Super Cute Bohemian Decor DIYs We Just Need to Share

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Nothing brings on a case of the cozies like a bit of boho decor. Colorful, warm, and eclectic, infusing your abode with bohemian flare makes the space feel personal and a little exotic at the same time. And what's even better is there are so many bohemian decor DIYs that are downright doable that you can freshen up your surroundings in a snap. Are you ready to get in touch with your inner artist?


1: Wood Wall Hanging

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When it comes to what to do with your wall space, why not forgo the usual photo or painting and do yourself a favor with this adorable DIY wall hanging? You know you want it. GET THE DIY

2: Raffia Mirror

Wanting to do something sassy with your meh mirror? Try this trick with raffia for a really fab frame. You won't regret it. GET THE DIY


3: Rattan Chair

Take your rattan or cane chairs somewhere unexpected by picking a paint color that will make them pop. GET THE DIY


4: Fringe Pillow

Nothing says boho like getting bold with fringe. We love how easy it is to make pillows even more posh with this easy trick using our favorite trim. GET THE DIY



5: Garland

Who says a garland is only for the holidays? Sure, this look is super charming during seasonal celebrations, but why not rock it year round? You know you want to. GET THE DIY


6: Clay Bells

Get crafty with clay and create these one of a kind boho bells. Don't be scared; working with clay is not only cool, it's super easy and fun. GET THE DIY


7: Door Tassels

Another tried and true decor trick to bring out your inner boho is tassels. These door hangers add a little flex and flare. GET THE DIY


8: Brass Mobile


Who doesn't want to make a mobile? Hang this brass beauty over a crib or by a window to get some of that golden sunlight glow inside. GET THE DIY


9: Fringe Mirror

Again with the fringe you say? We say oh hell yes. Transform your mirror into something that sparkles with this fab look. GET THE DIY


10: Yarn Art

What do dip dyed yarn and a hula hoop have in common? Nothing. But when you combine the two to create a wall hanging that wows this loud, you have to admit it's a match made in boho heaven. GET THE DIY

11: Cane Lampshade

One easy way to refresh your decor is to switch out lampshades. But sometimes this approach can get pricey. Throw your own shade (you know what we mean) with this easy cane trick. GET THE DIY


12: Wood Beads

Balls and beads are always a good boho bet. Create these easy wood bead wall hangings in seven easy steps. Trust us, it'll be a ball. GET THE DIY

13: Pillows Made from Rugs

Another eclectically awesome idea that could even be sustainable is taking rugs you already have, or inexpensive ones purchased at IKEA, and creating these cute bench cushions. GET THE DIY

14: Floor Pad Coffee Table

Leave it to IKEA for another easy hack. This pad can be turned into the chicest little coffee table for indoors and out. GET THE DIY

15: Pampa Grass Arrangement


You love the look of florals as long as they're not frumpy. This arrangement made with pampas grass is a far cry from the same old same old. And please, no need to add water. GET THE DIY

16: Driftwood Wall Hanging

Your dreamy bohemian decor won't be complete without a touch of driftwood, am I right? This simple wall hanging will have you longing for another day at the beach. GET THE DIY

17: Tassel Chandelier

Nothing finishes off a room like the perfect light fixture. And this tassel chandelier is giving us all the cozy feels. You need this in your boho home pronto. GET THE DIY



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