31 Coastal Bathroom Ideas That Bring the Beachside Vibe Inside

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Coastal Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration
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Whether you live close to a body of water or not, creating a coastal bathroom is easier than you might think. From the color palette to the lighting to the finishes and decor, there are multiple ways to incorporate seaside flair into your space. For starters, incorporate signature elements of the aesthetic — such as loads of natural light, organic materials, and cool and refreshing hues — to imbue your space with the laidback and relaxing vibe that coastal style is known for.


If you want to go subtle with your bathroom makeover, consider keeping the design simple with a blue and white palette or capiz shell lighting. However, you can also go all out with nautical-inspired decor and beachy motifs. "To me, one of the biggest places you can make a statement is actually your bathroom and I think that becomes an afterthought sometimes," says designer Nicole Hurd of Hurd Homes. To capture the essence of the beach, Hurd recommends using colors and textures that remind you of the ocean. "Coastal [style] doesn't mean you need to have an anchor or a seashell light fixture or towels that have boats all over them," she says. "I would define it as using textures and materials and selections that remind you of the coast [but] don't necessarily have to be found on a coast."

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Without further ado, here are some inspiring design ideas guaranteed to help you transform your bathroom into a serene oasis.

31 Coastal Bathroom Decorating Ideas That Shine

1. Go bold with graphic floor tile.

Try mixing up your all-white bathroom with some bold blue floor tiles. This cool coastal bathroom from Emily Henderson combines spot-on simplicity with tons of natural light. And a splash of ocean blue from the geometric tile makes it next-level lovely.


2. Incorporate a whimsical lobster motif.

Nautical themes work well, and wallpaper is a great way to bring an unexpected pop to your coastal bathroom. So why not play with some ocean-themed wallpaper like Chango & Co. did in this space? We love the simplicity of the otherwise all-white room, and you can't beat a double sink.


3. Add visual interest with fish scale tile.

Add coastal motifs in subtle ways to your bathroom design using fish scale-shaped tiles. They'll look great on a backsplash or around the tub as proven in this design by Brave New Co. Select a color, such as the blue-green hue spotted here, that will complement your beach-inspired theme.



4. Paint the bathroom vanity light blue.

If you want a coastal bathroom design that's subtle, select a paint color that will do the work for you. A light blue shade like the one that Studio McGee used in this sanctuary will keep things feeling fresh and interesting. The rustic wood mirror frame creates a beautiful contrast against the luxe marble countertop and backsplash.


5. Mix and match patterns.

Turkish towels and natural rugs add boho flair to this chic coastal bathroom belonging to Jen of Hello Hoku and featured on Style Me Pretty. The light blue and white patterns, while different, play nicely with one another. The light wood storage bench and brass fixtures offer the perfect dose of warmth.


6. Introduce classic nautical stripes.

Bring the coastal look into the bathroom with the help of navy blue and white stripes. The classic nautical motif makes a bold statement in this kids' washroom by the team over at Michael Pagnotta Architecture + Construction. Complete the scene with industrial elements such as a double trough sink and stainless steel-framed mirrors and beach-inspired artwork.



7. Clad the walls with shiplap paneling.

Take note of this simple but super stylish coastal bathroom idea from Rita Chan. The white shiplap-clad walls provide a minimal backdrop that adds a subtle farmhouse vibe, especially when paired with gooseneck faucets and a trough-style sink. However, beach-chic details — such as the pop of light blue, round mirror with nautical rope detail, dock-style sconces, and woven storage baskets — keep the look balanced.


8. Invite a few fish to the party.

With the right wallpaper, you can quickly and easily infuse coastal charm into your bathroom. Not to mention, small spaces are the ideal place to try out a funky pattern. Enter the pufferfish motif spotted in this setup. The playful wallpaper design is limited to the upper half of the walls, which keeps the pattern from feeling too busy or overwhelming. The charcoal gray and white combo fits into the mostly white scheme perfectly. A wooden vanity adds a dash of warmth.


9. Keep it simple with a minimal design.

Coastal bathrooms don't always have to be filled with shades of blue, seashells, and fish motifs. The limewashed walls in this minimalist design are reminiscent of a sandy shore, and provide an ideal backdrop for the freestanding bathtub. A Turkish towel draped over a wooden bench invites a casual, organic vibe that's characteristic of any seaside escape.


10. Opt for a bright wall paint color.

Bright-colored walls can feel like a bit of a risk. However, smaller spaces such as the bathroom are a great place to experiment. The vibrant shade of turquoise used in this setup really pops against the crisp white backsplash, cabinet, sink, and toilet. Complete the scene with beach-inspired artwork and a large mirror with a wood frame.

11. Consider a neutral palette.

Neutral color palettes get a bad rap for being boring, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Take note of this spa-worthy sanctuary by Nicole Hurd of Hurd Homes, which features a calm-inducing neutral palette. The shower walls are clad with linear tiles that not only add warmth and texture but also happen to pair beautifully with the light wood accents and aged brass fixtures used throughout.

12. Cover the walls with blue tile.

Follow the lead of Amanda Barnes and clad the walls with blue tile. But not just any shade of the cool refreshing hue — opt for a light seafoam color that will remind you of the ocean. Look for an option with a pearlescent finish, reminiscent of seashells' natural beauty. Add contrast with black accents such as the wall sconce, mirror, and floor tile.


13. Use a ladder to hang luxurious towels.

Instead of using a traditional towel bar or rack, this beach-inspired bathroom by K+Co. Living makes good use of a trendy wooden ladder to hang linens. Not only is it a great way to showcase your new Turkish towel collection, but it will also add warmth and an organic note to your space.

14. Incorporate Mediterranean details.

Interior designer Kristen Elizabeth brought some serious Mediterranean inspiration to this oasis. The bathroom design features plenty of texture and visual interest in the form of weathered wood, a mosaic tile backsplash, and star and cross-patterned Moroccan floor tiles. Eclectic pieces of bathroom decor such as a trio of hanging lanterns and ceramic vases are the picture-perfect finishing touches.

15. Throw in some rope detailing.

Sometimes all you need is one standout piece of decor to transform your space. In the case of this powder room by Ocean Blu Designs, it was an octagonal rope mirror. The simple addition was more than enough to give the space nautical flair, but the light blue wallpaper, beadboard wainscoting, and beach-inspired artwork didn't hurt.

16. Welcome rattan accents.

The arched rattan mirrors, light blue backsplash tile, and propagated monstera leaves imbue this bathroom by Abi Interiors with some serious tropical vacay vibes. The light and airy design feels both luxurious and relaxing, thanks to a thoughtful combination of details, natural materials, and refreshing colors.

17. Infuse a little sparkle with brass fixtures.

Even though coastal style is known for its laidback sensibilities, that doesn't mean you can't throw a hint of luxury into the mix. For example, this bathroom makeover by The Leslie Style has all the makings of a seaside escape including loads of natural light, woven window shades, a wood frame mirror, and even a palm tree — the marble tile and brass fixtures take it up a notch.

18. Warm up the space with a light wood vanity cabinet.

Blink and you might miss the pastel blue palm wallpaper pattern in this powder room by Olive + Oak Interiors. The subtle addition manages to lend the cozy space a beach-chic vibe without overwhelming it. Pair the cool-colored walls with a light wood vanity cabinet complete with caned door fronts and a marble top. Bonus points if you also have light wood flooring.

19. Experiment with a tropical wallpaper pattern.

For some added fun, designer Courtney B. Smith covered this tiny bathroom with a banana leaf pattern. The exotic wallpaper choice not only adds a big dose of color and visual interest to the space, but it also has the ability to transport you to a tropical oasis once you step inside. The white walls and matching mosaic tile flooring balance the vibrant shade of green.

20. Contrast with black fixtures.

If you don't want to dress up the walls, consider painting the vanity cabinet instead. This bathroom remodel by Sally of Nestorations features a muted shade of blue to convey coastal style in a subtle and stylish way. Black hardware and fixtures punctuate the space and lend a modern edge.

21. Have fun with a bird-shaped faucet.

The baby blue walls and the flooring reminiscent of a pebbled beach are great and all, but we're partial to the swan-shaped faucet in this bathroom by Jenna Sue of Jenna Sue Design. Not only does the lustrous brass fixture add a hint of warmth and a dash of sparkle, but it also makes quite the conversation piece.

22. Hang a woven pendant light.

Materials such as rattan are a no-brainer when it comes to coastal style thanks to their natural beauty and inherent laidback quality. For instance, in this bathroom by Anna Moore of Moore Creative Studio the bell-shaped rattan pendant light, woven planter, wood vanity, and tub tray inject a welcome dose of warmth and softness that balance the stark navy blue and white palette.

23. Take inspiration from a life-saver ring.

One look at the white and tan bathroom mirror spotted in this bathroom by Lauren McBride and you can't help but think about the lifesaver rings commonly seen on seafaring vessels. The coastal blue and white color palette ties the whole look together without being too on the nose, while the wallpaper pattern and board and batten wainscoting provide plenty of visual interest.

24. Use a piece of driftwood as a towel rack.

Whether you're lucky enough to live by a beach or you have access to a craft store, anyone can tackle this quick and easy DIY project. Bloggers Sonja and Jane of Sustain My Craft Habit managed to attach towel hooks to a large piece of driftwood to create a stunning storage solution.

25. Dress up the shower with seafoam green tile.

What better way to dress up a coastal bathroom shower than with seafoam green tile? The team over at Three Birds Renovations shows us how it's done in this light-filled setup, opting to install the tile diagonally, resulting in a diamond pattern. The rest of the bathroom walls are kept crisp white, allowing the shower to take center stage. Complete the look with shimmering brass fixtures and capiz shell accents.

Oftentimes, artwork is overlooked in the bathroom. But in a smaller space, wall decor can be a valuable tool to help you pull off a particular aesthetic. In this setup by Emily Henderson, a gallery wall made up of a few sea-inspired images direct the eye to the freestanding tub below. The collection also just so happens to complement the light blue backsplash and floor tile — win-win!

27. Stick to a classic blue and white scheme.

If you're stuck on how to pull off a coastal bathroom, keep it simple and stick to a blue and white color scheme. It is an easy design choice that will convey a beachy look and feel without being too obvious. This elegant refuge by Mackenzie Horan balanced an all-white vanity cabinet with a blue wallpaper pattern. Additional pieces of home decor — such as wall sconces with navy trim, monogrammed hand towels, and framed artwork — offer a little extra personality and flair.

28. Embrace a vibrant color palette.

While we love a blue and white coastal bathroom, that's not your only option. Follow the lead of Courtney B. Smith and go with a more vibrant approach. Here, Smith took the space to the next level with the help of a bright green, vintage trellis wallpaper pattern, tropical floral shower curtain, and fun papier-mâché animal busts. White wainscoting, floor tile, and marble countertop help tame the wild scene.

29. Mix in bohemian flair.

One of the best things about coastal style is that it pairs well with a variety of different aesthetics. We love this beachy design chock-full of boho elements such as lush greenery and layered rugs. Weathered finishes and vintage pieces give the space character and tie the whole dreamy look together seamlessly.

30. Carve out space for a whirlpool tub.

Coastal style is all about relaxation and taking it easy. Bring that ethos into your bathroom with the help of a whirlpool tub to soak away the stress of the day. This spa-worthy sanctuary features a large bath in the corner near the window, making it easy to take in the view while basking in the warm bubbles. The gray wall color, light wood vanity cabinet, and votive candles make the setup even dreamier.

31. Take advantage of natural light.

Even if your bathroom doesn't have a tropical oasis just outside the window, like this beauty from Just In Place, make the most of what you've got. Consider splurging on another window or skylight if the budget allows — and, if not, keep windows unobstructed to allow in as much light as possible. Instead of a shower curtain, upgrade to a frameless glass shower door or screen to keep sight lines open. Mirrors and a light color palette will also help keep your space feeling light and airy.