10 Colors That Go With Rose Gold

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Rose gold is a relatively new metal finish that can be traced back to the 19th century when it was created by a Russian jeweler who blended yellow gold with copper to achieve the pleasing blush-tinged hue. Since then it has fallen in and out of vogue, but has seen a steady resurgence since 2015 when it appeared as an iPhone color option, and now people are embracing it in many applications ranging from jewelry to interior design.


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Rose gold is a warm, feminine shade that evokes feelings of calm and refinement. If you love the rosy hue, it's easier than ever to incorporate it into your color scheme with the help of paint, appliances, tile, furniture, wallpaper, lighting, and accessories. It has the benefit of imparting a subtle glamorous feeling and a pop of sheen without being garish or over-the-top.


We love it as an unexpected alternative to mainstay metallics like chrome, nickel, and gold. And while it's most notable as a type of metal, rose gold is actually also a coveted color made by combining gold, silver, and red, resulting in a soft rose-colored shade of pink. "The key to rose gold is to make sure it does not go trendy. I stay away from it in hardware for that reason, but do love it in the right paint color. The nice part about a deep rose gold color paint is it doesn't lean too feminine. Looking for a grown-up rose paint color? Try Farrow & Ball Setting Plaster," says Jessica Kain Barton, principal of J. Kathryn Interiors.


As the name implies, rose gold contains hints of gold, but the blush undertones distinguish it from the yellow notes of traditional gold. And although it has a resemblance to copper, it's void of a strong orange bent. There's no denying that rose gold imbues a feminine quality, particularly when paired with softer neutral colors such as white, cream, gray, or tan, but it can easily stand up to bolder hues such as black, navy, and green. "Rose is very close to being a neutral so using it to paint a room is not as startling as some other colors. Pair a deep rose paint color with cognac leather seating for the perfect balance of masculine and feminine," says Larisa Barton, owner, Soeur Interiors.


Read on to discover 10 of our favorite rose gold color combinations.

10 Rose Gold Color Combinations

1. Rose Gold and Navy Blue

It doesn't take much rose gold to infuse a hint of glam into your color palette — it can even elevate everyday appliances. For example, this traditional kitchen spotted on Harvey Jones gets a refined makeover with a stove that has rose gold knobs and handles. Navy blue cabinets, while not as dramatic or edgy as black, add contrast that emphasizes the gleaming hardware.


2. Rose Gold and Gray

Revamp a humdrum bedroom by adding some rose gold wallpaper. 2LG Studio did just that in this light-filled setup, and we wholeheartedly approve. The rosy wallcovering adds a welcome dose of sparkle that would make anyone feel special. The charcoal gray bedding allows the lustrous pattern to stand out.


3. Rose Gold and Pink

Play up rose gold's pink undertones by pairing it with a similar wall color for a tonal look. A light blush shade, like the one used in this living room by 2LG Studio, is surprisingly versatile. Not to mention, it functions as a sophisticated neutral that accentuates the rose gold pendant light. A black sofa and fireplace surround add visual weight that helps ground the airy look.


4. Rose Gold and White

Introduce sheen (and welcome originality) to an all-white bathroom with the addition of rose gold fixtures — they offer a low-commitment way to test out the pink-tinged finish. That's exactly Decus Interiors did in this light-filled space with the help of a rose gold wall-mounted faucet and vanity mirror. The two pieces prove that even a dash of glinty metal can have a big impact.


5. Rose Gold and Black

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Invite drama and elegance into your abode with a rose gold with black color combo, as seen in this moody sitting area. The inky walls allow the beautiful rose gold side table to be the star of the show without overwhelming the minimal space.

6. Rose Gold and Wood

Eschew rose gold metal in favor of glossy Moroccan tile and then pair it with wood to underscore the shade's warmth. Design 4 Corners anchored this bohemian bathroom with floor-to-ceiling rose gold, hand-made zellige tile for a look that's full of character and depth. The wood dresser-turned-vanity offers a one-of-a-kind, personal touch.

7. Rose Gold and Stainless Steel

Layering rose gold with other metallic finishes results in a look that's sophisticated and eclectic. In this kitchen by Artichoke, an expansive copper oven functions as an elegant focal point while a stainless steel and rose gold range hood melds warm and cool tones. The matching cookware and utensils and stainless pot filler tie the whole look together.

8. Rose Gold and Mint Green

You've probably noticed that pastels are popular colors these days, and with one look at this kitchen from Rebel Designs it's easy to see why. The cool undertones of the mint green cabinets are a refreshing counterpart to the warmth of the rose gold tile, not to mention the two just look good together. That's probably due to the fact that they live opposite one another on the color wheel.

9. Rose Gold and Cream

Wallpaper isn't the only surefire way to introduce pattern, color, and interest to any space. Follow the lead of this cozy bedroom spotted on Urban Outfitters and opt for a rose gold tapestry instead. The cream-colored wall paint and accessories add extra warmth without taking anything away from the starry-skied work of art. Complete the idyllic scene with blush and peach accents like pillows and a throw.

10. Rose Gold and Teal

Complementary colors are a no-fail match when it comes to selecting a palette, so why not consider color-blocking with dark teal and maybe a little burnt orange? As proven by this swanky setup, rose gold's pink undertones work beautifully with the greenish-blue jewel-tone making it a stunning backdrop for this luxe mirror from AYTM.

Colors That Go With Rose Gold

Rose gold is a pink-tinged metal that's embraced as an alternative to more predictable finishes like nickel, brass, and chrome. The warm shade can be incorporated into your design scheme in a number of ways, through tile, paint, wallpaper, or accessories. Although rose gold evokes a decidedly feminine vibe, it actually goes well with both soft neutrals (like white, beige, and pink) and bold colors (such as black, navy blue, and brown) that will lend it a bit of edge. Intrigued? Here are some of our favorite colors to use in conjunction with rose gold.

  • Navy blue
  • Gray
  • Pink
  • White
  • Black
  • Wood or brown
  • Stainless steel
  • Mint Green
  • Cream
  • Teal