16 Kitchen Color Schemes That Go Beautifully With Black Appliances

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We all spend a lot of time in our kitchens. While stainless steel is still the most popular finish for kitchen appliances, black has become extremely popular and doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon. However, deciding on a color palette that works with your black appliances can be a challenge, to say the least. Whether you've decided to upgrade your kitchen with black appliances or you've moved into a home that already has them, selecting colors to go with the sleek and sophisticated finish comes down to a few key factors.


  • First off, what size kitchen do you have?
  • What is the overall vibe that you're hoping to achieve?
  • Do you want it to feel open and airy or moody and cozy?

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Next, consider all of the features in your kitchen. While there is nothing wrong with using the cabinetry to add color, don't forget about all of the other elements — including the floor, countertops, walls, backsplash, and even the ceiling. "A backsplash with shades of gray pulls out the cool tones in black, while yellow or golden hues help to add warmth around black appliances," adds interior designer Susan Olson. "Including different textures like natural wood, brick, or stone surfaces also elevates the space in unexpected ways."

The experts at Thor Kitchen offer up this advice to homeowners: "The best part about decorating with black appliances is the fact that they can go with just about ​any​ color. Just like a black suit or dress, black appliances can be paired up to make the contrasting color pop. Adding dramatic lighting over a kitchen island or under your cabinets will also impact how the colors you choose work with your dark appliances."


With all of that in mind, let's take a look at 16 inspiring color schemes that look great with black appliances.

16 Kitchen Color Schemes That Go With Black Appliances

1. Greige and Black

While black and white is a classically sharp combo in any kitchen, consider a color palette that's a bit more dimensional yet neutral, like this beautiful space designed by Brahman Perera. An elegant shade of greige is used for the cabinets, while a statement-making, white and black marble backsplash and countertops pick up the dark finish of the oven, hardware, lighting, and faucet. Oak floors add additional warmth and tie the whole scheme together. You can also achieve a similar design with off-white or beige kitchen cabinets.



2. Teal and Copper

The team over at deVOL Kitchens chose a moody color palette for this kitchen, opting to pair a muted shade of teal with lustrous copper. The warmth of the glinty countertops, backsplash, hardware, and integrated sink perfectly balance the cool cabinet and wall color. The best part? Instead of sticking out, the black appliances almost blend right into the dark surroundings.


3. Cornflower Blue and White

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

If you're on the hunt for a shade of blue that will go with your black stainless steel appliances, consider something slightly unexpected like this lively cornflower blue hue. The cheery color looks great with white and gray marble as seen here, but it would work equally well with a darker stone. Plus, the vibrant blue cabinets will instantly brighten up even the darkest of spaces and works with almost any style of kitchen. Lastly, black hardware is a quick and easy way to tie in your dark appliances.


4. Navy Blue, White, and Brass

If a darker shade of blue is more your cup of tea, look no further than this kitchen designed by Neptune. The classic navy blue and white color scheme instantly adds a sort of nautical charm, but the black appliances and brass backsplash weave in a bit of elegance. Complete the swanky look with herringbone hardwood floors.



5. Light Teal, Brick Red, and Gray

Using lighter shades like light teal or turquoise and gray alongside black appliances will definitely give your high-end range a chance to be noticed. However, this palette might feel a bit cold. Not to worry. Take a page out of Heidi Caillier's design playbook and pair it with brick flooring to warm things up in no time. Plus, the rustic material will add undeniable country charm to your well-appointed space, as proven by this kitchen design.


"A medium or dark-colored countertop will give your black appliances something 'visual' to grab on to that is a similar depth," adds designer Kylie Mawdsley. A light gray subway backsplash allows small details like brass cabinet hardware to stand out as well.

6. Light Blue, Tan, and Gray

Cool tones of any kind will quickly brighten up a cook space — even one with black appliances — but this light blue situation by Kennedy Nolan feels especially light and airy. The gray backsplash and matching countertops, plus fluted wall paneling flaunting a sandy tan hue, help make up the coastal-inspired palette. The built-in double wall oven punctuates the space and adds to the sleek design.



7. Black, Terra Cotta, and Gray

Turn up the heat in your kitchen with a dash of terra cotta. Red in almost any shade is the perfect partner for black appliances, and it appears that the team over at British Standard Cupboards would agree. In this mostly black cook space, the black and terra cotta checkerboard flooring is the star of the show, but the gray walls make the perfect backdrop for such a dark palette.


8. Hot Pink, Black, and Gray

Black appliances provide the perfect opportunity to make a big statement with your color scheme, so if your kitchen is small, this might be an ideal time to go big with your palette à la this bold culinary space designed by Sarah Akwisombe in partnership with John Lewis. Hot pink lower cabinets surround a black oven, while charcoal gray walls, a terrazzo backsplash, black upper cabinetry, and black and white striped flooring add extra contrast to the one-of-a-kind space.

9. Yellow and Gray

Speaking of bold, while shades of gray work beautifully with black appliances, adding a warm shade like yellow to the mix makes this contemporary kitchen by Modulogie feel extra stylish.


"Using light colors like light gray, soft beige, vanilla white, or even bright yellow to a kitchen with black appliances helps to brighten and soften their dark finish," adds California designer Margarita Bravo.

10. Charcoal Gray, Greige, and Black

One of the best ways to achieve a tonal palette in a kitchen that has black appliances is to use charcoal gray as your main color. From here, you can add bold touches with a greige backsplash and matching countertops, as witnessed in this design by Mainstreet Stockholm. The dark gray plaster finish used on the walls pairs seamlessly with the cabinet color, taking this dramatic scene to the next level.

11. Black and Taupe

Even if you have a smaller kitchen, going with black cabinets and appliances is a lovely look. But to keep things feeling a bit more open, think about adding another color or texture to your space like the team over at deVOL Kitchens did here. The muted taupe walls and adjacent cabinet doors lighten up the scheme without taking anything away from the moody vibe.

12. Brick Red, Black, and Walnut

This industrial kitchen showcased on Flair Cabinets is the perfect example of how adding different textures in warmer tones can really change the look of black appliances. A walnut island and giant brick backsplash look stunning with a black range and hood. The designer made the smart choice to install black cabinets around the stove for a seamless look. And to further the scheme, the gooseneck faucet, contemporary pendant, and window trim are all rendered in the same inky shade.

13. Mint Green and Beige

The color mint green is a cool hue that brings with it a sense of calm and relaxation no matter where it goes. Interior designer Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design successfully employed the pastel shade in this cozy cook space by pairing it with a beige stone backsplash and matching countertop. The overall design is subtle yet makes a lasting impression.

14. Blue and Red

Bold colors look especially handsome alongside black appliances. For instance, in this vibrant setup by Amos Goldreich Architecture, bright blue kitchen cabinets and a red backsplash steal the show, while the sleek double wall oven, range, and window trim punctuate the space and add a bit of contrast.

15. Pink and Black

While many people go with stainless steel appliances in a white cook space, a beautiful black range will blend in seamlessly in a black kitchen, as proven by this setup spotted on Neptune. The trick with an almost all-black space is to weave in the perfect accent color. In this case, a sweet shade of pink offers a nice break from the dark, inky surroundings. And if possible, large windows allowing natural light to pour in won't hurt either.

16. Purple and Taupe

If there's a particular color that you are drawn to, like eggplant or burgundy, why not integrate it into your kitchen color scheme? Take this design by Ridgeway Interiors, where a rich purple shade appears on the upper cabinets, while the rest of the built-ins are painted in a muted taupe. Light wood flooring, a mirror backsplash, and a crisp white ceiling keep the culinary space on the bright and airy side.

Colors That Go With Black Appliances

Black appliances are a stylish option for any modern cook space, and the great news is there are many beautiful color schemes that will go well with the dark finish. But before you make your final decision, there are a few things to consider that will impact the overall look of your kitchen design idea.

First, think about the size of your current kitchen and the amount of light (artificial or natural) it receives. If you want your setup to feel more open, consider pairing your black appliances with lighter shades of gray, blue, or green to offset the dark finish. On the other hand, if you want something moodier, try dark shades like charcoal gray, burgundy, or navy blue.

With the right balance, just about any hue will work, but here is a recap of some of our favorite color combinations to pair with black appliances:

  • Greige and Black
  • Teal and Copper
  • Cornflower Blue and White
  • Navy Blue, White, and Brass
  • Light Teal, Brick Red, and Gray
  • Light Blue, Tan, and Gray
  • Black, Terra Cotta, and Gray
  • Hot Pink, Black, and Gray
  • Yellow and Gray
  • Charcoal Gray, Greige, and Black
  • Black and Taupe
  • Brick Red, Black, and Walnut
  • Mint Green and Beige
  • Blue and Red
  • Pink and Black
  • Purple and Taupe



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