When You've Got a Thing for Vintage Decor, These Are the Insta Accounts to Follow

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So you have a penchant for all things vintage? Join the club. We — and by "we" I mean myself and the millions of other people on Instagram posting, tagging, and searching for hidden gems — can't seem to get enough of charming furniture, eclectic decor, and character-filled art, just to name a few, all with a unique story to tell. And while I do like the thrill of the hunt just as much as the next antique lover, I'm not opposed to receiving a little leg up on the competition (hey, the early bird gets the worm!).


There are a plethora of resources — ranging from flea markets to antique shops to online retailers to social media platforms (the list goes on and on!) — that I could spend countless hours searching through every time I'm in the market for something truly special, or just need an inspo fix. However, between spin class and the occasional boozy brunch, finding the time to search can be somewhat of a challenge. Which is why I put together a little cheat sheet of drool-worthy Instagram accounts to help narrow my search considerably.

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And while I'll probably regret this later (what can I say ... I'm in a giving mood), here are some of my favorite go-to accounts for the dreamiest vintage wares and inspiration you ever did see.

1. @makemovesvintage

There is something very Parisian and glam about this feed by all-around creative spirit Autumn Hachey. Prepare to feast your eyes on velvet-upholstered furniture with curved silhouettes, complemented by chic brass fixtures. Oh, and ICYMI, seashells are currently trending so be sure to add that pillow to your cart stat.


2. @homeunion

Whether you're looking for midcentury decor or you just want to take a trip down memory lane to the '70s and '80s, Brooklyn-based @homeunion is your one-stop shop. From retro credenzas to iconic classics, you'll discover a treasure-trove of dreamy finds here — like these cane armchairs for starters.


3. @adaptationsny

It looks like Brooklyn is the place to be when it comes to hunting down vintage treasures. Welcome to @adaptationsny, where you'll discover all kinds of goodies from years past, such as boxy case goods, velvet upholstery, art deco silhouettes, brass details, and mirrored finishes, oh my!


4. @porterjamesny

And just a few short blocks down the street, you'll find @porterjamesny — the sister store to @adaptationsny. Similar in style, however you might be able to find a few more refined midcentury pieces to satisfy your craving.

5. @shopsupermarche


Confession: I'm borderline obsessed ... scratch that, I'm actually just plain obsessed with Victoria Smith's @shopsupermarche. She, along with vintage connoisseur Elsie Green, scours flea markets in France for hidden gems with an "eclectic modern bohemian vibe" and a unique history to curate a one-of-a-kind shop.


6. @elsie_green


And speaking of Elsie Green, if you didn't get enough of this vintage hunter's keen eye over at Victoria Smith's Super Marché, just pop on over to her feed @elsie_green. She searches high and low, all over the world, for items that are full of personality, yet exude a quiet sophistication. I could spend hours just perusing her perfectly styled pics.

7. @comingsoonny


Another New York-based shop, @comingsoonny, showcases an eclectic assortment of styles and home goods. So whether your vibe leans more modern, midcentury, bohemian, or eclectic, they definitely have a little something for everyone.

8. @dobbinstcoop

That's the beauty of @dobbinstcoop, you literally never know what you're going to see there — one day it's a ceramic tiger and the next it's a Bertoia chair. But every visit is like an whimsical treat. And bonus: if ceramic wildcats are your thing, then you should definitely check out this leopard lamp from Urban Outfitters.


9. @counter.space

Ahhh, so this is where all of the vintage wood furniture pieces of my dreams have landed! Los Angeles-based @counter.space has a knack for spotting wares — including furniture, lighting, and decor — with gorgeous craftsmanship and stunning finishes, just bursting with warmth and character. Swoon!



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