12 Vintage Paintings of Ladies With Resting Bitch Face You Can Get on Etsy

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1980s Portrait by Soviet Ukrainian Artist, $135

Anna isn't angry; she's just thinking about what she's going to have for lunch.

1950s Portrait of a Woman, $49

Don't call Jane out for looking pissed — she's actually stoked that her boss didn't call her "doll" for once.

1910s Antique Oil Portrait, $259.52

Josephine is in fact feeling pretty decent. She didn't wear a corset today and so far no one has said anything.

1930s German Expressionist Portrait, $259.52

You know you have RBF when you live in Nazi Germany and don't want to attract any attention.

1800s Oil Painting of Woman, $180

People tell Margaret that they can never tell how she's feeling, but Margaret is just proud to be a Yankee.

1953 Oil Painting of Ukrainian Woman, $40

Yes, Yulia is SURE there's nothing wrong.

Framed Midcentury Portrait, $148.50

Barb doesn't think you need to be smiling in order to participate in the Women's Lib Movement.

1888 Female Portrait, $225

Henrietta isn't unapproachable. She's just thinking about how she's going to bike to her girls' night in all these damn petticoats.

Vintage Original Portrait on Board, $55.20

Nancy is proud of her granddaughter for graduating second in her class from her alma mater, Wellesley College.

1900s Oil Painting, $265.50

Matilda isn't cold; she just has a feeling something bad might happen with the stock market.

1910s Oil Painting With Gilt Frame, $246.21

Hattie knows what you think of her haircut and she doesn't GAF.

1940s Farm Woman Portrait, $49.99

Mirella couldn't be happier that the Dust Bowl is finally over!

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