These 6 Bathroom Pedestal Sinks Really Deserve to Be Put Up On a Pedestal

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There are some things that can instantly bring a refined look and feel to a bathroom — an antique clawfoot tub; a marble countertop; beauty essentials stored in pretty glass canisters. And then there's the bathroom pedestal sink, a style that first became popular in the early 20th century. Typically rendered in ceramic or vitreous china, this sink stands on its very own pedestal rather than resting within the countertop or mounted to the wall. Since it doesn't allow for storage or counter space, a pedestal sink is an easy choice for a powder room.


And because it's a single piece, a pedestal sink is fairly uncomplicated when installing, and it's not difficult to keep clean — simply wipe it down and you're done. As mentioned, the only shortcoming is that it lacks storage, which may require you to get creative with baskets, shelving, and other alternative solutions. The edge of the sink usually provides just enough room for a bottle of hand soap and perhaps a decorative object or two.

The best thing about a pedestal sink is that it's trend-proof. It's already been around for over a century, and it shows no signs of falling out of favor. It can blend in with nearly every decor style out there, and years from now, we're guessing you're still going to love it. Get inspired by these six bathroom pedestal sink ideas, and then check out our top picks for places to snag one of these classic beauties for your own space.

1. Rustic Elegance

If you want to include a few accents in your bathroom, such as your fave storied treasures, a pedestal sink is a good choice. This space belonging to Reichel Broussard of Copy Cat Chic shines with rustic flair. Without bulky cabinetry eating up valuable square footage, she's able to showcase decorative pieces bursting with character such as a woven basket, patterned area rug, and vintage wooden chair.

2. Streamlined Simplicity

You may not want a lot of pomp or circumstance in your bathroom. In that case, a pedestal sink is as unfussy as they come and won't overwhelm other visuals. In this blue oasis designed by the team at Harding and Read, an unadorned white sink sits quietly amid a sea of aqua tile.


3. Geometric Beauty

Even though a bathroom pedestal sink design is generally straightforward, you can liven it up by choosing a geometric or angled silhouette. It makes for a much more modern look, proven in a half bath belonging to Jess Ann Kirby. The rich dark-blue walls and black-and-white floor tile complete the dramatic look.

4. Vintage Splendor

We're here to tell you that stylewise you really can't go wrong with a bathroom pedestal sink. In fact, we guarantee that it will still look classy and ageless for years to come, as proven by this blush space belonging to Emily from The Sweet Beast. The sink, tile, and hardware are all original to the house and still look incredible. Throw in a few modern touches and voilá: you have a timeless sanctuary rich in vintage charm.

5. Timeless Classic

One way to add some panache to a bathroom pedestal sink is with your faucet choice. Juxtaposed with white ceramic, a glimmering brass faucet is a real scene-stealer and looks particularly eye-catching when paired with other metallic accents. We love all the gilded touches in this bathroom belonging to Robert and Christina of New Darlings.


6. Marble Marvel

Although bathroom pedestal sinks are usually made with ceramic or vitreous china, that's not always the case. Nowadays, you can pick a sink with personality, one that showcases a stunning and unexpected material like marble — as seen in this bath designed by NICOLEHOLLIS. Or, you can pick a retro color like green or pink to punch up your space.

Where to Shop for Pedestal Bathroom Sinks:

Whether you're searching for a contemporary pedestal sink or for one that looks as if it was plucked from another era, we have your shopping plan covered.


The pedestal sinks at AllModern carry a look that's decidedly 21st century, with sweeping curves, surprising shapes, and attention-grabbing materials.


For tons of choices that you may also be able to view in person, look no further than the big-box brand Lowe's. Contractors trust its collection of pedestal sinks and they're also available in lots of styles and shapes.

The Period Bath Supply Company

This is a go-to destination for pedestal sinks that could be from another time. Any one of its nostalgic and antique-inspired offerings would fit beautifully in a vintage bath.


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