12 Boho Lighting Ideas That Will Warm Up Your Home

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Teeming with natural textures, earthy neutrals, and soothing vibes, bohemian decor accents instantly make a room feel a little bit brighter — metaphorically. Boho lighting, however, also makes things brighter in a literal sense.


From pendants and sconces to floor and table lamps, boho lighting can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and budgets — and is pretty much guaranteed to upgrade your home. Keep scrolling for 12 boho-style light fixtures that will cozy up your space in no time.

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1. Get tied up in rope.

A little rope goes a long way in a boho-style room. This playful pendant by Austin-based Etsy artisan Sitos Shop features a macramé rope that can be creatively wrapped around any rafter or beam for an organic look.

Get the look:Sitos Shop Macramé Hanging Lamp, from $115

2. Go for the gold.

When it comes to metal fixtures, warm gold and brass finishes feel the most boho. This perforated, Moroccan-style pendant creates beautifully patterned shadows when it's illuminated, making for an ideal evening ambiance.


Get the look​: Safi Antique Brass Moroccan Mini Pendant Light, $149.99

3. Explore light-toned woods.

Light-toned woods like white oak, birch, and maple fit well into the boho aesthetic. A perfect example? This curvy floor lamp with a classic drum shade and a flared metal base.



Get the look​: Milo Floor Lamp, $269

4. Make friends with rattan.

Searching for a sophisticated way to bring boho style into your home? Rattan, the long palms often used for woven furniture and decor, always makes a strong, elevated boho statement.


Get the look:Headlands Bell Pendant, $298

5. Feather it up.

Feathers are a staple of boho decor, so incorporating them into your lighting is a must. Soft and fluffy, this feather-covered chandelier is giving all the bird energy we need.


Get the look:Oren Ellis Alexander-James 3 Globe Chandelier with Feather Accents, $172.99

6. Consider draped fabric.

Your ceiling is brimming with boho design potential — it just takes the right flush mount to fulfill it. This scalloped-edge, draped fabric fixture adds ivory-hued charm to any ceiling it graces.



Get the look:Possini Euro Planetarium Fabric Ceiling Light, $179.99

7. Use bamboo.

You can always count on bamboo to give a room some boho flair. Crafted with overlapping layers of bamboo twigs, this nest-like pendant emits a diffused, tan light.


Get the look:Bamboo Nest 3 Pendant in Oil Rubbed Bronze, $400

8. Commit to a nature motif.

Forget subtlety and fully commit to the earthy nature theme with a pendant that's not only made of rattan, but also looks like a blooming flower of tropical leaf-shaped petals.


Get the look:Natural Rattan Flower Avery Pendant Shade, $79.99

9. Invest in some tassels.

Never underestimate the boho-inspired impact of a tasseled pendant light. We love this one that comes clad in neutral hanging tassels and looks flawless hanging above a kitchen island or a sink-right-in bed.



Get the look:Tassel Pendant, $199

10. Channel global travels with a lantern.

Boho style is defined by a layered look filled with treasures that have been collected over time. If you haven't procured an enchanting lantern on your far-flung travels, we recommend you purchase a Mediterranean bazaar-inspired one for the same effect.

Get the look:Allsop Mediterranean Market Lantern, from $86

11. Shop sculptural.

There's no reason your light fixture shouldn't double as art. Boho lovers will totally swoon for this museum-quality abstract floor lamp, which is made of rich, reddish wood and two frosted glass bulbs.

Get the look:Yoji Floor Lamp, $429

12. Embrace the animals.

The animal kingdom is inherently boho, so leaning into this whimsical metallic lamp with a fox-shaped base and a tiny bumblebee finial is completely on-brand.

Get the look:Winsome Woodland Table Lamp, $228



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