These Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas Have You Covered

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Sure, there are lots of things you can bring into a bedroom to create a calming atmosphere, but we think window treatments should be high on your list. In addition to providing style and personality to your windows, they can control the amount of light in the space and offer privacy as well.


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There are plenty of pieces of the puzzle to consider when weighing bedroom window treatment ideas. First of all, you'll need to look at the size of your windows. Some window treatments require custom sizing, such as blinds, while curtains don't need to be quite as customized to your windows.

Also, be sure to think about the location of your windows. If you prefer an early bedtime or have a challenging sleep schedule due to work, windows that let in sunlight or light from streetlamps will require heavy-duty window treatments, like light-blocking blinds or blackout curtains. These thick window treatments also carry a higher level of privacy, if that's something you're concerned about.


And then you'll need to ponder design styles. Each style comes with positives and negatives. For instance, you might love the bedroom curtain ideas you've been looking at, but if you have low ceilings and short walls, certain curtains may drag on the floor, which doesn't make for clean visuals in your space.

Last but not least, you'll need to think through your budget. Curtains that aren't customized will naturally cost less, while custom treatments including shutters or blinds might hit your bottom line a bit more.


Read on for bedroom window treatment ideas along with their pros and cons and discover which window treatments are best for your bedchamber.


When searching through bedroom curtain ideas, you may think that drapes and curtains are the same thing. While they're very similar, they actually do have one main difference: drapes are lined, which can further block out light. Curtains are simply fabric panels with no lining. The curtains in this bedroom belonging to Alisa of A Glass of Bovino add a decorative touch with a pop of chartreuse color.


Curtains and drapes do have some pros. They add warmth to windows in the winter and they don't need to be customized like other window treatments, translating to cost savings. When drapery needs to be cleaned, you will likely be able to toss them in the washing machine, or send them out for dry cleaning — which shouldn't be a huge expense.

But there are some things to think about, like the fact that they are pretty much instant attractors of dust and pet hair in a room, so you'll need to double your cleaning efforts. If your bedroom is small, drapery can take up more visual space in a room, making things seem closed-in.


Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are the lightest, breeziest members of the drapery family, and they come with their own pros and cons. Like traditional curtains, they're fairly easy to clean (just check the care tag before you put them in the washer, where you'll probably use the delicate setting for them). These diaphanous curtains in a room spotlighted by Athena of EyeSwoon are especially pretty and delicate, and they brighten the room.


As you can see in this particular bedroom, sheer curtains are … well … sheer, which means they tend to let in lots of light and not offer a lot of privacy. But what they lack in opaqueness they make up for in simple installation and cost savings.


Window shades are effective at keeping light out of a room, and that means you'll have a nice, dark bedroom that's ideal for sleeping. The installation process is straightforward, but you will have to do some careful measuring to insure they fit each window properly. Shades are typically made using durable materials. This window shade in a bedroom designed by Amber Interiors looks as if it successfully blocks out light at night.


There are some things to keep in mind with shades made with fabric materials. Cleaning can be a challenge since shades can't be popped into a washing machine, so you'll need to diligently spot-treat stains. They are usually more expensive than drapes or curtains, and they aren't as convenient as blinds because you won't have the option to have just a bit of light shine through the slats — it can only be open or closed all the way.



There is an airy, coastal quality shutters can lend a bedroom. They look particularly lovely in this bedroom designed by Becki Owens for Kailee Wright. In addition to the aesthetics, they can be cleaned painlessly, and they last for years.


On the flipside, shutters can be an expensive option among bedroom window treatment ideas, so this may affect your budget. If you're someone who enjoys a full view of the outdoors, you may want to avoid shutters — since they can't be pulled up all the way, they will semi-obstruct your view.


Connected by strings and made up of slats that control the amount of light in a room, there are lots of different types of blinds out there, from traditional Venetian blinds to vertical blinds to cellular shades. Blind materials can include metal, plastic, wood, or synthetic materials. This bedroom styled by West Elm UK features wood blinds that mirror the wood elements in the rest of the space.


With blinds, you'll have tons of colors and materials to choose from, and that can allow you to create a more customized look in your bedroom. They can be installed without headaches, adjusted for specific light preferences, and are known to be durable.

Just remember that they do allow in bits of light here and there (something to think about if you're a sleeper who's sensitive to light) and they can get dusty, so get ready for some upkeep.

Roman Shades

Roman shades (or blinds) can prevent light from getting in just like classic shades, but they do fold up in an artful way at the top of a window when not in use. Chic and eye-catching, Roman shades are reasonably timeless, so you'll likely love them for years to come. And they can instantly bring warmth and softness to a bedroom window, like they do in this bedchamber belonging to Sarah of Room for Tuesday.

But they don't have slats, which means you won't be able to customize how much light comes into your bedroom. If you have pets or little ones, the dangling cords can present a safety hazard in a home. And since they fold up at the top of the window, your view might be compromised as well.


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