Please Excuse Me While I Continue My Cane Obsession

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It's time for me to admit that I might be unhealthfully obsessed with cane. Do I actually own any cane pieces? No! That shit's expensive! But when I win the lottery will I have a house filled with cane beds, sideboards, and armoires? Uh, ya-huh. In fact, when that day comes, I'm going to have a dinner party to show off my cane dining chairs. I will also be sporting a cane as a fashion accessory. And Michael Caine will be there.


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Anyhow, I just wanted to point out some amaaaazing stuff going on in the cane game. Industry West recently introduced an all-cane collection and when I saw it it was just audible gasping for a full 15 minutes. The great thing about their cane line: The wood pieces come in various different stains (green, blue, even a coral-y color). And they've also got some more unusual cane pieces like a lamp and credenza. Behold:

Cane King Bed, $3,600

Cane Dining Chair, $575

Cane Floor Lamp, $600

Cane Bench, $585

Cane Sideboard, $2,600

Now on to Urban Outfitters. They've maintained a strong cane-filled presence with their Marte collection, which is actually pretty affordable. They keep adding cane bits — the recent new arrivals include cane-backed, wall-mounted shelves and they're also doing some of the Marte pieces in a lighter wash.


Urban Outfitters Hex Lattice Wall Shelf, $89

Urban Outfitters Marte Two-Tiered Wall Shelf, $59

Urban Outfitters Marte Nightstand, $149

Finally, I've just discovered DOIY, a design collective based out of Barcelona. And they have a product line called Kanne, which is all cane desk accessories. Te amo, tape dispenser.

DOIY Kanne Tape Dispenser, $30

DOIY Kanne Tray, $36

DOIY Kanne Bookend Set, $54