5 White Living Room Ideas That Prove the Neutral Hue Is Anything but Boring

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We all know how challenging it can be to settle on a color palette. With so many options out there (and with bold hues continually trending), it can be tough to land on a color that anchors the room, especially one that you spend a lot of time in — like the living room. It should be a place that exudes both comfortable (for the impromptu Queer Eye binge-fest) and welcoming (for cocktail hour and game night) vibes. We're here to tell you that, at last, your search can come to an end, and the winning hue was probably right in front of you all along.


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White is a color that is virtually trend-proof, pairs well with a wide variety of other shades, and is one you're not likely to get sick of anytime soon. To inspire you to embrace the fresh and airy ambiance of the hue, look to living rooms that have taken the all-white plunge, from the floor to the ceiling, down to the furniture and, yes, decorative objects, too. What's the best news of all? A white living room can adapt to pretty much every style preference, from bohemian to midcentury.

Ahead, we asked designers to share their favorite white living room ideas. Keep scrolling to see their tips, including product picks so you can get the look.

Living Room Idea #1: White With Subtle Pops of Color

Little hints of color can instantly add visual interest to an otherwise all-white living space, whether it's through subtle shades of pink, tones of green represented through plants, or warm hues brought in with natural materials. Seeing as Los Angeles-based designer Daleet Spector is an expert in styling all-white interiors, we tapped her to share some words of wisdom on the topic.

CB2 Iris White Agate Console Table, $699

"Choose materials like marble or concrete for accent pieces," Spector advises. "A lamp base or side table in marble or concrete will dress up an all-white living room."


Urban Outfitters Alina Storage Ottoman, $149

"Use natural fibers like a sisal rug, wicker basket, or woven ottoman to add a touch of warmth," the designer recommends.

Pottery Barn Faux Potted Fiddle Leaf Tree, $199

"I like to add a touch of greenery," Spector confesses. "Something living like a fiddle leaf fig tree will warm up a corner and add height."

CB2 Mongolian Sheepskin White Throw, $449

"A sheepskin throw is consistent with the color palette and can add the right amount of coziness," the designer adds.

Living Room Idea #2: White and Fresh

There's an unmistakable feeling of breeziness that can be felt as soon as you step into a white living room. These light, bright spaces feel especially spot-on in a home that has a relaxed, tropical, or even beach-like atmosphere, the very spaces that the Australia-based design firm Three Birds Renovations specializes in. Bonnie Hindmarsh, the firm's co-founder and creative director, is a pro when it comes to all-white living room ideas.


Lounge Lovers Bronte Armchair, $799

The designer opted for removable linen covers on the white sofas in her own home — and they've been put to the test by her two-year-old. "Chocolatey fingers are no match for these covers," Hindmarsh tells Hunker. "I pull them off and throw them in the washing machine and they come out like new."

Freedom Kenza Rug, $699

"The key to designing an all-white room is keeping everything in the same color tones," the designer advises. "I love to use cladding on walls, plush floor rugs, woven cushions, embroidered throws, and interesting wall hangings — all in some variation of white or cream."

Grace Garrett Hemera Grande Pillow, $90

"When you bring all the whites together, layering rugs on timber, sofas on rugs, cushions on sofas, they complement each other to create monochromatic goodness," she says. "It's such a fresh and classic look."

IKEA Fejka Faux Plant, $14.99


"Don't forget the layers and texture," Hindmarsh cautions. "When you're sticking to one color palette, remember to add some interest through different fabrics, materials, and styling pieces — and a pop of greenery always looks good."

Living Room Idea #3: White and Modern Traditional

Modern traditional spaces are currently having a moment and the living room is the perfect place to try the trend. Starting with classic furniture and elegant accents, you can choose to punch up the modern feel through decor, artwork, and lighting choices that slightly push the envelope. White living room ideas easily lend themselves to this approach. Here, Los Angeles-based Homepolish designer Jordan Shifrin, owner of Jordan Shields Design, shows us a thing or two about achieving the modern traditional look in all-white.

Restoration Hardware Luz Rug, starting at $595

"Be sure to bring in and layer in some texture like a chunky rug, floor-to-ceiling drapes, and statement light fixtures," Shifrin suggests.

CB2 Linon White Pillow With Down-Alternative Insert, $34.95


"Don't be afraid of off-whites or subtle creams and grays," the designer advises. "It's okay to mix in some off-whites and subtle creams or grays to bring in some warmth. The key to this is deciding whether you are going with cool tones or warm tones and finding those whites that are all in the same family of either cool or warm."

One Kings Lane Lillian August "Unencumbered" Artwork, $1,925

"Layering is what takes a space from stark and almost museum-like to a chic, contemporary living space," Shifrin says. Layer artwork in neutral hues to add visual interest to a space.

Living Room Idea #4: White and Contemporary

If you're somewhat of a collector — from contemporary gems to vintage treasures, an all-white living room is the perfect backdrop to display your carefully curated collection. Below, Tali Roth, self-professed vintage lover and the principal of Tali Roth Designs, reveals her tricks for styling a chic white living room.

CZ Art Design Vertical Minimal Art, $200


"I use a checklist of important things for an all-white living room," Roth reveals. "Ask yourself, who will be using this space and how will they be using it? Depending on what that answer is, select fabrics and textures accordingly."

Zak+Fox Noos Khoni, $600

"Soft furnishings and accessories are the cornerstones of an all-white space," the designer tells Hunker. "Ensure that the rug, throw pillows, and artwork are textured and add layers to the space."

Atlas Weavers Vintage Moroccan Rug, $1,850

"Ensure that you have fabrics and textures you can clean," the designer says. "Be OK with cleaning these pieces every year to keep the space feeling fresh. It won't look the way that darker spaces look after years of use."

Living Room Idea #5: White and Cozy

To create a white living room idea with a friendly, approachable vibe, look no further than sumptuous textures and laid-back, bohemian details. Located in New York City, Homepolish designer Olivia Stutz, owner of Olivia Stutz Design, brings a comfortable feel to her beautiful spaces. Here's her advice to those who desire a similar look in their all-white family room.


Restoration Hardware Cloud Modular Sofa Chaise Sectional, starting at $995

"When I am designing an all-white living room, I love starting with a white, comfortable couch and light oak furniture," Stutz says. "This look transforms a room and really helps bring the style into focus as a laid-back, white, clean space."

Homenature Canutillos Pillow Collection, starting at $465

"Accents like decor and objects should be white, cream, or brass-colored," the designer says. "Introducing too much color is when the room loses focus. Focus is key when designing all-white spaces because most everything truly does need to be a white color! Even a blue ceramic bowl might be too much."

1stdibs 1970s Italian Travertine Coffee Tables (set of three), $1,864.41

"If you want an all-white living room, commit to that idea," she advises. "Sadly, a white living room isn't a white living room with dark wood furniture and colorful decor. You must commit to most of the furniture in the living room being a light oak color or white."


Serena & Lily Diamond Jute Rug, $1,098

"Focus on your rug," Stutz recommends. "This is your canvas for your project and it has to show as a light color. I love using light-colored jute for the rug."


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