5 Vintage Decor Trends to Hunt Down on Etsy

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Vintage lovers, rejoice! A number of 2018's biggest decor trends have had previous eras of popularity, and while we always appreciate contemporary updates on retro styles, there's nothing like vintage. Here are five decor trends from the past that are poised for popularity this year, and a few vintage options from Etsy to get you started.

Trend #1: Rattan/Bamboo/Wicker

Bring the lanai inside with rattan furniture and other decor made from similar natural materials like bamboo and wicker. This trend hit its peak during the '70s, especially for porch and other outdoor decor, and has been growing in popularity again thanks to the revival of the midcentury bohemian aesthetic. Be subtle about it, though — even Blanche Devereaux would find an entirely rattan living room to be a bit over the top.

Search for: Rattan, wicker, bamboo, manila, manau, and malacca.

Our Etsy picks:

Wicker Rattan End Tables, $239.99

Wicker Eye-Shaped Mirror, $53.80

Wicker Two-Tier Wall Shelf, $75

Trend #2: Colored Marble

Marble is as timeless a trend as any, given that its use stretches back to the ancient Greek and Roman empires. It's never gone out of style as a material used in countertops and flooring, and black-and-white marble had a moment as recently as 2017. This year, colored marble, popular during both the art deco and midcentury modern periods, is having a retro revival. According to Pinterest, there's been a big uptick in searches for green marble, but why stop with just one shade when there are so many cool options to choose from?

Search for: There's no need to overthink this one — "colored marble" or a color-specific search should return plenty of options.

Our Etsy picks:

Pink Marble Coasters, $32

Tri-Color Marble Bookends, $125

Mixed Marble Cheeseboard and Knife, $75

Trend #3: Pink Couches With Curves

In January, we told you curved couches and other curved furniture would be big for 2018; while retailers like West Elm, CB2, and Anthropologie are bursting with modern takes on the trend, the vintage options reveal the popularity of pink curvy couches in particular.

Search for: We found all sorts of interesting options by simply searching for "curved" and "curvy" sofas and couches, but you can also try terms like "fainting sofa," "Hollywood Regency," and "empire-style."

Our Etsy picks:

Midcentury Regency-Style Fainting Couch, $450

Adrian Pearsall Cloud-Shaped Sofa, $1799

Faux Velvet Parlor Sofa, $400

Trend #4: Brass Decor

Say buh-bye to polished silver and hello to vintage brass. Another midcentury staple, Etsy is bursting with vintage brass oddities, knickknacks, and objects d'art.

Search for: Vintage brass (seriously, there's lots!)

Our Etsy picks:

Brass Abacus Calculator, $43.61

Brass Leaf Ring Dish, $28

Brass Tic-Tac-Toe Game, $84

Trend #5: Brutalist Decor

Here's a little history lesson: Brutalism (a fantastic name, by the way) emerged during the post-World War II '60s and '70s, when architects were using mostly unrefined, scrap materials to build low-income housing. In addition to fortress-like structures, materials like concrete, steel, glass, bronze, iron, and certain types of wood were used for handmade decorative items.

Search for: In addition to the obvious terms like "Brutalist" and "Brutalism," you can also seek out original or inspired works by Curtis Jeré, Paul Evans, and Tom Greene.

Our Etsy picks:

Beauceware Ceramic Mug, $15.14

Brutalist Walnut Vase, $46.75

Curtis Jere Peacock Wall Sculpture, $989

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