7 Safe (and Luxurious) Ways to Scent Your Vacation

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Smell is known to be the strongest of our five senses. It also transports us back in time to our most distinct memories. So, what better way to bring comfort to an unfamiliar place than with a meaningful fragrance? Here are our seven favorite travel-friendly ways to do just that.


How to Safely Scent Your Vacation

1. Laundry oil

No need to pack anything extra when you scent your clothing ahead of time. L'AVANT Collective makes some of our favorite laundry products and this oil is one of our top picks.

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2. Perfumed ceramic

We've said it before and we'll say it again, Diptyque is worth the hype (and the price). This perfumed ceramic scents your clothing with cedarwood and lavender while naturally repelling moths. Plus, it can be re-scented when its fragrance begins to fade.


3. Auto fragrance

PSA: These hanging car scents aren't just for vehicles. D.S. & DURGA makes this fantastic variety pack.

4. Pillow mist

A calm mind and a restful sleep. This is a tried-and-true favorite of our editors.


5. Flight therapy

A pulse-point therapy roll-on with ginger root, lavender, and geranium essential oils. Perfect to release stress in flight or office. Say less.

6. Room and linen spray

The easiest way to bring a familiar feel to your foreign space.


7. Scented Paper

Another absolute must-have of ours. (It makes the best gift!) Burn it at home or use it to scent your suitcase. Bonus: The packaging is exquisite.



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