These Two-Tone Kitchen Color Ideas Will Have You Reaching for Multiple Paintbrushes

two tone kitchen color idea with coral and gray kitchen
credit: CaSa

It's highly likely that you've noticed we've been going on and on about two-tone kitchen cabinetry in the last few months or so, being that it's a hot trend in the culinary world right now. So we thought, why not take it one step further and look beyond just cabinets? Genius, right? If you're after a bold statement, this is definitely the look for you. And if by some small chance you need more convincing, here are two-tone kitchen ideas that will have you reaching for, well, two paintbrushes.

1. Work with white.

White paint needn't be boring, and this kitchen design by Cartelle Design is here to prove it. The white walls, upper cabinets, open shelving, and countertops are the perfect juxtaposition to the sage floor cabinets and patterned tile. The finished look is clean, airy, and wonderfully graphic.

2. Think about texture.

two tone kitchen color idea with pink and grey kitchen with Venetian plaster
credit: Wu Haus

If you're after a softer two-tone kitchen color idea, think about adding texture to your look via the walls or by opting out of a backsplash. The ballet shoe pink Venetian plaster walls in this cook space by Wu Haus are the perfect match to the muted greige cabinets, proving that two-tone needn't be harsh.

3. Mix and match cabinetry.

two tone kitchen color idea with orange and blue midcentury kitchen
credit: Woodbeast

You've probably seen the revival of two-tone cabinetry where the wall and floor sets are typically complementary hues, but we love the random approach seen in this design by Woodbeast. Pops of orange and blue occur on random cabinets and the island and create a fun and funky midcentury feel.

4. Be bold.

This family home is ticking all of the style boxes with its powder pink walls and emerald green cabinetry. Choose bold colors in your own two-tone kitchen design for the ultimate statement.

Get the look: Dulux Powder Pink

5. Block colors.

two tone kitchen color idea with white kitchen with yellow floor and green cabinets
credit: Carpetright

We've fallen head over heels for this refreshing yellow and teal kitchen — just look at that light. It's fun and playful, and with all of the focus on the bottom of the room, looks even bigger and brighter than it would with something plain.

6. Accessorize your countertops.

two tone kitchen color idea with coral and gray kitchen
credit: CaSa

The open plan kitchen in this family home designed by Barcelona-based architects CaSa is a fresh take on Scandinavian style. Warm gray cabinets have been matched with a bright burst of coral and the hues have even been brought out in the terrazzo countertop and backsplash. Cue oohs and ahhs all around.

7. Tie in the flooring.

two tone kitchen color idea with pink and blue kitchen with brass details
credit: 2LG Studio

Go the whole way with your two-tone kitchen color idea and get your hands on a floor tile that combines both shades. 2LG Studio clearly got the memo with this pink and blue kitchen, which features a geometric pattern floor that ties the walls, baseboards, and cabinets together seamlessly.

8. Break it up.

two tone kitchen color idea with peach and olive kitchen
credit: Old Brand New

Okay, okay, so clearly we can't get enough of a pink and green color palette. But we realize this two-tone kitchen idea might be a little too much for some of you out there. Pro tip: Break up the color with a white backsplash like the one seen in this kitchenette by Dabito from Old Brand New. The separation will still allow you to get the look but on a less intense scale.

Emma Jane Palin

Emma Jane Palin

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