9 Bathroom Additions That Create Spa-Like Vibes

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While the bathroom is usually the smallest room in your house (if it's the biggest, then we'd like to see that!), it's one of the most important for your well-being. Instead of making your wash room a pit stop for hurried bathing, turn it into a space that rivals a luxury spa. Read on for easy upgrades that will transform your bathroom into a zen experience.


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This clever ceramic piece in a relaxing neutral hue works for small and large bathrooms alike — unstack for three countertop vessels, or stack up to save space.

Fall's around the corner, which means it's almost bath season. Make the most of your tub time by luxuriating with a glass of wine and a book you can rest on this zen caddy.

Of course, once you get out of the bath you should have a robe that feels like it was just plucked from a five-star spa. Allswell's waffle robes are so soft and luxe, you'll be surprised they don't cost $1,000.

Give your toothbrushes a proper home in this ceramic container which totally reminds us of a sunrise/sunset — the perfect imagery for starting/ending your day.


What is it about a waffle texture that instantly elevates a towel? Allswell's waffle bath towels are also 100% organic and stonewashed for an extra-soft feel.

It can be hard to find a bath mat that's cute and soothing, but this silver number manages to sneak in a subtle design moment into your wash room.

When creating a tranquil bathroom atmosphere, you can't go wrong with a soft, white shower curtain to define the space.

A dowdy trash bin can easily ruin the vibe of a spa-inspired bathroom. Instead, opt for a wastebasket that actually contributes to the theme of your wash room.


A perfect spa-like bathroom doesn't just look great, it evokes all the other senses. This gadget is an essential oil diffuser and sound machine in one, offering up a complete sensory experience.


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