9 Crazy Easy DIYs Using Spray Paint

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When we at Hunker have extra time on our hands, what do we like to do? We peruse our library of original DIYs for weekend projects. It recently dawned on us that many of our favorite tutorials feature spray paint. Start scrolling and you might be surprised at how design-worthy these decor pieces look when spray paint is used as an essential ingredient.


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1. Make a Vittsjo IKEA shelf look pretty in pink.

2. Glam up an IKEA Gladom side table with gold.

3. Customize a rattan chair for a fresh look.

4. Spruce up an old filing cabinet.

5. Disguise PVC as a faux terra cotta vase.

6. Elevate the Vittsjo IKEA coffee table into a chic living room piece.

7. Design a modern sculpture.


8. Make your own match striker.

9. Create a rose gold seasonal wreath.


Laurie Gunning Grossman, Hunker’s editorial director, caught the California boho minimalist bug. So, she bought a cream-colored couch. And she also lives with two kids and two dogs, so we’ll see how that decision pans out.