These 21 Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas Have You Covered

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Sure, there are lots of elements you can bring into a bedroom to create a calming atmosphere, but we think window treatments should be high on your list. In addition to providing style and personality, they also affect the amount of natural light in the space and offer privacy as well.


There are several factors to consider when weighing bedroom window treatment ideas. First of all, you'll need to look at the size of your windows. Some window treatments, such as blinds, require custom sizing, while others, like curtains, don't need as much precision.

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Also, be sure to think about the location of your windows. If you prefer an early bedtime or have a challenging sleep schedule due to work, you may need heavy-duty window treatments, like light-blocking blinds or blackout curtains. These thick window treatments also carry a higher level of privacy, if that's something you're looking for.


Next, you'll need to think through your budget. Curtains that aren't custom-made will naturally cost less, while custom treatments including shutters or blinds might hit your bottom line a bit more.

Finally, consider the space you're working with and the look you're going for. Each style of window treatment comes with pros and cons. For instance, you might love the bedroom curtain ideas you've been looking at, but if you have low ceilings, some curtains may drag on the floor, which won't make for clean visuals in your space.


In thinking about style, designer Kimberley Harrison advises going with "a window covering that blends well and is neutral," she says, "which allows our client to redesign the room at a later date and not have to replace the window treatments." For kids' rooms, Harrison likes to add some whimsy in the form of a playful trim. She selects materials based on the room's aesthetic. For example, shutters for a modern, coastal room or woven bamboo shades for warmth in a modern, masculine space.


Read on for bedroom window treatment ideas along with their pros and cons and discover which window treatments are best for your bedchamber.

Types of Bedroom Window Treatments

  • Drapes and curtains‌ are often confused for one another, but they have one main difference: Drapes are lined, so they're able to block out more light. These treatments share some pros. They add warmth in the winter, and they don't need to be customized like other window treatments, translating to cost savings. When drapery needs to be cleaned, it's as easy as tossing it in the washing machine or sending it out for dry cleaning.
  • Sheer curtains‌ let in a lot of natural light, but at the same time, they don't offer much privacy. Like traditional curtains, they're fairly easy to clean; you may just have to use your washer's delicate setting for them.
  • Window shades‌ are effective at keeping out light, making for a nice, dark bedroom that's ideal for sleeping. The installation process is straightforward, but you will have to do some careful measuring to ensure they fit properly. Unlike curtains and drapes, window shades can only be spot-cleaned. They are also usually more expensive.
  • Shutters‌ lend an airy, coastal quality to a bedroom. They're also easy to clean and last for years. On the other hand, they can be expensive. Another thing to keep in mind is that because they can't be pulled up all the way, they will obstruct your view of the outdoors.
  • Blinds‌ come in many different varieties — from traditional Venetian blinds to vertical blinds to cellular shades — and materials including metal, wood, or plastic. They are durable and can be adjusted for a wide range of light preferences, though they don't completely block all light. They also require professional installation, and they will collect dust, so get ready for some upkeep.
  • Roman shadesdiffer from classic shades in that they fold up in an artful way at the top of a window when not in use. Unlike traditional blinds, they don't have slats, so you won't be able to customize how much light they let in. They'll also obstruct your view at the top of the window. But they're chic and timeless, so you'll likely love them for years to come.



21 Bedroom Curtain and Window Treatment Ideas

1. Choose something timeless.

Designer Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors is a master at layering and pattern mixing in just the right measure, for a space that's modern, traditional and cool. In this room, you can see how the woven headboard and footboard play off the natural fiber rug and nubby throw blanket. The large-scale patterned rug is balanced by the small-scale print wallpaper and pillows. With all that going on, it makes sense that Lewis chooses a very neutral, traditional Roman shade to balance the room. Best of all, it'll never go out of style.


Get the look:Madison Park Colm Ivory Roman Shade, from $53.99

2. Layer sheers with luxe drapes.

Home blogger Alisa Bovino needed window dressing to match her stately bedroom, and we couldn't have chosen better than these luxe chartreuse velvet drapes to pop against her rich blue walls. The sheer, dark-colored Roman shade creates a bit more formality, but her attention to the placement and length of the curtain — the curtain rod is hung almost at ceiling height, and the fabric also pools slightly on the ground — is what really brings it all together to create that feeling of grandeur.



Get the look:West Elm Luster Velvet Curtain in Wasabi, from $103.50

3. Play with pattern.

Designer Mark D. Sikes sure makes it look easy, but getting this kind of pattern play just right is anything but. If you feel up to the challenge, take note of basics like color and scale. Make sure you stick to a simple color scheme, as he does here with green and white. And be sure to vary the scale of your patterns — some busier with less negative space and some larger with more negative space — to give the eye a place to rest.


Get the look:Anna French Cairo Roman Shade, from $70

4. Use dark wood blinds to match a palette of wood tones and neutrals.

Repeating motifs in a space can make it look cohesive. Hence why the wood blinds work so well in this room by architect William Schulz. The bed frame's black and dark brown wood tones repeat in the flooring and in the picture frames above the mantle. Other brown and black accents pop against light green and white furnishings. And the window blinds repeat the bed frame's dark colors, as well as the canopy's strong horizontal lines.



Get the look:The Shade Store Custom Wood Blinds, from $229.50

5. Make a statement in a neutral room.

A pair of statement curtains can go a long way in a neutral room, creating a focal point and drawing attention to a spectacular view. Victoria from SF Girl by Bay created her own statement bedroom curtains by repurposing vintage barkcloth curtain panels she found on Etsy, adding metal curtain eyelet rings. Victoria completed the old-school Hollywood vibe by hanging the drapery panels on an adjustable iron rod.


Get the look:Anthropologie Holly Velvet Curtain, from $78

6. Go with classic cream.

A simple window treatment can sometimes be best, as in a room with giant palm leaf wallpaper. The wallpaper here is such a statement maker that it makes sense to go with a solid neutral cream headboard, green throw pillows, a beige blanket, and a throw with a calm, neutral stripe. Blink and you might miss how the curtain and curtain rod repeat the black and cream motif from the blanket, with the subtlest light green band of color at the hem.


Get the look:Pottery Barn Custom Emery Linen/Cotton Blackout Curtain in Ivory, from $79

7. Inject a soothing coastal vibe.

White shutters are a classic choice in coastal, cottage, and rustic-style interiors for a reason. The slats are adjustable to control the amount of light entering your room, and the look is clean and fresh. Here, designer Kimberley Harrison has created a bright modern coastal boho space that benefits from the crisp aesthetic of this style of window covering.

Get the look:allen+roth White Faux Wood Shutters, from $93.98

8. Try a sophisticated border.

Blogger Room for Tuesday had to deal with some challenging bedroom window dimensions while designing this space. The small bedroom with its narrow, high-up windows necessitated tailored and unimposing window treatments, and that's exactly what these Roman shades delivered. The off-white color is a warm neutral that recedes behind the bed, while the dark inset contrast border lends a touch of polish.

Get the look:White Linen Flat Roman Shade with Black Border, from $290

9. Match your curtains to your wallpaper.

We love a granny chic moment, and the way designer Alexandra Kaehler leans into it in this space is so pretty. Wall-to-wall-t0-curtains-to-upholstery florals are a very big statement, but because the blue and green floral paisley print is rather sweet and small-scale, the room still manages to feel calming. If there's a pattern you love (and you better first be very sure you love it), why not lean in, too?

Get the look:Lush Decor Dolores Room Darkening Curtain Panels (set of two), $33.35

10. Hang sheers for an airy feel.

If you're drawn to organic modern design, hanging floor-to-ceiling white sheer curtains is an alluring option. The lightness of the fabric creates a dynamic interaction with the elements. The sun can shine through, and even the lightest breeze will send it billowing. And as seen in this room by Lisa Staton, the curtains' minimalist aesthetic is perfectly aligned with this interior design style.

Get the look:West Elm Sheer European Flax Linen Curtain in Natural Flax, from $81

11. Try woven shades for a warm, casual vibe.

If Roman shades in a fabric feel a bit too refined for your style, consider woven wood shades. They have the same practical benefits as fabric shades but can have a warmer, more laid-back feel. This space by Codi Ann Backman is a great example. You can see how the warm tone of the wood blinds (along with the other wood elements) complements the cool white walls and furnishings. They also contribute to the room's relaxed, playful energy.

Get the look:SouthSeas Woven Wood Shades in York Pine, from $51.99

12. Use floor-to-ceiling drapes around the bed for a cocoon effect.

Filled with natural light by day, this room by night becomes a cozy cocoon of a space thanks to a set of curtains that encircle the bed. The cream color of the fabric, along with the wooden beaded light fixture and black window frame, adds just enough contrast to this mostly monochromatic space by McGill Design Group. Who wouldn't want to curl up in this serene haven at night?

Get the look:The Shade Store Custom Pinch Pleat Drapery in Muestra Char, from $514

13. Hang a macrame curtain behind a headboard to double as decor.

Here we've got another high window behind a headboard, with a novel twist: a macrame curtain. As types of curtains go, macrame gives off a very specific '70s boho vibe. It jibes perfectly with the room's overall modern bohemian leaning, adding some fun texture and privacy while still letting in the natural light.

Get the look:Urban Outfitters Mackenzie Macrame Window Panel, $89

14. Hang shutters with fabric inserts.

This take on interior shutters is so fun and fresh, demonstrating how endless the options really are when it comes to custom window treatments. We love Madre Dallas' whimsical use of the circus-striped fabric insert. It cleverly plays off the stripes on the ceiling, but in a complementary color, while the window casing and shutters reinforce the pastel blue in the room's palette.

Get the look:Colonial Shutterworks Fabric Insert–Ready Interior Shutters, from $48

15. Try a graphic print.

Warm colors, global influences, bold prints, and graphic patterns have become synonymous with designer Justina Blakeney's "Jungalow" aesthetic. In this room, we see all of these working in harmony, with one of our favorite elements being the graphic curtain. It incorporates all the main colors in the room's palette, all tied together with a fun oversize salmon tassel.

Get the look:Opalhouse Designed With Jungalow Sheer Ophelia Curtain Panel, $28

16. Layer drapes over blinds.

This light and bright coastal modern bedroom by Lynn Morgan Design has a lot going for it. But one thing it has that may not be so obvious is light control. In addition to creating a finished look on the windows, the dual window treatments of drapes plus blinds allow varied options for the amount and direction of light flowing into the room. With glass doors and large windows on two different walls, these options become especially useful.

Get the look:Bellport Fringed Drapery Panels (set of two), $299

17. Add a cornice or valance in a fun print.

If you like the design opportunities afforded by drapes but appreciate the functionality of blinds, incorporating a cornice or valance atop horizontal blinds can be a great solution. This window treatment by BHDM Design walks that line of practicality and style with white blinds accented with a brown decorative tape, layered with a cornice in a dark blue print that coordinates with the wallpapered ceiling.

Get the look:Latitude Run Ikat Cotton Tailored Window Valance, $49.99

18. Coordinate your Roman shade with your wall color.

A white Roman shade to go with white walls may seem an obvious choice, but sometimes the obvious choice is the right one. In this room designed by Bachman Brown, the shade and walls blend seamlessly, and with the largely white furnishings, the room feels relaxed and light-filled. At the same time, Bachman does inject color and print, most notably in the wall art hanging over the bed. The soft broken stripe on the shade, then, becomes a subtle counterpoint to the artwork, creating balance in the room.

Get the look:Loom Decor Custom Flat Roman Shade, from $402

19. Draw the eye up with color.

Maybe you're not worried about privacy and don't want to obscure your view, but you would like to add some style to your windows. A valance or cornice may be just the thing in that case. Duet Design Group's use of green floral valances here adds a pop of color that speaks to the matching green bamboo headboard. Set against the backdrop of a complementary purple wall, the effect is truly eye-catching.

Get the look:Calico Corners Custom Box Pleated Tapered Valance, call for pricing

20. Choose graphic black and white stripes to reinforce your window color palette.

Got black window frames? Why not try accentuating them with coordinating curtains? This room by BHDM Design has a bold black and white and brown palette, reinforced with black painted walls and white trim. The windows continue this motif, with the wide-set striped curtains tying everything neatly in a bow.

Get the look:Lowell Black and White Stripe Curtain Panel, $16.99

21. Choose soft pastel drapes to balance a busy wall.

This sweetest little girl's room, which Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent designed for their daughter, Poppy, has a lot going on in the best possible way. So it makes perfect sense that Berkus and Brent would opt for an almost-neutral pale pink curtain as a window covering. With its silky sheen, heavy drape, and high placement on the wall, it fits the luxurious vibe of the room while also counterbalancing the busy prints.

Get the look:Sun Zero Evelina Faux Dupioni Silk Blackout Curtain, from $59.99



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