15 Boho-Chic Ways to Incorporate Greenery Into Your Home

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Houseplants have made quite a splash as of late. And we're not talking about that huge 50-year-old fern your grandma doesn't have the heart to throw out. We mean succulents, snake plants, fig trees, and all the other greenery that has become inescapable on Instagram and interior design blogs. And greenery just goes along swimmingly with the boho trend. Below, 15 boho-chic ways to incorporate houseplants into your home.


1. Use plants to fill empty spaces in your living room.

Instead of purchasing your hundredth decorative figurine, why not add a touch of nature to your space with some houseplants instead?

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2. Match your wallpaper to your plant.

Yes, this is a bold idea... but it just kind of works. In a sense, house plants are a neutral, and don't compete with statement wallpaper.


3. Install a floating shelf dedicated to houseplants.

This floating shelf with hanging plants is just about cooler than any piece of artwork you could hang above your bed. Learn how to hang a floating shelf yourself here.


4. Install hanging planters.

Hanging planters have been inescapable over the past year, and for good reason: They add the perfect final touch to a room.


5. Allow an XXL plant to be your room's centerpiece.

How's a tree-size cactus for a conversation starter? Instead of investing in a large piece of art, consider investing in a mature houseplant. Or, if you're lucky, you already have one that you've been nurturing for years.



6. Match your plant to your artwork.

As with matching your plant to bold wallpaper, this one may seem a bit questionable. But it actually looks great, don't you think?


7. Use small plants as a table centerpiece.

Decorate with live plants instead of candles and figurines for a fresh, effortless look.


8. Deck out your home's entryway.

Create a warm welcome with a variety of plants in stylish pots and vases in your entryway.


9. Fill an empty window sill.

Window sills are practically begging for hanging plants. Plus, you'll never have to worry about them receiving enough sunlight.



10. Add a little plant to your nightstand.

If your nightstand looks a little empty, a small potted plant is just the right answer.

11. Pick planters and pots that have different colors and textures, yet still go together.

If you're going to go with several plants in one room, you definitely do not need to worry about matching all of their pots and holders. In fact, an assortment of different planters looks much more boho and effortless.

12. Go all out and create a living wall.

Now we're not saying creating one of these is an easy task, but living walls pack a major punch. They truly bring nature indoors and give a high-end feel.

13. Fill an empty corner with floating shelves and hanging plants.

This is the most stylish formerly-empty corner in town. Learn how far apart floating shelves should be hung here.


14. Don't be afraid to set a big plant right on the floor.

Decor doesn't always have to be elevated off the floor. Setting a big plant on the ground gives your space an easy-going, casual feel.

15. Line your hanging coat rack with itty-bitty plants and candles.

Plants are a great fit for any small, empty spaces. Adding greenery to this coat rack turns it into a work of art. This is the height at which you should hang your coat rack on the wall.



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