30 Bohemian Kitchen Ideas Guaranteed to Inspire You

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A bohemian design scheme may drum up images of beaded curtains, macrame, and plants on plants on plants, but there's so much more to the aesthetic than that. It's no surprise that in recent years, boho interiors have continued to surge in popularity from bedrooms to living rooms and even kitchens. Mixed materials, a creative color palette, eclectic objects, and lush greenery are normally on the menu, but what does a bohemian kitchen really look like?


The signature characteristics of the free-spirited style include an abundance of greenery and bold colors, as well as beautifully layered textiles and rich patterns. In short, it's all about carefree living that champions organic details with a saturated twist.

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Need a little more inspiration? The 30 bohemian kitchen ideas ahead prove just how versatile the look can be.

1. Use lots of wood.

While not all of us are lucky enough to have a desert retreat in Joshua Tree, California, we can absolutely incorporate wood cabinetry, a wood plank ceiling, and stone detailing. Don't forget those strategically placed cacti for the ultimate bohemian paradise.


2. Opt for a contrasting palette.

This perfectly rustic-boho kitchen belongs to creative duo Natasha and Brett from Tin Can Homestead and Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. We love the dramatic contrasting palette of black and white used throughout the small space. Plus, the green foliage and industrial accents, like the wood-burning stove, make it a match made in design heaven.


3. Champion organic elements.

Natural materials, abstract shapes, and neutral colors are central to the design of this bohemian kitchen by Allison Bloom. The communal breakfast bar is ideal for enjoying a nice matcha latte and a warm stack of pancakes first thing in the morning.



4. Make a tonal statement.

Don't be afraid to add a pop of color. This vibrant boho kitchen belonging to interior designer Justina Blakeney from Jungalow showcases a dreamy, emerald green tile backsplash to complement the lush greenery throughout. The floating wood shelves and the copper accents are the perfect finishing touches for this culinary masterpiece.


5. Embrace greenery.

If you're looking to make some changes to your kitchen without having to partake in an entire renovation, follow the lead of photographer Nicolette Johnson and bring the outdoors in. With the help of climbing vines and a few tiny potted greens, a plain white space suddenly has a fresh new look.


6. Hang the basics.

Make a statement in your bohemian kitchen, like this bright space captured by Woodnote Photography. The magic ingredients include a dash of out-of-the-box thinking, one tree branch, a handful of rope, and voilà ... just like that, you have a DIY pot rack that's bursting with rustic charm.



7. Throw in copper for effect.

Elizabeth from the College Housewife knows a thing or two about decking out a bohemian kitchen. She used plants, wooden utensils and shelves, copper kitchenware, and handmade tableware to give her drab rental a little personality.


8. Maximize small spaces.

This compact kitchen proves that you don't need to own a mansion to bring a carefree vibe to your home. Blogger Sara Toufali from Black and Blooms revamped her cook space by adding plenty of plant life, artwork, and handmade objects. She also removed the upper cabinet doors to create open shelving — creativity at its best.


9. Make it minimalist.

Bohemian interiors don't have to incorporate clutter, as perfectly demonstrated in L.A.-based photographer Katherine Rose's home. By keeping her kitchen surfaces clear, and choosing only to display a select number of boho-chic accessories, she has room to create picture-perfect dishes in a bright and airy cook space.


10. Embrace shades of blue.

A marble breakfast bar reserved for coffee and tea? Yes, please. Greenery plus rattan barstools and pendant lights add boho flair in this charming seaside kitchen, coordinating perfectly with the dreamy blue hue of the walls and area rug.

11. Show off the shelving.

If there's wall space in your kitchen, utilize it. Macrame artist Emily Katz lined her walls from ceiling to countertop with floating wood shelves to display all of her wares. The warmth of the wood is complemented by contrasting black lower cabinets and a patterned area rug, bringing about a sense of drama.

12. Go for a natural take.

If you weren't thinking about neutral colors, textures, and finishes for your own bohemian kitchen, you probably are now. This inviting space features all of that and more, including warm wood shelving and countertops, impeccably curated dishware, lush greenery, and a pastel-hued refrigerator to complete the look. And the natural light pouring in through the window doesn't hurt either. Dreamy!


13. Lay down a runner.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little textural accent or two to introduce bohemian flair. In this green kitchen by Jaclyn Peters, a vintage runner instantly transforms the look and feel of the space while simultaneously adding color and visual interest.

14. Look to the Southwest.

Boho and Southwestern design go hand in hand. Both feature a bold use of colors and patterns, most of which skew towards a warmer color palette. This orange-hued kitchen from Jungalow HQ is a perfectly crafted monument to bohemian style with its playful tile backsplash and pastel-hued appliances.

15. Start with the basics.

If you're looking for a subtle approach to bohemian design, this kitchen makeover from Place of My Taste offers some solid pointers. Start out with woven accents (think jute rugs, rattan window treatments, and matching placemats) and layer in greenery and a few wooden accents to bring it all together.

16. Maximize the use of color.

When it comes to kitchen cabinetry, it's better to go bold than to opt for a standard shade of white or gray. This inspired scene, spotted on Glamour Nest, makes quite the case for painting cabinets in a brilliant shade of blue while the printed Moroccan runner complements the vibrant shade and adds an extra pop of color.

17. Infuse a touch of industrialism.

This stunning setup belonging to James and Hayley Pannekoecke is a prime example of bohemian design infused with an industrial touch, resulting in a contemporary scheme that combines the best of both worlds. A concrete backsplash and sleek architectural details are an ode to industrialism while the playful use of color (think ombré walls and matching stools) is as boho-chic as it gets.

18. Highlight the island.

The kitchen island is right in the center of all the action, so you might as well make the most of it like food stylist Claudia Martin did in her culinary space. Wrapped in classic white subway tile and topped with a wood counter, this central hub highlighted with a single green factory-style pendant imparts an industrial edge that feels right at home surrounded by boho decor.

19. Don't forget the wall decor.

From art to plants and everything else in between, bohemian design champions the use of textural wall decor. A small group of woven baskets can add an extra dimension to the kitchen while a gallery wall can inspire interest and a welcome splash of color.

20. Combine design styles.

A vintage-inspired kitchen with a boho-chic twist looks a lot like this serene space by New Darlings. Assorted greenery, open shelves, and woven accents all point to bohemian style while the lustrous aged-brass finishes and classic elements celebrate the home's original 1930s charm.

21. Go dark.

Not all bohemian-style kitchens are created equal and this beautifully designed spot by Jaclyn Peters is proof. A far cry from the standard maximalist scheme, this spot brings on the drama with dark green cabinets and black countertops, elevated by warm wooden accents and lustrous brass hardware.

22. Incorporate woven details.

We would be hard-pressed to find a bohemian kitchen sans some sort of woven detailing, be that by way of a runner or baskets. When it comes to the latter, give them a purpose by lining the top of your cabinets with an assortment of different baskets, and use them to stash items better left out of sight.

23. Rethink kitchen lighting.

When it comes to choosing light fixtures for your bohemian kitchen, look for textured pendants that incorporate natural materials like raffia or rattan. This modern-meets-boho kitchen from Kirsten Diane showcases the impact the material can have on an otherwise muted scheme.

24. Channel the jungle.

Classic bohemian style embraces the natural, and that goes beyond wood. The final piece of any boho-chic kitchen is the perfect collection of plants — whether you prefer draping pothos, glorious monstera, or anything and everything in between. On that front, take an abundant approach and transform your space into a veritable indoor jungle, as seen in this boho kitchen belonging to Ron Goh.

25. Open up the shelving.

A hallmark characteristic of bohemian kitchens is open shelving. Use yours to showcase an eclectic array of found objects, in addition to everyday staples. Bonus points for woven baskets, rattan accents, and even a few potted plants.

26. Make the backsplash matter.

Seeking that boho vibe? Don't be afraid to go bold with your backsplash. This stunning setup from Justina Blakeney doesn't hold back on color or pattern. The vibrant blue of the hexagonal tile backsplash is only accentuated by the reclaimed wooden doors in lieu of traditional cabinetry.

27. Paint a mural.

This maximalist-bohemian kitchen from Jest Cafe features a hand-painted mural that sets the tone for the entire space. Comprised of a scheme of oranges and reds, the backdrop is beautifully complemented by quarry tiles, lush greenery, and plenty of texture, lending the perfect boho touch.

28. Layer colors.

The beauty of boho style is that when it comes to painting, you can freely layer color on top of color, to your heart's content. Dabito, of the blog Old Brand New, created the ideal small bohemian kitchen by complementing the blush pink walls with deep green cabinets and an eye-catching backsplash that ties the two shades together.

29. Or stick with all-white.

A bohemian design scheme doesn't necessarily have to take on a maximalist feel. In fact, you can embrace the aesthetic with a slightly minimalist twist by going with an all-white backdrop and layering it with vibrant bursts of color and plenty of verdant foliage. This dreamy spot has the right idea.

30. Tile the floors.

In a bohemian kitchen, no surface should be left untouched and the floors are a prime example. Skip out on the standard tile in favor of something with a little more personality — think terra cotta floor tile in a herringbone pattern as seen in this cozy cook space.



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