These Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas Are Brimming With Country Charm

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It's the time of year you've been waiting for: 'Tis the season for farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas! If you've made over your home with clean and classic shiplap, you're likely brainstorming ways to bring some farmhouse charm to your Christmas decor. All you need to do is incorporate many of the rustic elements that you already know and love. Only this time, you can give them a holiday twist. Think of an all-white palette that includes white cable-knit stockings and blankets, natural wood details, and wintry greenery.


So if you're looking to embrace the old-fashioned wonderfulness of Christmas, look no further than these holiday homes brimming with festive farmhouse decor ideas.

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1. Choose a neutral color palette.

Farmhouse spaces are almost always swathed in top-to-bottom neutral colors. Apply that same approach to your holiday decor, which is what Beth of 1111 Light Lane did in her living room. Instead of turning to the typical red and green color scheme, she opted for farmhouse-friendly whites and blues along with displays of natural greenery.

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2. Set a gorgeous table with rustic accents.

For your farmhouse-themed Christmas dinner, we recommend winter greens like fresh juniper, copper accents, and real wood details. These elements create a wintry atmosphere that also look oh-so-farmhouse, a look perfected by Rachel of Maison de Pax.


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3. Bring together modern and classic touches.

Farmhouse style is all about weaving together old-school and new-school pieces, resulting in decor ideas that look vintage-inspired, yet modern. Karin of Karin U Living struck that ideal balance when she set up her Christmas tree. The ornaments are traditional, but the floor pouf and gift wrapping look cool and au courant.



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4. Make it all about the mantle.

It seems like every stunning farmhouse Christmas decorating idea has one thing in common: a fireplace mantel. If you're lucky enough to have one in your home, make it the centerpiece. Here, Ashley of Modern Glam has festooned her mantle with rose gold accents, fairy lights, and a chalkboard sign that completes the country visuals.


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5. Weave holiday decor into every corner.

Farmhouse decor ideas always look special, whether it's the family heirlooms displayed throughout a home or vintage finds lovingly discovered at a flea market. Bring this special feeling to your holiday style by decorating little nooks and crannies that deserve some festive flair, too. For instance, Jess of White Picket Farmhouse brought a bit of Christmas magic to her entryway through wall art and greenery.


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6. Get cozy with layered textiles.

With those cold temperatures lurking outside (brrr!), it seems only natural to layer up your farmhouse Christmas decorating idea with sumptuous textiles for the holidays. Purchase cable knits, white throw pillows, cozy area rugs, and soft stockings to accomplish this look, something Becky of Cella Jane did in her impeccably styled living room.


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7. Focus on greenery.

Farmhouse decor ideas nearly always showcase potted plants and green foliage, and Christmas is no exception. This time of year, swap out your year-round greenery for those with a wintry vibe, like pine, juniper, and cedar — and it doesn't matter if they're real or faux. This farmhouse kitchen belonging to Chloe of Boxwood Avenue looks holiday-ready with its hints of winter greens.

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