11 Stunning Colors That Go With Gold and Black

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If you want to make a dramatic interior design statement, the color combination of black and gold will get the job done. Gold is a metal-inspired shade that evokes wealth and luxury, and it can be found in the most regal settings, including palaces, pyramids, and places of worship. Gold can work as both a neutral and an accent, in almost any palette. However, when paired with black, the darkest color (technically not a color, since it's exempt from the color wheel), powerful magic can happen in a space.


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"Gold mixed with black adds glamour," says Mary Patton of Mary Patton Design. However, combining the two attention-grabbers takes tact. "It's actually a tricky color combo because if not done correctly it can look cheap," she continues. "Black is a dramatic color to work with, so you need to use gold in a subtle way."


You can find black and gold motifs in almost every room — the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living room included. "Black cabinets with simple gold hardware look great," Patton points out. Gold can be used for picture frames and plumbing hardware, too, adding an elegant touch.

When incorporating other colors into the black and gold palette, Patton advises doing so with caution. "If you are going to add another color mixed with black and gold, use something with a soft and subtle touch," she says. "Colors such as blush, a light warm green, and cream are always good options."


One great way to add some color into a black and gold space is through accents. "Think about the colors in the tiles or backsplash that would pair nicely with black and gold," says Patton. Color can also be added in the form of flooring, paint, artwork, or furniture.

Find more inspiration for this luxe color combination ahead.


11 Color Combinations for Gold and Black

1. Black, Gold, and White

Black and gold are commonly paired with white. After all, black and white are two of the best colors (or non-colors!) in design. The trio works well together in many spaces, especially in kitchens and bathrooms with white countertops (like this powder room by Mary Patton). "White is the ultimate neutral color," says Patton. "Not only does it promote feelings of serenity, but it blends with multiple colors and shades." Black, gold, and white look minimal and effortlessly luxurious.


2. Black, Gold, and Cream

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate
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Similar to white, cream also conveys a feeling of comfort and spaciousness. "Because this color is so neutral, it can make vivid colors really pop," says Patton. Gold-colored accents, especially matte gold, look amazing with black and cream.


3. Black, Gold, and Pink

To give glamorous black and gold a feminine feel, add a shade of pink.The effect can be bold, as seen in this bar designed by Leanne Ford, where rose-print wallpaper and gold accents pop against black paint and curtains. You could also go for a softer effect by adding blush, suggests Patton. With any shade of pink, consider rose gold as an alternative to yellow gold.


4. Black, Gold, and Deep Green

Deep shades are also a great companion for black and gold. Anna Franklin, interior designer and founder of Stone House Collective, suggests "dark, moody hues" like emerald or forest green. "In this case, we used a beautiful dark green with gold and black accents to pull the look together," she says of the dining room shown above. The lustrous gold finish of the light fixtures contrasts with the nearly-black green of the wall, making the combination visually appealing. "The black chairs around the dining table add to the moody aesthetic, further adding visual interest in a subtle way."


5. Black, Gold, and Teal

Teal, another rich jewel tone, is great for complementing a black and gold look. "This tone represents balance and rejuvenation," says Patton. She recommends this color combination for a bathroom, where it would create "a restorative and spa-like feel." You can also use teal for an accent wall anywhere in the home, taking inspiration from this dining room by Nicole Watts Studio.

6. Black, Gold, and Sage

Sage, a cool and calming shade of green, offers a more subtle feel when added to black and gold than deeper alternatives like teal, explains Patton. In this kitchen by Heidi Caillier Design, the color feels elegant and soothing, creating beautiful contrast with the black stone countertops and gold fixtures. Olive green, slightly darker than sage, also looks amazing with black and gold.

7. Black, Gold, and Gray

Gray can often be considered a serious shade, but it's extremely versatile in design. This makes it a great addition to a black and gold color scheme, as you can see from this vanity space designed by Patton. "Grays can come in cool and warm tones, which lends itself to color matching without clashing," says the designer.

8. Black, Gold, and Tan

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate
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"Tan is similar to cream, as it's a very neutral color," says Patton. However, when added to black and gold, it makes a distinct statement, ranging from traditional to organic, depending on the way you use it. For a neutral color palette that feels warm and inviting, layer black, white, and gold with varying shades of tan, cream, and beige.

9. Black, Gold, and Animal Print

While not a color, animal prints, including leopard, are commonly paired with black and gold for extra drama. Many interior designers actually consider animal prints neutral. "Leopard is a pattern that, even for people who do not like patterns, can add pop to a room," says Skye Wescott, SVP merchandising and design at Ballard Designs. Just one leopard-print pillow can make a big impact, as you can see in this living room by A Glass of Bovino.

10. Black, Gold, and Dark Blue

Dark blue shades like navy, slate, and royal blue are cool colors that offer an eye-catching appeal when paired with black and gold. In a kitchen, blue painted cabinets paired with gold accents and fixtures and black chairs is a modern but timeless look. For a brighter, more minimalist take, paint the cabinets white and the kitchen island blue, as demonstrated in this space designed by Patton.

11. Black, Gold, and Natural Wood

Wood tones can also look great with black and gold if done right. In this vintage-inspired bedroom, Patton tastefully placed a bright upholstered headboard against a black wall, adding a gorgeous vintage wood dresser and gold accents. The unlikely combination results in a unique but timeless look.

Colors That Go With Gold and Black

Black and gold is a great color combination that feels modern but timeless. It can add effortless luxury to any space in the house, whether you choose a dramatic palette with a shade like dark green or a softer look with blush or white. Paint a whole wall black or take a subtler approach with black furniture or countertops. Add gold fixtures, and layer in a third color through paint, textiles, and more.

Here is a recap of colors that go with black and gold:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Blush
  • Deep green
  • Teal
  • Sage
  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Animal print
  • Dark blue
  • Natural wood