Reeded Kitchen Cabinets Are Currently Trending and It’s Easy to See Why

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Shaker cabinets tend to be the kitchen design go-to for most homeowners. And while that's all well and good, we're always fans of pushing the envelope and exploring new trends, and these days, reeded cabinets certainly fit that bill.


Sporting a carved, ribbed appearance, reeded cabinets are an effective, and cool, way to bring texture into your culinary headquarters. Not to mention, the design detail also adds a linear element to cabinetry that feels modern and fresh, and will keep even the simplest cook spaces from falling flat.

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So, whether you're in the midst of a remodel or solely want to change up the cabinetry in your culinary space, these 12 reeded cabinet ideas are definitely worth considering.

1. Pair reeded cabinets with modern farmhouse design.

While reeding tends to be associated with contemporary kitchen designs, it also can live comfortably in a modern farmhouse cook space, as proven by Lindye Galloway. In this country setup, the interesting detail makes an appearance on the recessed panels of the cabinetry, including the integrated refrigerator, imparting a welcome dose of texture and a bit of edge.


2. Or, lean a bit more rustic.

This rustic scene by deVOL Kitchens proves that reeded kitchen cabinets can work with a wide variety of decor styles. From the brick backsplash to the copper countertops to the farmhouse sinkand​ reeded wood cabinetry, this cook space is bursting with texture and cozy warmth.


3. Highlight only the upper cabinets.

If you're all about reeded cabinets (and let's face it, who isn't?!) but you don't want to overwhelm your kitchen, just focus on the upper cabinets, as seen in this swanky design by Blank Canvas Architects. Partnered with wood shelving and a white marble countertop and backsplash, the reeded detailing looks simply chic.



4. Go for contrast with black.

To make your kitchen design look even more on-trend, paint your reeded cabinets in a dramatic shade of black. The team over at L'Atelier Paris shows us how it's done in this grand cook space without feeling dark and moody. In addition to the generous amount of natural light flooding through the windows, the upper cabinets with glass doors and the cream-colored island offer a light and airy balance.


5. Consider a verdant shade of green.

There's no need to stop at the visual interest that reeded cabinet doors already provide. Take your kitchen idea a step further and paint them green to make them stand out even more. In this design by Hubert Zandberg Interiors, the light green reeded cabinets flaunting brass hardware steal the show. The terrazzo backsplash and countertops don't hurt either.


6. Keep it simple.

Reeded cabinets offer a lot of visual interest. So if you want to keep your kitchen design minimal, keep the look as clean and simple as possible. In this sleek cook space by Build by Design, the flat-panel cabinetry and white hue keep the textured detail subtle. Now, the cabinets complement, instead of compete, with the countertop-to-ceiling marble backsplash and herringbone wood flooring.



7. Add depth with a black counter and backsplash.

Take notes of this kitchen by Grand Tradition Homes and pair reeded wood cabinets with a saturated black countertop and backsplash. The combo will inject beautiful depth into your design. Complete the look with brass fixtures.


8. Just apply it to a couple of cabinet doors.

Again, you don't need to commit to top-to-bottom-reeded cabinetry in your culinary space. Instead, just add reeding to a couple of doors on the kitchen island, an approach that's demonstrated beautifully in this modern design by Vipp.


9. Try your hand at a DIY version.

Reeded cabinets can actually be achieved with a little DIY magic. Follow this tutorial from Jenna Sue Design Co. and give your kitchen cabinetry the reeded treatment using your own two hands.


10. Embrace a black and white palette.

Love black and white kitchen ideas, but feel like the classic look could use a little extra pizzazz? In that case, give all of the ebony elements in your cook space the reeded treatment à la this modern design by Collective Studio. Here, the island, range hood, and pantry closet all flaunt the textural detailing while the white cabinetry, complete with matching hardware, acts as the perfect backdrop.

11. Dress up a breakfast bar.

Reeded cabinets also happen to look fab on adjacent breakfast bars. But don't just take our word for it. The team over at HW Interiors gave this petite drink station an approachable and on-trend makeover that doesn't overwhelm, but instead adds just enough flair.

12. Put reeding everywhere but your cabinets.

Guess what? Reeding ​isn't​ limited to cabinetry! It looks just as cool, clean, and polished showcased on a kitchen island or range hood, particularly when paired with blue cabinets and an orange backsplash as seen in this colorful culinary space by Brave New Eco.



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