gray

If you're worried about a bright color in your kitchen quickly looking dated but want something more unique than stainless steel, white, or black appliances, consider gray. Pairing this neutral shade with white cabinets creates a timeless and harmonious feel. The on-trend farmhouse-style charcoal gray stove in this kitchen from House of Jade Interiors is a great example.


Get the look:Big Chill Quartz Gray Classic Gas Stove, $6,695


6. Red

Red appliances aren't for everyone, but they can add a splash of vibrant, stylish, and energizing color. However, choosing the same bright shade for all your appliances is likely to look a bit overwhelming. Instead, pick a single statement piece, like this Smeg fridge from That Nordic Feeling, and keep the rest of your kitchen color palette muted. Alternatively, you could take a similar approach on a smaller scale and introduce a bold hue through smaller appliances like toaster ovens, kettles, and blenders.

Get the look:Smeg Refrigerator, Red, $2,499

7. Pink

For a whimsical space that stands out from the crowd, opt for pink appliances. The bubblegum pink refrigerator alongside the white cabinetry in Beth Sandland's kitchen helps create a fresh and joyful ambience. While there are plenty of other pretty, feminine touches in this room — from the herringbone wood flooring to the flared pendants — the minimalist color palette lets the fridge make a statement without taking the look over the top.

Get the look:Smeg Freestanding Bottom Mount Refrigerator, Pink, $3,699


8. Beige

For a neutral but non-traditional appliance color, consider a glossy beige. When Natalie Myers, the owner of Veneer Designs, was decorating her vacation cabin, she took inspiration from the desert hues of nearby Joshua Tree National Park. The kitchen has a retro southwestern vibe, with busy patterns balanced by a tranquil, modern palette.

Get the look:Big Chill Retro Original Fridge, Ivory, $4,395

9. Deep Blue

Combining white with navy blue can create a calming, sophisticated atmosphere. This French country-inspired kitchen design from Stone Hall Cabinetry features a Wolf range top with a high-gloss dark blue cabinet range base below. The metal latches and border add to the Provençal look.

Get the look:Wolf Sealed Burner Range Top, $6,749

10. Orange

This fun, fearless open-plan midcentury modern space by Becca Stephens Interiors includes a bright orange stove and a complementary feature wall. Introducing a large statement piece in a deeply saturated hue like this is a bold move. However, white kitchen cabinets will provide visual balance and let the brightly colored element be the focal point.

Get the look:Bertazzoni Orange All Glass Range Professional Series, $5,449

11. White

Matching white cabinets with white appliances is the way to go if you want a classic kitchen look. White is one of the most popular appliance colors, meaning you'll be spoiled for choice, whatever your budget. It's also perfect for brightening up areas that don't get a lot of natural light and is a go-to choice if you're opting for a farmhouse kitchen. This cook space by Studio McGee features black hardware on both the cabinets and the integrated appliances for a seamless finish.

Get the look:Cafe French Door Refrigerator, $2,693

Appliance Colors That Go With White Cabinets

You're only limited by your imagination when choosing appliance colors to go with the white cabinets in your kitchen. But before making a pricey purchase, don't forget to consider the undertone of your cabinets, the other color accents in the room, the ambience you're looking to create, and the overall amount of space and natural light available.

Here's a summary of some of the best appliance colors that go with white cabinets:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Light blue
  • Brown
  • Charcoal gray
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Beige
  • Deep blue
  • Orange
  • White



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