All You Need Are a Few Materials to Make This Earthy Branch and Pine Cone Holiday Decor

simple branch and pinecone hanging DIY
credit: Lucy Akins

This simple and sweet birch branch and pine cone hanging is the perfect minimalist touch for the winter holiday season. Hang it as an addition to a gallery wall, over the mantel, or on your front door.

Things You'll Need

Materials required
credit: Lucy Akins

Step 1

Cut two pieces of ribbon to your desired hanging length. For this tutorial, we measured out two feet of ribbon for each piece. Take one end of the ribbon and wrap it around the branch.

Ribbon around branch
credit: Lucy Akins

Step 2

Using hot glue, glue the ribbon together to form a loop.

Hot glue loop
credit: Lucy Akins
Loop around branch
credit: Lucy Akins

Step 3

Repeat on the other side of the branch.

Loops at either sides
credit: Lucy Akins

Step 4

Next, use the hot glue to attach the faux or fresh greenery to the center of the branch, with the stems facing towards the middle and the leaves flaring out.

Glueing greenery with hot glue
credit: Lucy Akins

Step 5

Now attach the pine cones on top of the stems using the hot glue. Try to place them so that the stems are hidden. Use varying sizes of pine cones for a more balanced and interesting look.

TIP: You can also wrap pipe cleaners around pine cones and secure to the branch.

Glued pine cones
credit: Lucy Akins

Step 6

Tie the top of the two ribbons together and hang. So simple, so lovely!

Simple branch and pine cone hanging
credit: Lucy Akins

Lucy Akins

Lucy Akins

Lucy Akins is an artist, photographer, blogger, and speaker living in Toronto, Ontario. Her work has been published in several magazines, including: Cottages and Bungalows, American Farmlife Style, National Geographic Kids, Better Homes and Gardens, and more. Lucy enjoys sharing her passion for watercolor, decorating and creating as she believes there is an artist in all of us. When not creating, Lucy can be found enjoying time with her husband, their three children and their energetic Aussie pup, Brody.