14 Countertop Colors That Go With White Cabinets

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A big part of any kitchen makeover is deciding on the color of the cabinets. If you're looking for a timeless, clean, and fresh option, you can't go wrong with white. This shade can help make your kitchen feel bigger and brighter, and you can pair it with just about any other hue. As you put together your kitchen design and color scheme, one major element to consider — along with the walls, flooring, and backsplash — is the countertops.


Natanya, founder of Willow & Rest Home Design Studio, says, "Choosing a countertop is a highly personal process, and can take us on an unexpected journey! With white cabinetry, the world is your oyster with choices of countertops, as technically, anything 'goes'."

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Because there are so many options to choose from, making a decision may feel overwhelming. Much of it depends on the atmosphere you want to create. Combining white with warm colors like red or yellow will establish a stimulating ambiance, while shades on the cool side of the color wheel, like blue and green, make for a calming space. Also consider the undertone of your particular shade of white: Pairing a warm white with yellow will create natural harmony, for example, white a cooler white would provide more contrast.

Using other neutral colors, such as gray, black, or greige with white cabinets prevents your kitchen from looking outdated and creates a harmonious living space. Plus, many natural stone countertops come in these colors. Although stone countertops don't typically come in solid bright colors, they often have colored veining or speckles running through them, which allows you to play with color on a smaller scale.


If you're still struggling, you can consult an interior designer for tips. "My job as the designer is to read my client and understand that the shade of color, material, finish, and thickness all need to be consistent with the client's narrative of home. It needs to resonate with their story, not a trend, and not ‌my‌ taste," says Natanya.

"White countertops with white cabinetry can lead to a clinical and sterile environment in some instances, and in others, can be the perfect choice for the space. The important thing to remember is that a countertop is like a major piece of furniture. It will influence the room and pull the overall atmosphere in a definite direction. So it should be considered carefully, like any other major purchase."


Before you choose a color, however, there are a few more factors to consider.

How to Choose Countertops for White Cabinets

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Most colors go with white cabinets, but as you select your countertops, you'll also need to keep in mind the durability and practicality of different materials, your budget, and the colors used in your kitchen ⁠— think backsplashes, appliances, and floors.



If you don't have a big budget, you might have to opt for a laminate finish rather than natural stone (like marble or quartz countertops). If you have kids, butcher block that's prone to staining might be too high maintenance. Going for tiles means you have a huge selection of colors and designs to choose from, but be aware that you won't have a perfectly smooth work surface.

Looking for more inspiration? Here are 14 countertop colors that go with white cabinets to help you design the kitchen of your dreams.


14 Countertop Colors for White Cabinets

1. Black

The classic black and white color combo won't go out of style any time soon. It's also versatile and the perfect backdrop for adding layers of texture and pops of color in other elements of your kitchen design. To prevent it from looking too stark, add warm and cozy accents, like the straw baskets, ceramic vases, and gold oven hardware in this space by Studio McGee.


2. Gray

Paired with the white cabinets and subway tiles, these gray countertops create a minimalist, light, and modern kitchen. The gray surface pulls the white and black touches (like the faucet, window frame, and hardware) together, resulting in a feeling of balance and harmony. The wooden accents and plant life throughout add warmth and interest.



3. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel countertops are easy to maintain — and, when paired with white cabinets, they make for an enduring, simple, and sophisticated look. They're a great option in a modern kitchen, making the space feel bright and airy. The warm wood flooring in the kitchen helps prevent the room from looking too stark.


4. Beige and Black

Natalie Myers, the owner of Veneer Designs, has incorporated the desert hues of nearby Joshua Tree National Park into her vacation cabin. The speckled beige and black terrazzo countertop adds a southwestern vibe and complements the retro influences. Combining these warm tones with the white kitchen cabinets creates a feeling of tranquillity and balance.


5. Yellow

Pairing white with bright yellow, as in this studio apartment kitchen from Lookofsky Architecture, is a surefire way to boost your mood and establish a welcoming space. The minimalist design allows the bold color be the star, while darker yellow pillows create a subtle tone-on-tone contrast.


6. Mauve

A marble countertop in shades of mauve and taupe is a perfect option for this warm and characterful space. By sticking with simple, off-white cabinetry, the countertop becomes the focal point of the textured, dreamy aesthetic. The color palette also creates a clear distinction from the connected bedroom, while the romantic style unites the two rooms.

7. Slate Blue

This striking kitchen from Chris and Fallon of Gather Projects features slate blue soapstone countertops and backsplash. They pop dramatically against the white cabinets, while also softening the contrast with the black ladder. Gold-colored fixtures, including the faucet and drawer pulls, add warmth to the icy palette.

8. Alaska White

The Alaska white granite countertops in this modern farmhouse kitchen by CAROLYNLEONA combine silver and frosty whites with onyx and warm, neutral browns. These shades complement the finishes in the kitchen, such as the light fixtures and hardware. The design has a cozy vintage nod while still keeping things fresh and clean.


9. Pale Gray

Even if you're going for as clean and fresh a look as possible, sometimes white countertops with white cabinets can look a little sterile. Pale gray countertops, like the marble ones in this kitchen, create a softer palette. Create extra warmth by adding curated items like a wooden cutting board and jars of grains.

10. Teal

The teal ceramic tile countertops in this kitchen by Lind Nelson Construction pop against the white cabinets, creating a positive and energizing space. Tiles are a perfect option if you want to add a splash of a bright color, because there are so many shades to choose from. Plus, they are heat-resistant and budget-friendly.

11. Natural Wood

Image Credit: Marisa Vitale

Natural wood countertops are a great match for white cabinets. They bring a classic, warm, and bright look to the space.You can choose from light or dark shades, depending on whether you want to make a statement or stay more neutral. In this kitchen, the blue backsplash is the focus, and the light butcher block countertops let it shine.

12. Terra Cotta

One way to ensure your white cabinets don't look sterile is to combine them with a warm, saturated countertop color, like terra cotta. This rich, earthy orange hue is perfect for boho-chic, desert, or Moroccan-inspired decor. Plus, as long as you reseal them regularly, terra cotta tiles are extremely durable and resistant to scratches, mold, and bacteria.

13. White

Monochromatic white kitchens run the risk of looking clinical. But, with the right decorative accents, you can soften the space and still have the bright look you're going for. In this kitchen, mixing white and blue cabinets is a clever compromise. The blue prevents a sterile feel, while white makes the most of the small space and limited natural light.

14. Cornflower Blue

If you want a stone countertop but with a dramatic solid color, why not consider lava stone? It's a pricey option, but this durable material is heat-resistant, non-porous, and virtually maintenance-free. The vivid blue lava stone kitchen island countertop in this room by Downing Designs brings a bright energy to the space and complements the dark wooden flooring well.

Countertop Colors That Go With White Cabinets

The sky is the limit when it comes to countertop colors that go with white cabinets. But, before you decide, account for the shade of white used for your cabinets, the vibe you want to create in your space, and the other color accents you'll be using in your kitchen. The countertops are one of the most expensive elements of a kitchen remodel, and getting it right the first time means you'll be investing in a space that connects with your tastes while remaining timeless.

Here's a summary of some of the best countertop colors to go with white cabinets:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Stainless steel
  • Beige and black
  • Yellow
  • Mauve
  • Slate blue
  • Green
  • Alaska white
  • Pale gray
  • Teal
  • Natural wood
  • Terra cotta
  • White
  • Cornflower blue



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