Blue Nursery Ideas That Might Be Cuter Than Your Baby

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A nursery should be a lot of things. Adorable, for sure. Playful, definitely. But what about calming? Tranquil? Peaceful? Since so much of your daily routine will be spent in this space with your little one, it might be wise to gather nursery ideas that will help you and baby relax and find serenity. This can include streamlined organization to make life easier, practicing a bit of minimalism here and there so you don't feel overwhelmed, and incorporating soothing colors.


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Time and time again, blue has proven to be a shade that inspires people to instantly enter a state of calm. This makes sense, since it's often said that the popular hue evokes thoughts of the sky or ocean, elements in nature that encourage balance. It also works as a lovely neutral that won't compete with other colors or finishes that you plan to include throughout the space.


Join us as we set sail into a sea of dreamy blue nursery ideas designed with baby in mind.

1. Embrace navy blue.

We love light blue in the nursery, but we're also really digging navy these days. The bold color is actually quite comforting and can make a nursery feel like a cozy cocoon. You can choose to showcase it on an accent wall, which is what Alexandra of AVE Styles did in this nursery, or you can go to town and cover the whole space in the dramatic shade.


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2. Liven up blue hues with vibrant colors.

Bright colors and baby nursery ideas seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Spirited tones, like yellow, red, and pink, look right at home in a space that's meant for playtime. In this nursery styled by Joni of Lay Baby Lay, the blue shades of the wall and carpet act as an ideal backdrop for punchier hues.


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3. Weave in comforting textures.

A baby's room should be comfort central in your house, where you and your little can power down. A whisper soft blue edging toward green, like this shade displayed in a nursery featured on Lynzy & Co., is a just-right choice for such a space. Drop in other fuzzy pieces like a soft blanket, squishy area rug, and a daybed where you can nap alongside baby, and you may never want to leave.


Get the look: Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt

4. Keep things bright and airy.

Shades of blue are a great way to keep a nursery looking fresh and clean. Pair blue with white and the breezy look will be complete. With this color combo, there's natural light and airiness for days in a coastal nursery belonging to Arlynn of August Lace.


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5. Set the palette with dark and light colors.

Blue can serve as an anchor within the color palette of any nursery idea. When you mix in both dark and light colors, like heavy brown finishes and white furnishings, the tones look intentional and well-thought-out, something that's proven in this nursery created by Lindi and Russel of Love Create Celebrate.


Get the look: Color Journeys Shadow of the Night

6. Play up patterns.

One nice thing about bringing blue into a nursery is that you don't have to stick to the same shade throughout. And you don't have to adhere to only solid blues. In fact, we encourage a blend of various blue patterns, which we promise will work beautifully together. Take this nursery dreamed up by Molly of A Piece of Toast. The bold blue pattern on the curtains works shockingly well with the simple striped carpet.


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7. Go simple in a small space.

A blue nursery doesn't need to be cluttered with a bunch of stuff. If you're aiming for a peaceful space marked by blue walls, going minimal with your decor makes a lot of sense. In this nursery belonging to Nina of Balkanina, an unfussy, neutral color palette and carefully-chosen furnishings are all this room needs.

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8. Bring in blues through wallpaper.

Wallpaper, especially in a whimsical pattern, is a wonderful way to represent blue tones in your nursery. We think blue patterned wallpaper looks especially amazing when paired with white wainscoting, a look that's captured in this nursery put together by Erin of Francois et Moi.

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9. Turn up the turquoise.

For a nursery idea that looks as if it was pulled right out of the ocean, consider a turquoise accent wall. The Hawaiian-inspired mural in this blue nursery could be just the pop of color your baby's space needs.

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10. Swathe the room in pastels.

Pastels are a classic choice when it comes to baby nursery ideas, and they mesh incredibly well with blue hues. For a multicolored palette that's easy on the eyes, take a cue from this nursery belonging to Andie Mitchell and match up various shades of blue with whites and pastel pinks and greens.

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