10 Fall Wreath Ideas That You Can Buy or DIY to Welcome the Season

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Fall Wreath Ideas That You Can Buy or DIY
a holiday wreath made with cedar branches, pine cones, dried flowers, and dried pomegranates

The moment autumn rolls around, we're all about decking out our homes with pumpkins, soft textiles, warm color palettes, and anything else that helps us achieve peak coziness. But when it comes to taking it to the next level, we look to bringing a little bit of the outdoors in. Cue festive fall wreaths.


Hang one on the front door for a good first impression, suspend it above the fireplace for a bold accent, or prop it atop the dining room credenza in lieu of flowers. The possibilities are seemingly endless, and regardless of where it goes, a wreath is guaranteed to set the tone for the season ahead. So whether you're up for the challenge of foraging your own foliage for a DIY or simply looking to invest in a ready-made set, the colorful options ahead are sure to inspire.

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1. White Pumpkin Wreath

We're swooning for this dreamy fall wreath featuring white pumpkins and whimsical yellow flowers. Offering a refreshing spin on the classic autumnal palette, this charming Etsy find shows that there's more to the season than its signature combo of orange and red. Bonus points for pairing this one with a dark front door to create eye-catching contrast.


Get the look: Wreaths by Rebecca B White Pumpkin Wreath, $78

2. Mixed Marigold Wreath

While winter calls for fragrant greens and textured pine cones, think of autumn as an opportunity to embrace dried florals. Creekside Farms' bright fall wreath features a mix of marigolds, multicolored globes, and wheat, all set on a fragrant base of marjoram to create a rich medley that's both easy on the eyes and a fun twist on the expected.


Get the look: Creekside Farms Mixed Marigold Wreath, $76

3. DIY Fall Wreath

Moon Canyon's Kristen Caissie knows how to create an eye-catching fall wreath and this minimalist take on the staple, spotted on Rip & Tan, is pure perfection. Recreate the asymmetrical piece by using Victorian birch as the base and deck it out with textured foliage such as ferns, pampas grass, and dried eucalyptus. Tie it all together with silk ribbons for a dynamic textural effect.



Get the look: Moon Canyon DIY Fall Wreath

4. Yellow Monochrome Wreath

Monochrome is always a good look to get in on and this bold fall wreath from Anthropologie proves just how statement-worthy it can be. Featuring a vibrant bunch of dried florals, such as billy buttons, strawflowers, and yarrow, the composed piece is a prime addition to a minimalist space in need of a burst of color.


Get the look: Anthropologie Yellow Monochrome Wreath, $168

5. Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Magnolia leaves always leave little else to be desired and when it comes to fall decorating ideas, they're a foolproof way to make an impact with barely any effort. We love this dual-toned option, which showcases both sides of the leaf, not only for its simplicity but its ability to pack a style-forward punch regardless of where it's hung.


Get the look: Gracie Oaks Classic Real Touch Magnolia Leaf All Seasons 24" Wreath, $226.99

6. Sunset Meadow Wreath

Our favorite fall decorating ideas usually involve foliage of some sort, so naturally, a wreath featuring a complementary palette of orange, gold, and yellow is as on-theme as it gets. A perfect example is this warm-toned piece, crafted from forsythia, that would make a texturally rich addition to the front door or fireplace mantel.



Get the look: Balsam Hill Sunset Meadow Wreath, $99

7. DIY Modern Fall Wreath

Working with a minimalist mindset and not totally sold on the idea of bringing foliage indoors? Allow this clever DIY, which we spotted on Paper & Stitch, to serve as inspiration. The modern fall wreath is set on a craft ring, in lieu of grapevine, and features a monochromatic mix of decorative accents like corn husks and the ever-so-trendy pampas grass.


Get the look: Paper & Stitch DIY Fall Wreath

8. Seasonal Rose Gold Wreath

If you're up for a challenge and have a few recyclables lying around, this clever craft by Hunker contributor Maya Marin is one to try. The creative repurposes soda cans by cutting out leaves from each flattened metal sheet roll, spray paints them in a rose gold tint, and attaches them to a wire wreath for a sleek and lustrous finish.


Get the look: DIY Seasonal Rosegold Wreath

9. Foraged Fall Wreath DIY

On the lookout for fall decorating ideas that the whole family can get in on? Head to a local park (or even your backyard!) for a treasure hunt geared towards seasonal greens. Jelica's DIY, on A Pretty Fix, includes an array of foraged materials — we're talking dried berries, flowers, and leaves — combined to form a color-charged wreath that encompasses the very best of the season.


Get the look: Foraged Fall Wreath DIY

10. DIY Autumnal Wreath

a holiday wreath made with cedar branches, pine cones, dried flowers, and dried pomegranates

We're always game for a decorative accent that can seamlessly transition from season to season, and this earthy fall wreath by Hunker contributor Whit McClure is exactly what we had in mind. Opt for a grapevine base and use wires to tack on everything from pine cones and dried flowers to textured branches and strawflowers. Filter in a few winter greens to extend its shelf life well into the frosty months that follow.

Get the look: DIY Autumnal Wreath



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