chair near side table and bright wallpaper
credit: Jungalow

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Whether you're working on transforming your living room into a space to wind down at the end of a stressful day, or you're looking to give your bedroom a cozy makeover, there are quite a few ways to infuse boho style into your home. The look combines soft textures with natural materials and layered colors to create an eclectic vibe. Sometimes it pays to start with the obvious: patterns that will add to the eye-catching look of your new boho space.

We rounded up some suggestions for patterns we often see in stylish boho spaces, from minimal to bold:

1. Vintage Floral

We know — florals can feel cliché and overused. But the pattern is having a comeback and it's definitely a staple of boho. (The more vintage the look, the better.)

2. Bright Botanical

chair near side table and bright wallpaper
credit: Jungalow

If you really can't vibe with the idea of floral patterns, try a chic alternative: botanical patterns. This type of pattern is a great way to bring a hint of nature into the room while keeping things bright and lively.

3. Soft Geometric

For a modern boho vibe, look for geometric patterns paired with neutral, soft tones. We love this geo throw paired with candles, a cozy rug, and a little bit of nature.

4. Eclectic Stripes

dining room space with hanging plant and framed artworks
credit: Jungalow

Look for striped patterns that mix colors in bright and bold ways. Add striped pieces to spaces like your dining room and bedroom for something a little extra eye-catching.

5. Muted Paisley

bed with two lamps on either side
credit: Pottery Barn

Another vintage favorite, paisley works great in boho spaces. Choose a more muted color and mix with different textures and neutrals to create a cozy space.

6. Minimalist Diamond

diamond pattern curtain near open window
credit: Anthropologie

Play with familiar shapes — like a diamond pattern — by choosing more minimalist, soothing colors. Pair with rattan furniture, textured pillows, and neutral area rugs for an inviting look.

7. Classic Trellis

trellis rug near dresser and plant
credit: Rugs USA

You probably see trellis in a lot of minimal rooms, but we can totally see it working in a minimal boho space, too. Bonus points if you can find a trellis rug with tassels for an extra eclectic look.

8. A Little Bit of Everything

multicolored throw
credit: Anthropologie

If you lean toward the side of maximalism, explore boho items bursting with color. Choose a throw or bedding that mixes textures, colors, and patterns in an eclectic way.

9. Intricate Ikat

Ikat is a dyeing and weaving technique that goes back centuries to regions like Southeast Asia. You'll often spot ikat patterns in boho spaces, like these muted but eye-catching pieces.

Where to Shop Boho Patterns:

If you're looking for more inspiration for boho decor, from wallpaper to rugs to bedding, here are a few retailers to browse.

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