25 of the Best Kitchen Wall Colors to Check Out

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When it comes to designing a kitchen, there are a lot of factors to consider — floor tile, countertops, lighting, appliances, and cabinets, just to name a few. While all of these pieces play a big role in culinary spaces, perhaps none make as big of a visual impact as the color palette, and more specifically when it comes to the walls. Not to mention, paint is probably one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways you can revamp a cook space. From green to blue to gray or black, a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference.


And as all-white kitchens quickly fade from the trends, it's hard to resist the idea of bringing a big dose of saturation to the heart of your home. But with so many shades to choose from it can be mind-numbing to try and narrow down the myriad of choices. To make your search a little easier, we've compiled a list of 25 kitchen paint colors that might just inspire you to pick up a brush and add a pop of color to your culinary headquarters.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. Dark Gray

Ready to jump into the deep end of the kitchen wall color pool? You're not alone. And such bravery deserves a bold hue, like the moody shade of gray seen in this deVOL Kitchens design. Here, the dramatic color is beautifully paired with a handful of warm accents, such as wood flooring and a butcher block island worktop, to offset the dark nature of the hue.


Get the look:Irony by Clare

2. Canary Yellow

Yellow kitchens are fun (and often a staple of kitschy spaces) but the vibrant shade spotted in this Beijing home offers a modernized take. The bold, sunny hue is the undeniable focal point in the room, and the perfect backdrop for a kitchen island and backsplash flaunting terrazzo and accented by turquoise cabinets.


Get the look:Daisy by Sherwin-Williams

3. Orange

This light-filled boho kitchen by designer Justina Blakeney makes quite the case for orange walls. Pair with wood countertops and complementary colors, like aqua and lilac, to complete the show-stopping design. Don't forget to top things off with a healthy dose of leafy greenery and a few brass accents.



Get the look:El Coyoté Lime Wash by Portola Paints & Glazes

4. Olive Green

Yet another effortless pairing for natural wood, you can't go wrong with a cool shade of olive green when it comes to kitchen walls. The complementary duo is prime if you're going for a rustic scheme and can be elevated with vintage-inspired appliances and raw wood accents.


Get the look:Olive Green by Glidden

5. Lavender

There's a lot that captures the eye in this kitchen designed by Nadia Olive Schnack, but the light purple walls are quite statement-worthy on their own. Contrasted by warm wood cabinetry, the lavender hue lends a quiet yet powerful element to this culinary space.


Get the look:Spring Lilac by Benjamin Moore

6. Off-White

While a stark shade of white might be a shock to the senses, off-white wall paint can be soothing and serene. The kitchen in this Barcelona apartment is a great example of how fresh and impactful a slightly darker take on the classic can be. Coupled with wicker pendants and matching counter stools, the Scandi-boho space feels entirely warm and inviting.



Get the look:Timeless by Clare

7. Terra Cotta

If you're going for an earthy vibe, terra cotta-colored walls are definitely the way to go. In a kitchen, the hue will invite an abundance of warmth while beautifully complementing natural wood showcasing a myriad of stained finishes. White cabinetry will grant a chic high-contrast effect that's hard not to love.


Get the look:Amber Coast by Glidden

8. Cobalt Blue

A blue kitchen may be trendy but cobalt wall paint belongs in a lane of its own. The captivating color is more than just an artful accent, it can reinvent even the most tired of spaces. Natural wood cabinets offer an effortless complement to the backdrop while pops of primary reds or yellows can make it feel oh-so-modern.


Get the look:Cobalt Stone by PPG

9. Beige

This desert home proves that beige is anything but outdated and boring. Paired with concrete counters and floors, plus exposed wood beams, the warm neutral is the epitome of California-cool. By combining this tone with edgier materials and contrasting it with cooler accents, you can create a modern kitchen that also feels laidback.


Get the look:Harvest Moon by Backdrop

10. Light Blue

If you're going for an effortless finish, this Parisian apartment has you covered on the inspiration front. The kitchen's icy blue walls pair perfectly with the polished chrome fixtures and gray marble countertops. Below, the light blue cabinets provide a subtle transition that ties all the elements in the room together.

Get the look:Pale Powder by Farrow & Ball

11. Dusty Pink

Pink in the kitchen? We're definitely in favor of it and if you find yourself on the fence, this stunning scene might just push you in the right direction. Aside from creating an unexpected vibe, the saturated rosy hue brings with it warmth and a contemporary touch. Pair it with dark green cabinets and lustrous brass hardware for a trendy finish.

Get the look:Rose Season by Clare

12. White

We'll be the first to admit that an exclusively white kitchen may not seem exciting but there is something to be said of the minimalist vibe it brings. Case in point, this Spanish California home, where white walls combine with white cabinets and matching marble countertops for a clean and streamlined scheme. Sleek black accents, by way of the hardware and even the window panes, provide depth and a framework for the scene.


Get the look:Bit of Sugar by Behr

13. Pastel Pink

If you're unsure of painting your kitchen walls, take a cue from this Barcelona vacation home and go for an accent wall instead. Here, a bright bubble gum pink shade lends a playful touch to the otherwise stark white kitchen, instantly warming up the scheme with flair.

Get the look:Powder Rose by PPG

14. Black

Contrary to popular belief, black wall paint can do wonders for a small space. For starters, it invites a sense of depth to the area, tricking the eye by concealing the exact confines. In this Long Island City apartment, the tight parameters of the kitchen are barely distinguishable thanks to the daring wall color.

Get the look:Black Satin by Benjamin Moore

15. Greige

While most may have a love/hate relationship with the color greige (a combo of beige and gray) this London home makes quite the convincing case for it. The striking contrast of the dark green lower cabinets highlights the warmth of the walls, while the lighter upper cabinets lend a subtle complement. Together, the space feels refined and modern.

Get the look:Moonlight by Backdrop

16. Light Gray

Image Credit: Melanie Rieders

Somewhere between a stone gray and steel, you'll find this inspired kitchen wall paint that's both original and captivating. Juxtaposed with a vibrant brass range hood, wood countertops, and stark white cabinetry, the backdrop instantly stands out and the delivery of it all is equally impactful.

Get the look:Thundercloud Gray by Benjamin Moore

17. Teal

A saturated shade of blue-green is perfect for a contemporary kitchen. A more daring spin on classic blue, the color teal pairs beautifully with wood elements. Note how the eye-catching wall paint extends up to the walls and onto the ceiling here, giving the hue a chance to really shine.

Get the look:Novelty Wave by Backdrop

18. Plum

The moody plum kitchen wall paint here has us dreaming of an English country cottage. Coupled with the navy blue cabinets, rustic wood shelves, and brushed brass hardware, the scene channels elegance with a touch of effortless cool.

Get the look:Sulking Room Pink by Farrow & Ball

19. Mustard Yellow

If you're not one to shy away from vivid hues, a darker shade of mustard yellow is definitely one to experiment with. In this country kitchen, the color serves as a breath of fresh air and a colorful layer that instantly livens up the sleepy gray cabinetry. Black countertops and dark tchotchkes add just enough contrast.

Get the look:Goldsmith by Benjamin Moore

20. Plaster Gray

If you're looking to add a little more texture to the walls, go for a limewash finish — not only does it lend a visually defined layer, but it can make even the most basic neutrals seem a touch more exciting. Allow this serene cook space designed by Jersey Ice Cream Co. to serve as inspiration.

Get the look:Limewash Paint by Color Atelier

21. Mint Green

Pastel or mint green may scream retro but we're loving the contemporary-cool finish of this kitchen. Liz Solms's cheeky space embraces the hue by way of a thoughtful color block idea that's modernized by a marble backsplash and sleek, white cabinetry.

Get the look:Mint Condition by Sherwin-Williams

22. Navy Blue

The color navy blue never goes out of style and in a kitchen, it's a surefire way to make a statement. Follow the lead of this stunning scheme, spotted on IKEA, and go for a near-monochromatic finish that's equal parts refined and elegant.

Get the look:Bold Blue by Benjamin Moore

23. Mocha

Brown might be a controversial color choice, but the decadent shade of mocha seen in this kitchen by Avenue Design Studio takes away any and all doubt. Follow the creative studio's lead and pair the matte wall color with rich wood cabinetry and a dash of white marble to lighten things up. The finished result feels oh-so-luxe and cozy.

Get the look:Mahogany by Farrow & Ball

24. Forest Green

For a moody vibe, this inspired shade of green found by way of deVol Kitchens hits all the right notes. Serving as an ideal balance between modern and rustic, the hue is best reserved for an all-encompassing kitchen color scheme that extends from the walls to the cabinets.

Get the look:Billiard Green by PPG

25. Kelly Green

Fresh and modern, this vivid shade of Kelly green paint is the key to instantly reviving any culinary design. In this modern kitchen, the eye-catching tone takes center stage and is perfectly balanced with warm wood accents throughout.

Get the look:Kelly Green by Benjamin Moore