I Want Cane-DIY: 6 Easy Projects Featuring Everyone's Favorite Material

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It's safe to say that many of us on the Hunker team have a thing for cane. Specifically, it's safe to say that our senior director has an unhealthy obsession for it — her words, not mine. (No judgment, Leo.) So, naturally we asked some of our favorite contributors to create some DIYs for us featuring cane, and the results? Just so good. (And if you're not sure about the difference between cane, wicker, and rattan, read this.)


1. Upgrade a simple storage unit by giving it an airy Scandi vibe.

2. Turn a down-to-earth table into a swoon-worthy sideboard star.

3. Create an eye-catching focal piece from a standard cabinet.

4. Have the sweetest dreams underneath a headboard that belongs in your bedroom.

5. Throw shade (in a good way) with a lampshade that is just lovely.

6. Give a basic bedside table a beautiful boho makeover.


Laurie Gunning Grossman, Hunker’s editorial director, caught the California boho minimalist bug. So, she bought a cream-colored couch. And she also lives with two kids and two dogs, so we’ll see how that decision pans out.