6 Coastal Backsplash Ideas That Are Refreshingly Cool

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Coastal Backsplash Ideas and Inspiration

To make a kitchen or bathroom look relaxed and breezy, we have one big recommendation for you to consider: coastal style, and lots of it. Between the white walls, tropical houseplants, and a seashell here and there for good measure, your space will look and feel laid-back in no time.


But to take the beachy vibes up a notch, you may want to also consider a coastal backsplash. Many spotlight cool palettes showcasing blue and white hues, they provide light and airy visuals, and some of them even show off fan or fish scale shapes and motifs to drive home the seaside look.

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Intrigued? Scroll on for six coastal backsplash ideas that are making waves.

1. Go big and splashy.

To make that bar in your dining room gush with coastal charm, look no further than a blue-and-white floral tile pattern. The team at RailiCA wasn't afraid to take the statement-making, coastal style backsplash all the way up to the ceiling in this refreshing space.


2. Keep it classic with white subway tile.

We know that a white subway tile backsplash works in pretty much any kitchen (farmhouse, boho, midcentury just to name a few). But as it turns out, it also works beautifully as a coastal backsplash, too, as witnessed in this cook space designed by Julie Howard and featured on Sand & Sisal.


3. For a beachy twist, try pink.

You know those cute, beachy pink cottages that line the shore? Capture that same seaside look by installing a pink-and-white coastal backsplash, like the one that John and Sherry of Young House Love chose for this kitchen.



4. Be true to blue.

In a coastal kitchen, you can never go wrong with a deep-blue backsplash drawn from the colors of the sea. In the case of Kaity from Fare Isle's culinary space, we feel like we're looking right at the Pacific Ocean. And we love that the stove matches, too!


5. Capture the color of the sky.

For a lighter take on a blue coastal backsplash, opt for a powdery, pastel shade reminiscent of clear skies. It's just the understated pop this beach-chic bathroom needed, thanks to Emily Henderson.


6. Freshen things up with green tile.

Green is another hue that definitely represents coastal style, and here, it's looking clean and breezy in the form of a seafoam backsplash tile. The subtle addition makes the perfect bathtub surround in this serene sanctuary, belonging to Megan of Fresh Exchange.



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