15 Cabinet Colors That Go With Black Stainless Steel Appliances

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Before you start remodeling any kitchen, many decisions have to be made. One of the most important of these is what style and finish you want your appliances to be. A popular trend we don't see falling by the wayside any time soon is black stainless steel. The sleek and sophisticated look instantly elevates the appearance and overall vibe of any kitchen. And even though homeowners will pay a bit more for black stainless, the finish is a great choice in any space that gets a lot of action since it's smudge- and fingerprint resistant. Keep in mind that, unlike regular stainless steel, black stainless varies from one brand to another, so if you are planning to outfit your whole kitchen, you will most likely want to purchase your suite of appliances from the same brand.


Once you commit to black stainless kitchen appliances, you'll need to decide what cabinet color would work best with the ebony hue. Fortunately, the dramatic shade goes well with pretty much every color in the rainbow, and it even feels a bit warmer than stark white or cold stainless surfaces. The experts at Thor Kitchen agree: "The best part about decorating with black stainless appliances is the fact that they can go with just about ​any​ color. Just like the black pieces in your wardrobe, they can be paired up to make a contrasting color pop or create a moody tonal feel with darker shades."

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We know that decorating with a bold color can be a little intimidating, so to make life easier, here are 15 kitchen cabinet color ideas that will go beautifully with black stainless steel appliances.

15 Cabinet Color Schemes That Work With Black Stainless Steel Appliances

1. Black

If you're looking for a seamless approach, it doesn't get any better than black cabinets with black appliances. The team over at deVOL Kitchens put the color scheme to the test in this charming country setup, and the uninterrupted finish is simply stunning — that and the eye-catching marble countertop. The taupe wall color acts as the perfect neutral backdrop, allowing all eyes to focus on the work area.


2. Charcoal Gray

Sure, black cabinets look beautiful with black stainless steel appliances, but deep charcoal gray can be just as stunning. And believe it or not, the lead-inspired hue can make even the smallest of kitchen designs feel open, especially when paired with neutral elements such as the off-white walls, countertops, and backsplash used in this setup by Rafterhouse.


3. Navy Blue

Without fail, a deep shade of navy blue will add a touch of luxury to any space, even the kitchen — and this minimalist design by Mainstreet Stockholm proves it. But paired with black stainless appliances, the dark blue hue looks especially sophisticated. The flat panel cabinet design and integrated appliances keep the space feeling oh-so-modern and seamless.



4. Cornflower Blue

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Speaking of blue, get a load of this happy shade that's a bit lighter than navy. Paired with white marble countertops and backsplash, the cornflower blue cabinet color really brightens things up and ensures that the inky appliances won't weigh down the airy design.


5. Olive Green

Choosing any shade of green to go with black stainless is always a good idea, especially when it's olive green. This kitchen by Plain English Design demonstrates how stunning the combo can be. The brass cabinet accents and fixtures are the perfect finishing touch.


6. Turquoise

If you are torn between using blue or green for your kitchen cabinets, then turquoise is the perfect compromise. Claire from CK Homestyle employed the happy hue in her kitchen right alongside a black stainless range and hood. The pop of color creates a high-contrast choice that stands its ground against a black and white patterned tile backsplash, resulting in an eclectic, inviting, and ultra-stylish cook space.



7. Light Blue

ICYMI, pastel color palettes are currently trending, and with one look at this kitchen by 2LG Studio it's easy to see why. Here, baby blue cabinets balance the drama of black appliances and hardware, but the design team didn't stop there. Light wood countertops, backsplash, and herringbone flooring add a touch of warmth without taking anything away from the airy scene.


8. Mustard Yellow

Do something even more unexpected and pair black stainless appliances with a sunny shade of mustard yellow, or in the case of this unique setup by Pluck Kitchens, blush and yellow. We love how the large-scale terrazzo cleverly picks up all of the different colors, tying the whole look together.


9. Periwinkle Blue

Mix blue with purple and what do you get? Periwinkle blue, also known as the dreamy color that Blank Canvas Architects chose for these kitchen cabinets. As if that weren't enough, the design team kicked things up a notch with gray marble countertops and a matching backsplash. Black appliances, fixtures, and decor give the overall setup a hint of edginess and a dash of contrast.


10. Greige

Here's the thing: If you love the look of black stainless steel, but don't want to commit to it for all of your appliances, that's totally fine. For instance, in this stunning kitchen by Amber Lewis, creamy greige cabinets flank a swanky black and brass range. The neutral color palette, and the fact that the refrigerator and dishwasher are both concealed behind cabinet fronts, allows the stove to be the star of the show.

11. Walnut

Most designers agree that black stainless steel appliances look stunning with wood cabinetry. Whether it's dark oak or something mid-range like walnut, pairing natural wood with a dark metal finish just works. And the look isn't limited to modern spaces like the one seen here, outfitted in matte black Bosch appliances from Kustom Kitchens. You can do the same in more traditional settings, too.

12. Light Oak

As we said, wood cabinets and black appliances are a match made in design heaven, and this petite kitchen by Casa Mami is undeniable proof. Here, light oak cabinets and shelving set the stage for the Scandi-chic design, while a black Smeg refrigerator and tile backsplash flaunting black grout amp up the drama. A handful of neutral accessories and decor adds interest and dimension without making the small space feel cluttered and busy.


13. Teal and Purple

A cool purple hue is an excellent partner for the dark and moody shade of black stainless steel. There's no need to commit to it for the entire room, though. Introduce the shade with tile or paint, as demonstrated in this design by Kitchen Stori. But don't stop there, the dramatic hue looks gorgeous with teal, gray, or even white cabinets, too.

14. Gold

It doesn't get any better than pairing a stand-out black stove with equally stunning gold cabinetry. Leave it to the creative team over at Arent & Pyke to dream up the swanky color combination in this contemporary kitchen. The lustrous finish — supported by mint green and cream cabinets — beautifully complements the range's brass details as well as the pot filler above. And as if that weren't enough, the marble slab backsplash and matching countertops are the icing on the cake.

15. White

If you love the look of black and white kitchens, then it doesn't get any better (or easier) than pairing black appliances with white cabinets. This light and airy setup keeps the focus on the stove, leaving everything else — but the window trim and cabinet hardware — white. The gray and white marble countertops and backsplash act as the perfect transition.

Colors That Go Beautifully With Black Stainless Steel Appliances

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

To recap, it feels as though there are endless cabinet colors that go with black stainless steel appliances. And, according to the experts we reached out to, opting for this finish for your appliances — whether it's one piece or a matching set — can instantly transform a kitchen. The number one rule is to choose a color scheme that connects with your own personal style.

Remember, black stainless steel is dark, so if you want to avoid your kitchen feeling too moody, try a high-contrast approach and use lighter colors for your cabinets like light grays, yellows, pinks, or whites. If you go with white, introduce a darker color like black or navy for the lower cabinets or even the base of a kitchen island — this will help your space from feeling stark or looking flat. If you want to create a tonal feel in your culinary space, go with charcoal gray or even all black for your cabinets. Play with contrasting colors for your backsplash and countertops.

Also, keep in mind that if you want all of your black stainless appliances to match, you should probably purchase them all from the same brand. On the other hand, adding one black stainless appliance, like with a range or wall oven, and mixing this with traditional stainless is also an interesting decor approach to consider.

  • Black
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Navy Blue
  • Cornflower Blue
  • Olive Green
  • Turquoise
  • Light Blue
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Periwinkle Blue
  • Greige
  • Walnut
  • Light Oak
  • Teal
  • Purple
  • Gold
  • White



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