12 Colors That Complement Periwinkle Blue

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When it comes to color palettes, it doesn't get any fresher than blue. From navy to light blue there are a plethora of options to choose from. On the brighter end of the spectrum is periwinkle, a shade known for having a lilac tint. Even though it was named Pantone Color of the Year for 2022, it is often overlooked. But don't call it purple. It leans more blue than anything else and has a calming presence that's sure to make any space feel a lot more tranquil.


While periwinkle might seem like a tricky color to design with, it can actually be surprisingly simple with the help of paint, home decor, kitchen appliances, furniture, wallpaper, and even lighting. "Designing with periwinkle blue can be fun and very charming," says Jamie Bellessa, founder of 89 Oak Design. "I love that it can serve both a timeless look, like in a sweet, floral wallpaper, or a make a major modern impact by painting an entire room including walls, trim, and ceiling." Bellessa adds that if you want to incorporate the color in a big way it helps to use layers of periwinkle in varying textures, and repeat them throughout your space — the end result is a stunning tonal or monochromatic look.


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If it sounds like periwinkle blue is exactly the color you've been searching for, then scroll on for 12 inspiring color ideas.

12 Periwinkle Color Combinations

1. Periwinkle Blue and Greige

You may not believe that periwinkle pretty much goes with every color and finish out there, but it really does. For a calming scheme, opt for a neutral such as greige. We love the color combination in this cozy nook spotted on Benjamin Moore showcasing the lavender-blue shade on the walls and the base of the built-in bench. The cool greige cushions and area rug temper the bold hue.


2. Periwinkle Blue and Brown

If you're looking for a bit more contrast, look no further than brown. In this living room by Koi Colour Studio, the cognac leather sofa and the brown finish of the wood furniture are dark enough that they really pop against the blue-purple walls and ceiling. The multi-colored rug and the varying colors of the books create a kaleidoscopic effect that would put anyone in a good mood.


3. Periwinkle Blue and Blue

You just can't go wrong with a tone-on-tone color idea as proven by this vibrant corner by 2LG Studio. The periwinkle walls are echoed by slightly different blue hues in the form of a tufted sofa and a matching ottoman. The area rug is yet another shade of blue, adding to the tonal color scheme. The white millwork, crown molding, and ceiling keep the space from feeling too dark and heavy.



4. Periwinkle Blue and Gray

Earlier we noted that one way to temper the vibrancy of periwinkle is to pair it with a neutral hue — we're partial to gray. In this dining room spotted on Shades of Light, the weathered gray dining table grounds the space and balances the bold color of the wainscoting. A pair of woven pendant lights and wood accents invite an earthy element as well as additional texture.


5. Periwinkle Blue and Sage Green

Both cool colors, periwinkle blue will ​always​ mesh well with green — and from the looks of this spring-inspired bedroom display, Caitlin Wilson also got the memo. Sage green accents such as the throw pillow and the framed artwork play oh-so-nicely with the striking wall color.


6. Periwinkle Blue and Cream

Periwinkle blue and cream is another winning color combo. And bonus: The pairing works especially well in kids' rooms, as evidenced by this youthful homework station from Morgan Farrow Interiors. The cream curtains make the perfect backdrop for the periwinkle desk, while the pops of pink on the bed suggest that this room wasn't designed to be all work and no play.



7. Periwinkle Blue and Mustard Yellow

To represent some warmth in your otherwise periwinkle space, consider a complementary color such as mustard yellow. You don't need to go over the top with it. All you need is a sunny throw and an accent pillow, punctuated by a periwinkle blue wall, of course.


8. Periwinkle Blue and White

This kitchen makeover by Caitlin Wilson Design goes to show that periwinkle blue will always look lovely alongside white. But enough about that, get a load of the gorgeous range and matching hood. Swoon!


9. Periwinkle Blue and Mauve

Follow the lead of this living room design spotted on Dulux and pair periwinkle with another often-overlooked color known as mauve. Like periwinkle, this hue also has a purple undertone, making the pair an ideal match. Here, the color-blocked walls act as a focal point but the muted shades of light periwinkle and mauve keep the space feeling light and airy instead of overwhelming.


10. Periwinkle Blue and Black

Is there anything that black ​doesn't​ go with? The answer is no. The team over at Blank Canvas Architects showcased the blueish-purple shade in this modern kitchen and punctuated the space with just enough black to add dreamy contrast. The result is a one-of-a-kind cook space that promises to leave houseguests drooling.

11. Periwinkle Blue and Lavender

Cool hues live on the same side of the color wheel, so naturally, they look stunning together. We absolutely love the lavender and periwinkle palette in this kid's room by 22 Interiors. The serene yet whimsy design is light and airy thanks to crisp white accents and loads of natural light. The occasional hint of blush pink is the perfect finishing touch.

12. Periwinkle Blue and Pink

Pastel color combinations have been trending lately, and with one look at this bedroom makeover by Stacks & Flats, it's easy to see why. Periwinkle blue looks delightful when paired with soft pink, but if the rosy shade isn't quite your cup of tea, mint green or cool yellow will work just as well.


Colors That Go With Periwinkle

To recap, periwinkle blue can basically go with any color under the sun. It all depends on how you want the room to feel. Bright and preppy? Go for pink, green, or white. A little more modern? Mustard yellow or black will fit the bill. If you want to temper the color's vibrant tone, opt for a timeless neutral like gray or cream.

Here are 12 of the best colors to pair with periwinkle:

  • Greige
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Sage Green
  • Cream
  • Mustard Yellow
  • White
  • Mauve
  • Black
  • Lavender
  • Pink



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