26 Yellow Kitchen Design Inspirations to Brighten Any Cook Space

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Do you want your home to feel like a ray of sunshine every morning? Then a yellow kitchen may be the perfect color idea for you. Sure, it's a bold choice, but the warm hue can enliven your senses and brighten up a dimly lit cook space.


And with so many ways to incorporate the color, there is a design idea for every comfort level. Go big with wall-to-wall yellow cabinets, or opt for just a hint by throwing in a few bright accessories. A little goes a long way when you're dealing with a vibrant hue that has shades ranging from canary to mustard. Not sure where to start? Here are 26 of our favorite yellow kitchen ideas guaranteed to fuel your mornings with a burst of vibrant energy.

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1. Consider two-tone cabinets in white and custard yellow.

Adding yellow cabinets will really energize your cook space. Here, Elizabeth of College Housewife transforms a rental kitchen using a two-tone cabinet color idea to ensure that the yellow shade doesn't overpower the entire design.


2. Channel Mediterranean vibes with dark wood accents.

Dreaming of moving away to a sunnier locale? Opt for a Mediterranean-style kitchen that features open shelving and a solid wood countertop. This ochre yellow cook space designed by Studio Shamshiri is reminiscent of the setting sun in Italy and perfectly matches the dark wood accents and earthy ceramics.


3. Make a statement with tone-on-tone shelving.

We're lusting over this clever tone-on-tone design by deVOL Kitchens that features shelving painted the same color as the yellow walls. Again, channeling an Italian coastal vibe, the warm shade brings a vibrant energy into the space while the white ceiling adds balance. Someone pass us the olives, please.



4. Add a complementary backsplash for an irresistible pairing.

If you've decided you're ready for a bold kitchen design, why not go the extra mile? This bright yellow culinary space by R2 Studio Architects didn't stop at the cabinets, but they took the color idea a step further and incorporated a matching backsplash tile. The white countertops and walls break up the yellow scheme and add a light and airy note.


5. Paint trim in a coordinating yellow to match your cabinets.

Instead of covering an entire wall, think outside the box with your kitchen color idea. It's all about being different, folks. Hendricks Churchill framed the windows, doorways, and ceiling with a soft yellow border, softening the effect of the statement cabinets, which have been painted in the same color. Clever.


6. Invite a pop of color into a minimalist kitchen.

The mustard yellow shade in this Scandinavian-style kitchen, designed by Papilio, makes a striking statement. Paired with oak cabinets sans hardware and stainless steel countertops, the color brings a fresh look that could easily be emulated in your own home.



7. Consider going with a pastel shade for a muted approach.

The color yellow doesn't have to be neon and bold; you can opt for something a little softer. For example, Reform CPH combined pastel yellow cabinets with a white linoleum countertop in this minimal kitchen, maximizing the natural light while bringing in a little pop of color.


8. Or, command attention with canary yellow.

Or, go for the gold ... literally. Opt for a vivid, canary yellow shade for the kitchen island instead and pair it with a bright white base to get the jolt of energy you need in the morning. This Swedish kitchen design by Lookofsky Architecture is proof that clean lines, minimalism, and vibrant yellow is a winning combination.


9. Don't be afraid to use more than one bold color.

Every element of this kitchen is a bold choice, from the red herringbone floor tile and matching dishware to the yellow kitchen cabinets with black detailing. Even the backsplash tile is flaunting a cool shade of blue. Somehow it all works in this culinary space photographed by Dan Cutrona. It just goes to show you that when it comes to design, rules were made to be broken.


10. Inject subtle hints of yellow.

If an entire yellow-on-yellow kitchen isn't your cup of tea, then follow the lead of Alice in Scandiland and simply add a dash of color. The yellow windowsill is just enough to get noticed without overwhelming the entire space.

11. Complement vintage backsplash tiles with bright yellow paint.

If you are a homeowner or renter with an older home, you are no stranger to unique floors and wall tiles. You can either replace it, hide it, or take a page out of Dazey Den's design playbook and complement your vintage tile with matching wall paint. This will give your culinary headquarters an intentional look and a complete makeover without breaking the bank. Sometimes you have to work with what you have.

12. Mix and match patterns and textures.

This canary yellow cook space by Amanda Louise Interiors is bright and cheerful without being too cutesy. The added fun section of wallpaper inside the open shelving and the pattern mixing between the two different hand towels and the accent rug give this space a cool, eclectic vibe.


13. Don't be afraid to explore unexpected color combinations.

Sage green and mustard yellow are a perfectly unexpected color scheme in this cook space designed by Herringbone Kitchens. The design still feels light and open despite the bold combination — thanks to the pale gray flooring and white countertops.

14. Opt for a yellow zellige tile backsplash for a textured finish.

This kitchen design by Landed Interiors is all about texture, from the wood flooring to the marble countertops to the beadboard cabinets. And as beautiful as all of the aforementioned elements are, the real star of this show is the zellige tile backsplash flaunting a cheerful shade of yellow. The forest green island is the perfect supporting cast, complemented by the brass fixtures throughout.

15. Achieve a bohemian vibe with mustard yellow and wood cabinetry.

Before you coat your entire kitchen in mustard yellow paint, take a page out of designer Lina Osting's book and use it sparingly on just a few cabinets. Pair with warm wood features, lush potted plants, and classic white subway tile for a welcoming boho vibe that feels rich with character.

16. Welcome a wallpaper accent wall.

A few rolls of wallpaper are all you need to recreate this look by Krys from the blog Melodrama. Choose a sunny yellow pattern that's guaranteed to give a dose of personality to any small kitchen and pair it with light wood floors and white cabinets to keep the space feeling bright and open. Pro tip: Consider using a peel-and-stick option so you can remove it down the road if you change your mind.

17. Use kitchen accessories to explore the vivid color.

Don't feel pressured to paint your walls or cabinets in a bright shade of yellow. You can still enjoy the vibrant hue without having to make a huge commitment. Sarah Richardson Designs incorporated the color yellow with the help of home decor such as patterned curtains, barstools, dish towels, cookware, and, even the backsplash tile.

18. Turn an ordinary door into an artistic moment.

Turn your plain pantry door into an official design moment with a coat of lemon yellow paint à la Suburban Pop. The white cabinets and pale gray countertops in this minimalist kitchen act as the perfect backdrop for the vibrant star of the show.

19. Light up the room with yellow fixtures.

Liven up a neutral gray and white kitchen by switching out your basic light fixtures for yellow options instead. This culinary design by Bettijo from Paging Super Mom shows us that while adding playful wall sconces can really change up the whole look of your space, throwing in a matching yellow clock and coordinating rug will really kick things up a notch.

20. Incorporate black to make your kitchen more dramatic.

Not all yellow kitchens are bright and cheerful. This moody space photographed by Derek Swalwell shows us how to balance the vibrant color by pairing it with a healthy dose of black. Open shelving, wood features, and clean lines help keep the space from feeling too dark and heavy.

21. Create a focal point with colorful appliances.

The next time you're shopping for new appliances, look for options flaunting a vibrant marigold color, like the stove in this kitchen spotted on Made by Ellen. You don't have to do much else to the space when you've got such a bold-colored stove. The neutral army green cabinets and beige walls are a nice complement.

22. Temper a mostly yellow kitchen with complementary wallpaper.

If already have yellow shaker cabinets and a yellow backsplash in your kitchen, why not continue the yellow theme onto the adjacent walls as well with yellow wallpaper? We love the charming floral print used in this quaint country cook space by Kitchen & Beyond. Not only does it contribute to the sunny design but it also breaks up the sea of solid yellow millwork without interrupting the overall flow or feeling out of place.

23. Consider yellow flooring.

This eye-catching kitchen design by New Zealand-based design firm Pac Studio is not for the faint of heart. The bright yellow floor makes a bold statement, but it's a risk worth taking. Alongside light wood cabinets sans hardware, there's no way you won't smile when you walk into this sunny room every morning.

24. Go for a simple backsplash in a bold color.

An easy way to add a daring element into your design scheme is with your backsplash tile. The team behind WPL Design picked classic subway tile in a sunny yellow shade for this kitchen and the result is trendy yet timeless.

25. Give your rustic kitchen a soft yellow makeover.

There's no denying that the butter-yellow cabinets in this rustic kitchen designed by Rue Architects are easy on the eyes. Paired with a warm off-white shade for balance, the vibrant hue plays perfectly with the dramatic veining of the marble backsplash and countertops, resulting in a culinary space that's busting with country charm.

26. Warm up a yellow kitchen even more with wood countertops.

If you really want to warm up your yellow kitchen, wood countertops are definitely the way to go, as proven by this dream culinary space from Reath Design. The dark wood finish of the counters helps balance the vibrant yellow walls and cabinets, while also adding a rustic note. But the fun doesn't stop there — the matching dark wood flooring, open shelving, and cabinet hardware tie the whole country-inspired scene together.



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