10 Creative DIY Christmas Decorations We're Getting a Head Start On

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bunches of greenery and white seed pods attached to a wire hoop
Image Credit: Whit McClure for Hunker

Decking the halls for the holiday season is all about the tinsel and greens, but going beyond that with a personalized twist means switching things up with DIY Christmas decorations. Classic greens not your vibe? Trade the fir for a festive cactus or an entirely out-there abstract alternative that's sure to turn heads. Get the whole family in on stringing garland, dyeing stockings, or crafting custom ornaments and then, make a whole night of it. Either way, you'll be inviting a pure dose of creativity to the annual ritual. Before you get started, take a peek at these 10 clever and charming projects we can't get enough of this year. Whether you're a traditionalist, colorful maximalist, or somewhere in between, the Christmas decorating ideas ahead are sure to please.


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1. Indigo Batik Stockings

Three stockings of varying indigo hues on a decorative branch

Stockings, sadly, tend to be an afterthought on the holiday decor front, but this Christmas DIY by Hunker contributor Trisha Sprouse is poised to change that. Employing an Indonesian dyeing technique, known as batik, you'll be using wax (a great way to recycle near-empty candles!) to create patterns on the fabric. Once you submerge the piece into the dye, it'll resist the coloring, resulting in a unique finish.

2. Envelope Advent Calendar

We're swooning for this elevated take on an advent calendar-turned-wall decor by The Merrythought. Hung on a eucalyptus-wrapped dowel — and decked with a string of seasonal dried oranges, no less — each of the tied envelopes feature an activity in lieu of something sweet.

3. 3D Paper Ornaments

Paper & Stitch's take on DIY Christmas decorations is all about repurposing cardstock into vibrant tree ornaments. The blogger cut out mini circles from the orange paper base and painted each with a cheeky motif. The result? A color-charged twist on the typical glass bauble.


4. Asymmetrical Gold Hoop Wreath

bunches of greenery and white seed pods attached to a wire hoop
Image Credit: Whit McClure for Hunker

Rethink your winter wreath with this modernized makeover by Hunker contributor Whit McClure that's equal parts streamlined and festive. Use a gold hoop as the base and affix a small bunch of seasonal greens on the rim using wire or floral tape. The one-sided approach lends a clean-cut look that feels fresh and edgy.

5. Balloon Christmas Tree

While we're all for tradition, we can't resist the bold yet charming DIY that we spotted on Sugar and Cloth. Set the foundation with a pyramid trellis and secure the balloons on the stand using floral wire. This one definitely requires a bit more time and effort, but the finished product will be well worth it.

6. Boho Garland

Christmas decorating ideas through a boho lens look a little something like this charming DIY by Sara Albers from Alice & Lois complete with tassels and all. Beginning with a lengthy cut of rope, simply wrap yarn or colorful twine around the cord, using a hot glue gun to secure it in place every few inches or so. Tack on the tassels and pair with a beaded garland to complete the look.


7. Trailing Garland

File this under DIY Christmas decorations we absolutely love. Francois et Moi's trailing garland takes a simple idea and elevates it with a lavish spin. Use an array of faux greens (they'll last longer) and Command hooks to secure them in place. Drape the pieces on a mantel, allowing them to spill down the side for dramatic effect. Filter in accents such as pine cones or dried oranges for added interest.

8. Wooden Christmas Tree

In the market for a sleek tree alternative you can keep year after year? Look no further than this Scandivanian-inspired DIY by Hunker contributor Caroline Burke that's also small space-friendly to boot. Use a series of dowels to create the "trunk" and "branches" and anchor it in a planter or basket using sand. Deck the piece with ornaments and lights and revel in its beauty for as long as you please.

9. Christmas Tree Centerpiece

a diy holiday centerpiece made of colorful cardboard cones, sprigs of greenery, and faux snow

A cheeky centerpiece that doubles as a mini, modern Christmas tree forest? Sign us up. Featuring an array of bold hues and rich textures (you can thank the yarn for that), these DIY Christmas decorations are about as easy to make as they come. Paint a set of cardboard craft cones, preferably of varying heights, using two or three vibrant colors. Wrap a couple of them in yarn for a textural component, and set them on the dining table for the holiday season.


10. Ornament Pillows

Christmas decorating ideas that can lend a functional (not to mention comfortable) element are always a win in our books and this clever craft from Studio DIY definitely delivers. These ornament-inspired pillows can be made with any fabric or color of your choice and promise to add merriment and joy to your living room.