10 Cement Tile Bathrooms That Will Stop You in Your Tracks

black and white bathroom
credit: Homes to Love

Designers are going bananas over cement tiles — and for good reason. These vintage tiles, which have been popular in Europe for eons, give your bathroom an authentic, handmade feel. Because of their large size and heft, concrete tile provides a bigger background for large-scale patterns, allowing you to play with color and geometry in a way smaller tiles cannot. Yes, they can be trickier to install — but done right, they'll turn even the tiniest bathroom into an unforgettable masterpiece.

1. Retro yellow cheer

Yellow tiled bathroom
credit: Granada Tile

Underscore a sunny room with yellow-patterned cement tile. This retro shade complements glass walls and streamlined black accents.

Get the look: Granada Tile's Toscano 908 A, customized with mustard yellow

2. Soft geometrics

Integrate subtle gray shades to create a spa-like bathroom. This soft geometric pattern pairs beautifully with subway tile and brass accents.

3. Blue starburst

This colorful tile combines two trends in one: cement tiling and hexagonal tiles. Cover your bathroom floor in these beautiful blue starbursts and you'll swear you're walking through the clouds.

4. Black-and-white beauty

Increase the drama of all-black walls by pairing them with intricate black-and-white tiling. The white adds lightness to an otherwise-dark space — and the black lines pull the room together.

5. Seaside shades

Blue and green tile up a shower wall
credit: Rustico Tile

Together, blue and green can feel like too much — but there's something about this swooping emblem-esque design that makes the colors sing. Keep the rest of the space minimal: Your concrete investment should be the room's focal point.

6. Toned-down rustic

Black-and-white tile
credit: Riad Tile

Keep a rustic bathroom from feeling too farmhouse with concrete tiles. This quirky black-and-white starburst pattern tones down the white shiplap walls, creating a gorgeous hybrid of rustic-modern decor.

7. Supersized circles

Large tiled circles behind a clawfoot tub
credit: Clé Tile

Concrete tiles beg you to dream big. Supersized patterns create a bathroom that's both dramatic and playful — and the perfect background for greenery and bright colors.

Get the look: Clé Tile's Big Dane

8. Green fronds

Green frond tiling
credit: Popham Design

There's no reason white needs to be the default pattern background color. Give your bathroom a deep, earthy appeal by mimicking leafy plants with your tiling. These bold tiles imitate palm fronds, but with the white and green reversed.

Get the look: Popham Design's Frond

9. Ultra-graphic

Small spaces deserve a big statement. A vibrant and funky patterned cement tile can make a bathroom feel beautifully unique — no matter its size.

10. Starkly black

black and white tile bathroom
credit: Homes to Love

Pair a stark black pattern with plain white walls and black accents — like the shower head and curtain rod — to bring minimal Scandinavian style to your small bathroom space.

Jamie Wiebe

Jamie Wiebe

Jamie is a freelance writer based in Denver, Colorado, who writes about real estate and interior design.