DIY Faux Evergreen Wreath (That You Can Reuse Every Christmas)

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Faux Evergreen Christmas Wreath
Faux evergreen Christmas wreath on wood door with framed art and white bookshelf

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Ready to kick off Christmas decorating in style? This DIY Scandinavian-style wreath is inspired by fresh greenery, but is cleverly made with faux materials. It's holiday door decor that you can reuse year after year.


Faux evergreen Christmas wreath

Things You'll Need

Image Credit: Carrie Waller

Step 1

Cut the stems off all of your faux branches using the wire cutters. Cutting all of your branches in advance will make the steps go faster and easier. For thicker branches, you can use heavy-duty bolt cutters.

Lambs Ear, eucalyptus, boxwood, eucalyptus leaves, and pine needles

Step 2

Lay down your first layer of branches in a rough formation across the face of the grapevine wreath. Push the ends of the branches in between the vines of the wreath. It's okay for the branches to look a little messy in this step — you'll clean up the look in Step 3.

Faux Evergreen Christmas Wreath with grapevine wreath form

Step 3

Cut about five to 10 pieces of wire, roughly six inches in length each. You'll use this wire to attach the branches evenly to the wreath form. Twist the ends of the wire together at the back of the wreath to securely hold the branches.


Faux Evergreen Christmas Wreath with wire cutters and green wire

Step 4

Lay down another layer of branches in between and over top of the first. Secure the branches with wire as you did in Step 3.

Faux Evergreen Christmas Wreath

Step 5

Repeat Step 2 through Step 4, adding more layers of faux branches until you've fully covered the grapevine form.

Faux Evergreen Christmas Wreath with wire cutters and green wire

Step 6

To finish, firmly secure any fly-away branches with more lengths of cut wire.

Faux Evergreen Christmas Wreath

Step 7

Hang your new door decor on a wreath hanger, either indoors or out. Because it's made from all faux materials, you can store it and use it again, year after year. Now that's a DIY done right!

Wood door with faux evergreen Christmas wreath next to potted plant and bookshelf


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