These Pink Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Are Sweet as Punch

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You can turn your bathroom into a subtle pink paradise without making things feel frilly. In fact, there are a lot of ways to bring the fun color into your interior design. And we say, start with a pink bathroom backsplash.


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Whether you go with a pastel iteration, coral, rose gold, or salmon, this hue automatically adds a bit of life anywhere, especially when it's paired with high-quality materials like marble or natural stone. Ready to get all of the pink bathroom backsplash inspo? Let's get started.

1. Match the cabinetry to the backsplash.

There's no such thing as too much of one color, and that definitely applies to a pink bathroom. This washroom from Heidi Caillier features a dusty pink wall behind the sink and mirror area. And the petite cabinet is covered in the same luxe hue. A neutral shower wall showcasing porcelain tile seals the deal.


2. Go for muted pink tile.

This bathroom has a vertically aligned subway wall tile design that's quite stunning. The pink backsplash starts at the floor, ends above the sink, but is muted enough to not overpower the small space. If you go this route, incorporate brass accents to add a little glam.


3. Opt for a mixed mosaic tile.

There are so many beautiful shades of pink tile to choose from. And if you want to incorporate more than a few, go with a mosaic backsplash tile design. This bathroom wall tile showcases a handful of different pinks and extends into the shower for maximum impact. To balance the multitude of colors, though, we recommend going with a subtle bathroom floor.


4. Use oversize tile.

This bathroom from 2LG Studio is stunning. And for a DIY project that will wow all your guests, you can replicate the look. Installing large ceramic wall tiles is considerably easier than working with their smaller counterparts, so even a novice decorator could tackle this job. Simply settle on an oversize tile in a similar pastel hue and work in bold blue shelving for storage and contrast.


5. Pick tile with a glossy finish.

Want another way to change it up with your pink bathroom backsplash? Find tiles with a rich, glossy finish. In this space designed by Arent & Pyke, the blush pink tiles feel special but subdued. Plus, they tie in nicely with the brass faucet, allowing that to be the star of the show.


6. Find square tile.

Don't stick to simple white subway tile. Add a little texture to your backsplash like Dan Gayfer Design did in this cool bathroom. It features fresh square tile. And the result is an interesting take on traditional tile. Sleek white countertops ground the porcelain wall, and a floating wood vanity finishes the space.


7. Combine patterned wallpaper and pink tiles.

This bathroom designed by Airy Kitchens holds nothing back. The vintage pink bathroom tile meshes with the floral wallpaper to create a bold space that just works. Try keeping the other decor fairly minimal, and when done with care, this vibrant combo will feel energizing not overwhelming.


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