Here Are 11 New Ways to Try the Boho Look

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If we had to rank the top trends of 2017, the bohemian look would firmly be in the top three, alongside the farmhouse aesthetic and the craze for millennial pink. But the rise of the trend also means that it runs the risk of overexposure. After seeing so many eclectic interiors everywhere, you might want to take a new riff on this design. For that, we recommend this interpretation of boho: instead of piling many different accessories into a space, consider showing off a handful of artfully curated pieces in a more minimalist interior. In other words, you'll have to resist the temptation to buy all 11 items on this list. From a wall hanging and an armchair to an area rug and pendant light, these free-spirited picks can help you embrace this style from a paired-back state of mind.

Woven Tapestry Wall Hanging

This one-of-a-kind macrame wall hanging by The River Haze ( $375 ) is a true work of art. Let it be the focal point in a room where you can really appreciate the gorgeous textures and shapes.

Lyra Rose Macrame Portal

While we're on the topic of macrame, this handicraft also makes a fabulous alternative to typical sheers — like this rose-gold curtain ( $129 ) from Urban Outfitters. Just make sure to use this on a window that doesn't need a lot of privacy, of course.

Decorative Metal Disc

This detailed wall hanging from Pottery Barn ( $249 ) looks like the kind of exotic find you'd unearth at a flea market. It's ideal for a living room, but could also work in an entryway.

Mudcloth Pillow Cover

Instead of the usual ikat design, opt for textiles with simple patterns. This gorgeous option from Pillows by Elissa ( starting at $68 ) is fashioned from authentic mudcloth made in Mali.

Copperwood Mirror

The ornate quality of this round mirror from Anthropologie ( $228 ) makes it hard to resist. The hardwood frame's circular edges will add more dimension and texture to a room.

Medallion Area Rug

The new boho look's bold colors should be used confidently, but in concentrated doses. Take this hand-hooked rug ( starting at $169 ) from Target, for instance. Its light purple base and neutral details make it suitable for nearly any space.

Beaded Chandelier

The matte texture of the white beads in this design from World Market ( $269.99 ) are an unexpected addition to a pendant. Hang it over a vintage table to create a warm and welcoming dining area.

Natural Rattan Armchair

A touch of natural texture is always a boho-friendly look. This pick from CB2 ( $199 ) has a sleek form that'll take you through many other future trends with ease.

Petrified Wood Coasters

Instead of the usual agate coasters made popular by this trend, these four petrified wood coasters from West Elm ( $59 ) can add an interesting shape, color, and texture to your coffee table. These are also available in a beige hue for a more understated look.

Coffee Table

Ikea's Stockholm collection is always a favorite for high-quality, trendy designs. The line's coffee table ( $109 ) is another way to bring in that beloved natural texture at a very affordable price .

Amethyst Geode

A gorgeous crystal specimen like this amethyst geode from Wisteria ( $99 ) is another way to incorporate color into your look. Since this comes in at roughly six inches in height, it'll definitely be noticed on a side table or a bookshelf.