It's Time to Kick Traditional to the Curb, and Go Boho With Your Kitchen Backsplash

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It's no secret that we love everything about bohemian decor in the kitchen (just take a look here, here and here) but, in case you were wondering, we're big fans of the little details, too. Enter the kitchen backsplash, a.k.a. one of the best places to add a punch of boho flair.


Common traits of a bohemian design scheme include both muted and jewel tones, plenty of pattern, lush foliage, lots of texture, cultural influences, and a dash of hippie personality. The look tends to be laid-back but also contains a whole lot of personality. Wanna know more? Here are eight boho kitchen backsplash ideas to get your heart racing.

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1. Keep it laid-back.

Bohemian decor should ideally be easy, breezy, and beautiful, so if you're not sure of the look you want to achieve, opt for something simple instead. White hexagonal tile make a great boho kitchen backsplash, as they allow room for pops of color via accessories and plants instead. Take note of Kristina Lynne's minimal backsplash complemented by open shelving and natural accessories.

2. Embrace intricate patterns.

Patterned tile is the perfect way to create a statement in your culinary space with very little fuss. Consider an option with vibrant color too, like the gorg option seen in this kitchen belonging to Magdalena from Red Poppy Vintage, that will direct all of the attention to the area surrounding the stove. Complete the look with rustic open shelving, verdant plants, and a few of your favorite pieces of decor.


3. Think about texture.

Image Credit: GIA Renovations

Boho style is ALL about texture, so consider how you can bring some in with your kitchen backsplash. There's a real organic feeling in this space designed by GIA Renovations thanks to the irregular nature of the turquoise subway tile paired with the natural wood cabinetry, and quite frankly, we're for it.



4. Get inspired by travel.

Embrace your wanderlust and bring your travels into your home. That doesn't have to mean a maximalist overload of pattern and color. Use as much or as little of your influences as you wish to. This kitchen by Studio Matsalla is the perfect demonstration of adding just a hint of something different with tile to create a boho flair.


5. Make a subtle statement.

We've mentioned making a statement, but be careful not to overdo it, making the look eclectic instead. Cassie of Magic Baby Vintage has the idea with this subtle yet striking patterned backsplash, brilliantly accentuated by her jungle-inspired accessories.


6. Pair with rustic accents.

Transform your culinary space into a bohemian oasis like Justina Blakeney from Jungalow did here with the help of some dreamy blue tile featuring flying egrets. She kept the rest of the space bright white and paired with both natural and reclaimed materials, like a pair of rustic cabinet doors. Washing up has never looked so good!



7. Remember, it's about self-expression.

While we can certainly give you a few tips and pointers, the best results happen when you follow your gut. Embrace your quirky personality and indulge in your passions to draw inspiration for your kitchen backsplash. After all, boho design is an interpretation of color, pattern, and texture, so feel free to think outside of the box, but refer to this beautifully boho kitchen design by Daleet Spector if you need a little help.


8. Choose interesting colors.

You can pretty much make anything go with boho style, so toss out any interior design rules that are in your head and go with what moves you. Bohemian decor is all about self-expression, so have fun and experiment with different colors and patterns when considering your kitchen backsplash. We just love the look of this emerald green subway tile in a herringbone pattern by Mercury Mosaics.


Where to shop for bohemian kitchen backsplash tile:

Want your own boho kitchen backsplash? Shop these four brands with a dreamy range of tile options to choose from.

Clé Tile



Clé Tile collaborates with artists and designers to bring unique tile options to market; most of them have a lovely boho twist. To be honest, we'd happily take them all.

Granada Tile

Boho-inspired tile is all the rage in Granada Tile's latest collections: the Andalucia Collection features thin, hand-poured cement tile, while the Minis Collection introduces small cement tile inspired by Moroccan zellige shapes that are perfect for a variety of design applications.

Ann Sacks

Back at it again with boho Moroccan influences, Ann Sacks create ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile with attention to artistry and craftsmanship.

Mercury Mosaics

Color, texture, pattern, depth ... whatever your tile fancy, Mercury Mosaics has you covered. And every piece of ceramic tile is handmade by skilled artisans, so you know that your kitchen backsplash will truly be one-of-a-kind.



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