Bohemian Color Palettes to Consider for Your Next Home Makeover

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Looking to embrace bohemian decor? It's a style where, really, anything goes: maximalism, mix and match different prints and patterns, global flair, varied textures, eclectic lighting, woven furniture and decor, and, chances are, a bunch of houseplants thrown in. But despite its lack of rules, there are still a few signature color palettes that show up in boho interiors, time and time again.


Scroll on for five of the most popular bohemian colors to try (and remember, boho style is all about marching to the beat of your own drum).

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Video of the Day

1. Neutrals

Believe it or not, you can still go bohemian while sticking to a neutral color palette. Layer in cream, gray, black, and wood tones — just be sure to mix and match lots of texture and patterns to keep it unexpected.

Get the look: VillageComfort African Black/White Mudcloth Lumbar Boho Pillow Cover, $54

2. Teal and Terra Cotta

A recipe for eclectic interiors? Mixing bold boho colors like turquoise, rust orange, and pink in various shades and varieties.


Get the look: Clé Tile Secret Lagoon Zellige, $32.50 per square foot

3. Earth Tones

Bohemian style is very down-to-earth, so it's fitting that it often goes hand in hand with an earthy color palette. Think beige mixed with rust, olive, and khaki. (Might we suggest a pile of throw pillows?)



Get the look: Shoppe by Amber Interiors Elise Rug, from $1,800

4. Wild Mix

Or, truly let loose with this eclectic boho color palette that includes a slew of vibrant hues: blues especially, but also purple, orange, and green. A colorful wallpaper pattern like this one by Justina Blakeney goes a long way. Just add houseplants — lots of them.


Get the look: Phoenix Wallpaper in Naturale by Justina Blakeney, $140 per roll

5. White and Metallics

Bohemian interiors have a global feel, as though that vase over there was picked up at a market halfway around the world. Can't swing a plane ticket? You can still get the look. Stick to a white boho color palette accented with some metallic lighting and accents, like gold and brass.

Get the look: Badia Design Round Brass Pendant Light, $975



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