The Ultimate Jute Rug Shopping Guide

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There is nothing quite like the organic beauty a jute rug provides for a space. Between its rich texture, natural look, environmentally conscious production, and relatively affordable price point, a jute rug is a no-brainer. And while jute is known for its light brown color, more and more brands are coming out with dyed, patterned options that are truly magnificent. Keep reading for everything you need to know about this natural fiber, plus our top 20 shopping picks.


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What is jute?

Jute rugs are crafted from the bark of a jute plant. The fibers are woven into these perfectly imperfect, eco-friendly textiles. While the natural color of this material is brownish-beige, the fibers are often bleached or dyed to achieve a wide variety of looks. Regardless of the rug's final shade, the unique texture of this natural fiber maintains its organic, relaxed look.


What are the benefits of a jute rug?

Aside from its distinct aesthetic, there are tons of reasons to opt for a jute rug. We turned to Ben Hyman, co-founder and CEO of Revival, for a little expert intel. This material is "versatile, durable, environmentally friendly, and, typically, well-priced." It's a good pick for the planet since jute is an eco-conscious crop: "It has minimal water needs, and consumes large enough quantities of carbon dioxide that it's CO2-neutral," Hyman explains. Plus, as we discussed above, it's incredibly neutral in its raw form. Hot tip: The co-founder loves using it as a base for a smaller vintage rug.


What is the difference between jute and seagrass?

While both of these popular choices are crafted from natural fibers, there are distinct differences between the two. Jute rugs tend to ring up at a slightly happier price point and create a softer, more comfortable weave than seagrass. Thanks to its softer texture, jute tends to be a bit less durable in the long run. While definitely not a deal breaker, it's certainly good to note before placing your new rug in a super high traffic area of the home.


The 20 Best Jute Rugs to Shop Now

1. The Citizenry Aditha Accent Rug, $135-$350

Choose from three neutral, two-toned options. This handwoven jute rug will look just as beautiful by your bedside as it will along your hallway as a runner.


2. Revival Claudel Jute Rug, $219-$659

This may be our favorite rug on the list. Beyond its striking aesthetic, Hyman emphasizes the soft, shed-free, affordable nature of Revival's jute rugs.


3. Urban Outfitters Vivian Woven Jute Rug, $119-$699

This vintage-inspired rug will add the perfect pop of boho.


4. Lindye Galloway Baja Jute Rug, $105-$1,915

Choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The frayed knotted edges add a little extra something-something that we simply adore.


5. Anthropologie Flatwoven Dana Jute Rug, $128-$1,798

Through pattern and texture, Anthro adds a great deal of visual interest to a monochromatic model.


6. Revival Lygia Jute Rug, $219-$659

The off-center gray circle is the bit of detail that truly sets this rug apart and makes it special.


7. The Citizenry Uvri Braided Jute Rug, $425-$1,150

Select between this deep olive, a light natural, and a dark natural jute hue.

8. Hand Braided Jute Rug, $79-$639

Keep it simple and affordable with this bestselling chunky jute rug that's sold in five colors and over 10 sizes.

9. Urban Outfitters Claudia Woven Jute Rug, $119-$459

Squares of braided jute are woven together to create this geometric masterpiece.

10. Castlery Odessa Jute Rug, $109-$449

Add some moodiness to your home with this striking carpet from Castlery.

11. Serena & Lily Round Jute Rug, $198-$898

This unique pick from Serena & Lily truly doubles as a work of art.

12. Apt2B Chamati Jute Area Rug, $318-$618

Who said jute can't be vibrant?

13. Surya Laural Khaki Jute Rug, $140-$2,205

Surya crafted this classic beauty that will look ravishing in nearly any space.

14. Momeni Joma Rug Lemieux Et Cie, $499-$3,499

I'm sure we can all agree that this is a dream bedroom, and the two-tone rug really makes it what it is.

15. NuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Farmhouse Jute Area Rug, $28.44-$765.21

Score high-quality jute at a very happy price on Amazon.

16. Rugs USA Jute Harlequin Trellis Rug, $120.10-$854.40

Diamonds are a room's best friend.

17. Anthropologie Handwoven Palma Jute Rug, $78-$1,298

Prepare to receive all the compliments when you bring this natural rug into your home.

18. World Market Bleached Ivory Basket Weave Jute Area Rug, $149.99-$399.99

Keep things light and airy with this bleached ivory area rug.

19. West Elm Hand Spun Jute Rug, $35-$605

West Elm nails a classic time and again.

20. Serena & Lily Jute Border Rug, $88-$1,798

Bring on the coastal vibes with Serena & Lily's natural fiber rug.


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