10 Coastal Wallpaper Ideas That Will Transport You Straight to the Seashore

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Coastal Wallpaper Ideas and Inspiration

If we know anything, it's that the great outdoors are irreplaceable. That's why we like to bring natural touches inside our homes. And coastal decor makes the look feel classic. Think beachy plants, driftwood, and as many collected seashells as a room can take. But what about the permanent features of the room? Wallpaper can add color and pattern, resulting in a space that is full of warmth, charm, and waterfront vibes. So while you can't always be at the seaside, you can bring the seaside indoors. Here are 10 coastal wallpaper ideas that will make your living spaces feel idyllic.


1. Stripe it up.

Stripes may spring to mind when you think about coastal design. But we're not talking about your typical sailor vertical lines. This nautical design by Livette's Wallpaper features horizontal stripes made from small watercolor dots that don't feel too overwhelming. Here, the wallpaper is perfectly paired with neutral decor and natural textures for a modern coastal vibe.

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Get the look: Livetee's Wallpaper Blue Watercolor Spots Wallpaper, starting at $10.99

2. Give a hint of the coast.

Abstract lines and wavy patterns are subtly reminiscent of the shape of the coastline. And this watercolor wallpaper will bring a fresh, waterfront feel to any space from the bedroom to the bathroom. We can almost smell the sea air just looking at it.


Get the look: Anthropologie Sonora Wallpaper, $118.00

3. Be one with nature.

Natural motifs that feature water creatures, leaves, shells, and feathers will create the perfect seaside atmosphere. And this delicate design from Hygge & West has the sweetest feathers in shades of navy, dusty blue, cornflower, and ink, paying homage to the creatures of flight. Oh, we do love a seagull!


Get the look: Hygge & West Plumes Wallpaper, $205

4. Say it with scallops.

This geometric scalloped wallpaper might not give off instant coastal charm on its own, but when paired with woven furniture and botanicals, the tropical seaside vibes are apparent. Look out for a similar scallop shape in a white or cream shade if you want something a little more subtle.



Get the look: Tempaper Mosaic Scallop Removable Wallpaper, $135.00

5. Champion a blue and white color scheme.

Ahoy, sailor! A blue and white color scheme will bring coastal vibes to your home, and this nautical design by Walls Need Love is ideal for a kid's bedroom. The abstract rows of royal blue rope provide a striking backdrop for the white furniture.


Get the look: Walls Need Love Monochromatic Rope Rows Wallpaper, $4.44 / sq. ft.

6. Get sea creatures involved.

Bring some whimsy to your coastal design with this delicate wallpaper collaboration from Pehr and Chasing Paper. The illustrated sea creatures will bring the coast to any city abode. And we especially like it for a gender-neutral nursery.


Get the look: Pehr Life Aquatic Wallpaper, starting at $40

7. Add texture to the wall.

Your coastal wallpaper doesn't have to be blue. You can easily evoke seaside charm with something neutral. This sisal wallpaper designed by Joanna Gaines reminds us of sandy beaches and straw hats while also introducing depth and dimension to the home.



Get the look: Anthropologie Rider Textured Wallpaper, $448

8. Shell out on the seaside.

She sells seashells on the seashore, and she decks out her coastal bathroom with them, too! This seaside-inspired wallpaper by British illustrator Katie Scott depicts large-scale shell motifs reminiscent of old drawings from natural history books. Use it on a feature wall in your bathroom or a nursery.


Get the look: Katie Scott Shell Wallpaper, $125 per roll

9. Think of rainier days, too!

The coast is known for sun-soaked days and foggy sea mist mornings, so don't be afraid to think less literally. This beautifully faded wallpaper from Urban Outfitters will add a mystical touch to your coastal interior. Pair it with natural stone and lots of greenery for the full coastal effect.


Get the look: Urban Outfitters Misty Morning Removable Wallpaper, $49 per roll

10. Grab a removable style.

Removable wallpaper is super popular now thanks to its flexibility and ease of application. It can help you easily change up your rental or change up a room without much work. This blue and white coastal design will add an unexpected backdrop to the otherwise neutral bedroom, but it can easily be swapped for something new.

Get the look: Livetee's Wallpaper Blue Palm Leaves Removable Wallpaper, starting at $10.99



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