The Best Towel Racks for Any Bathroom Design

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When it comes to bathroom upgrading, one of the most important design touches you can add is a towel rack. Not only is a functional towel rack infinitely better at drying towels, but it can also add a level of hotel-like sophistication that any bathroom would benefit from. Luckily, it's super easy to find towel racks that are as functional as they are beautiful. We've rounded up some of the best, from wall-mounted and freestanding to chrome and wood, that will make your design mind sing while still keeping your space organized and functional.


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1. MyGift Freestanding Towel Bar Rack, $44.99

This two-tier towel rack is perfect for any home looking for an industrial-style aesthetic. It's topped with a bamboo bar, which really makes a visual impact against the matte black bars. It would be perfect for holding large bath towels.

2. Edenscape L Shape 3-Tier Steel Construction Corner Towel Rack, $67.99

If you're looking to put that empty corner in your bathroom to use, consider this freestanding towel rack. It has three large, steel bars that would be perfect for bath towels or hand towels.

3. Madras Towel Bar, $58

This wide wall-mounted towel rack has a gorgeous antique brass coating. It also attaches to the wall with stunning, detailed medallions. At 21.5-inches wide, it's definitely large enough to hold your most plush bath towels.

4. Solid Manufacturing Co. Decorative Found Ladder, $96

Although they don't look like your typical towel racks, these sturdy ladders would be the perfect addition to your bathroom. They provide lots of space for even your largest towels, and you can choose from six different colors for the painted side. They are made of white ash wood and they are definitely built to last.


5. West Elm Deco Curve Metal Wall Shelf, $180

This wall-mounted rack comes in a variety of finishes, including chrome, antique brass, bronze, and nickel. You could roll up towels and set them on the shelves, or just use the bar at the bottom as your hand towel holder.

6. RoyalDandy Towel Holder, $65.77

This towel rack is basically a piece of modern art. It has two sleek black rails made of welded stainless steel and four hooks that secure it into the wall. It would be super eye-catching with black and white towels layered on top of each other.

7. Blomus Modern Black Towel Rack, $230

This towel rack may look minimalist, but it can truly hold a substantial amount of full-sized towels. It features two tiers of horizontal steel racks that are standing on a weighted base. Since it's painted black, it could go with varying decor styles.

8. Yamazaki 3-Tier Towel Rack, $60

This sleek white standing rack features three tiers of wooden rods that offer ample hanging space. Designed in Japan, it provides a lot of space to store towels, yet still manages to keep the entire rack within a minimal frame.


9. StragaFurniture Modern Rustic Handmade Organizer, $149

This handmade towel rack doubles as a modern furniture piece — it features dark hardwood and three-tiered shelves, as well as a large metal bar affixed underneath the shelf for towels.

10. BrightonJoinery Modern Rack, $67.15

This beautiful towel rack is hand made with stair-stepped light and dark wood. The slats fold out to accommodate towels and then fold back in to conserve space. It's a truly unique option for any home.


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